What’s on My Mind Vol. VII (in Quarantine)

Dude. This wroting on my ohone thing sucks songod damn m🤦ch. Lmao… Uh…. But yeah man. This is probably the best way to ramble. Is just. Randim thoughts. That happene in my head. Right? That’s like. The easiest way to do these ramblings things that ibdo. So. Let’s get RIGHT into it.

  1. Bro. Like. Every “What’s on my mind” rambling always has like boobs, or a sexy woman, person as the “featured image.” But. Like. Forreals. Boobs have been the furthest from my mind for the past few weeks. Legit. As much as I love boobs. They’ve taken a backseay. Legit.
  2. THE first thing on mynmind? Is. You know. The “featured iamgr.”
  3. The Last of Us Part II. Goy delayed. Indefinitely. Cause. Corona. Just. Oof. Man. I don’t care if you’re Dudty Shull. And you’re like. “OMG THE LAST OF US SUCKS SO MUCH CUZ PLAYSTATION IS YHR WOTST THING TK EVER HAPPRN TO GAMING!” Or whatevr.
  4. The Last of Us Part II… Is… Legit…. One of a couple of things keeping me from checking out and going ton 1890  prematurely. C6berpunk 2077 is another thing.
  5. Now… Last of Us has been indefinitely delay3d. Cause. Corona. Basically. Ans. I’m totally bummed dude. I mean. I grt it. But it’s lamr. Obviously.
  6. Andy Signire. The creator of Honest Trailers. Dude. He deserves a WHOLE rambling dedicat4d to him. And how thetes so mucy bullshit around what happened to him. I’ma do a rambling about Andt as soon as I can. But oof man. How anyone could compare the dude to Harvey Weinstein. In 2020. Is absolute bullshit.
  7. I was surprised at how well dtocked my local neighborhood  Walmart was when I braved going into the Wasteland and grocery shopped. So. Good on you. Local,. Eighborhood Walmart!
  8. Tiger King is such a one-sided piece of shit documentary. One sided as in, now… Everyone HATES Carolr now! Cause Netclix says so! Dude. No one in Tiger King is perfect. But for the hatred to be SOLELY placed on Carole is such Netclix documentary nonsensr.. just like Steven and Brendon Avery are 1000% not guilty. CUZ NETCLIX SAID SO! Obviousness is obvious. Right?
  9. Uh… WrestleMania is about to happen. I’ll bring you my annual WrestleMania prediction s tomorrow. When. I REALLY drink. Cause. If Covid-19 cant cancel WrestleMania itself, then damn it, itz not going to cancel my ErestleMania traditions. Shit. I ventured into the Wasteland in order to have my traditilnal WrestleMania nachos. So.
  10. Fucj Call of Dudty. Just nedded to say thT.
  11. Uh… Ozark… Oof dude. Netclix released eeason 3 last werk. And. Jesus Chridy. It was EASILY the best season if the show. Period. The enf. Bar none.
  12. Dude. Ive seent this 5hing in Facebook. Sharrd by one friend. “The unpopular quiz!” Or some shit. Name 10 things 5hat everyone lives, but you hate.

So… Uhh… What better way to end this rambling? Right? Let’s do this!

  1. Star Wars
  2. Lord of the Rings
  3. Tom Holland’s Soider-man movies.
  4. The Uncharted games.
  5. Tomatoes.
  6. Call of Dutt.
  7. The Avengers movies
  8. Harry Pottrr. Period.
  9. Guinness. MOst dark beers, period… But in particular… Guinness. The one and only time I had it was when inwas in London and it was on tap at the hotel. But still. Fuck that.
  10. Cody Rhodes. Ibm3an. He’s doing fine as a promoter. But like. As a wrestler and everythingbelse IN FRONT of the camera? Nah fude. I don’t care.

So. There we go. Guys. What’s on my mind. Volume. Seven or whatever this wS. Hope you enjoyed it. Obviously.

Thanks, Netclix!

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