Watching Wrestling in 2020


Watching wrestling. In 2020. Is seriousl;y difficualt. Like. Legit?


That’s caught my attention… this whole year (OK… that a lie… let’s go with POST-COVID-19) is “The Firefly Funhouse” Matrch from WrestleMania. Sure. Apparently Taker/AJ Styles. “Boneyard Match,” was good and instresting too. But it never kept my attention long enough. I justy paid attention to the spots. I’m not knocking them, the match, or anything. It just. Dude. It takes SO GOD DAMN MUCH to make me care enough about something. Wrestling or otherwise. But. Minus an Edge promo on Raw here. Or an Randy Orton promo telling Edge’s family that he tried to end Edge’s career for his own benefit, I.E. giving Beth the RKO… or like.. I dunno… Thew dumbness that was MITB… or like… I dunno…. (legit… I’m trying to think of ALL the things I care about) I mean… Asuka is in there. Obviously. But WWE killed, bastardized her, and tried to revive her like… five times now. So like. WTF is the point in caring about her anymore, right? They had a “female” Undertaker gift wrapped for them.

But. Vince saw a blonde with big tits. So…

Guess what, the blonde with big tits is athletic as fuycj and she’s Ric Flair’s daughter!

So… Asuka beuing “Undertaker” lolz, brah. Nah. Right?

But I mean. Watching wreslting. Today. You know. Modern wrestling. You know.

I mean…

Alright I’ma talk current wrestling. Briefly. Otis. The Mandy storyline. I couldn’t give less of a shit. Otis. Being MITB. Is fucking… word I’m no longer allowed to say. Apparently. But. It’s LITERALLY. THAT word. The Otis/Mandy storyline… is just dumb. I’ma big pice of shit that knows nothing. But forreals. Like. Other than the dumb ass Street Profits/Viking War Raiders Experience bullshit that’s gone on for months now.. ONLY BEHIND THEIR “CARPOOL KARAOKE” BULLSHIT… and JUST.. SLIGHTLY.. behind that bullshit. Is the Otis push. I’m sorry. It’s horrible.

Apparently it’s money? Or something. Much like the Rusev/Lashley/Lana dramaness had many vuews obn TubeNewsDude, I guess the Otis/Mandy saga had a similar reaction? I dunno. CM Punk digged it? Apparently? I dunno. Whatever. I don’t care. I don’t care about Otis. Never have. Never digged the Heavy Machnery team. Just. I don’t care. Good on him for getting over, apparently,. and stuffs. Sure. I mean. Awesome for him. Obviously. But. Fuck. I hate 8it. Right?


But hey. That’s all I’m gonna say about watching CURRENT wrestling in 2020.

The ORIGINAL idea of this rambling had to do with watching wrestling I LOVE (I.E. WCW Nitro) in 2020.

You know…

Something like this…

Just fucking. Oof dude.

And. I mean. This is the easiest example I coil;d find. I mean. I just watched Jericho’s second appearance on Nitro, he went up against Dean Malenko and there was some sort of bump to the outside that just made me cringe. Not in the Leady sense of the word. Buty in the sense of like, “Jesus Christ tdude, those guys are feeling it in the morning, or sooner,” sor t of way. Watching any of those cruiserweights in WCW’s heyday is just… cringe inducing. Again. Not in the LeafyIsHere sense of the word. But. oof dude.

I know this is gonna sound insensitive and inaccurate (and, most likely, scientifically, it is… inaccurate but… as far as I know, there’s been no DIRECT {likethat sort of{ study on this) but… taking a chairshot to the head CAN’T be like… OMG~1 I’VE GOT CTE NOW~! Type of thing. It’s totally incomparable to like football, smashing heads against each other type o thing, right. OK… I just did a deep thinking and yeah. The more I think on it. The dumber I know I’m being. Sorry. But. Whatever.

The point I wanna make is… I don’t cringe when I see a chairshot to the head. Like. Mike Awesome giving Masato Tanaka a chairshot. I don’t cringe. I… (this probably sounds gruesome) but I enjoy it. Ugh. Blah. Fuck this. I’m going back to my original piont.

When cruiserweights. In WCW did dives to the outside. Every. Single. Time. I cringe. Because dude. That’s fucking concrete they’re landing on, by and large. The dudes catching them? I mean… they’re landing on concrete too. Plus they’re catching a 150ish pound of flesh with the force of gravity crashing down on them. It’s fucking insane.

I’m 1000% sure that doing dives to the outside isn’t a walk in the park today. Obviously. You’re still 150ish pound person. Hoping that somoene else catches you to break your fall on concrete. As far as your body is concenred. I mean. It’s obviously not fun. But… much like chairshots of old. I enjoy seeing it.

But dude. Every. Single. Dive. To. The. Outside. By. A. WCW. Cruiserweight. Makes. Me. Cringe.


So. Uh. Yeah. Seeing Mick Foley thrown off the top of the Hell in a Cell, dislocating his shoulder (and continuring the match, AND wrestling THE next night) gives me glee. I enjoy watching that shit.

WCW Cruiserweight does a front flip onto someone over the top rope? Oof. Biggest oof ever.

I guess that’s a flaw in me? I dunno.

One final note.


I’ve been talking a lot about WCW cruiserweights. Right?

Lemme just say…

Ultimo Dragon was such a PHENOMENAL wrestler. The dude was, legit, the AJ Styles of his day. The dude, with a competant political, backstage environment, would have been world champion in WCW. He. Was. That. Good. I fucking masturbate to the thought of Ultimo Dragon vs. Bret Hart in WCW. I mean. Of course, not literally. But I fantasy book that shit CONSTANTLY in TEW. I’m just saying. Dragon was WAY too good to be used SO shitily here in the states, man. I mean. It’s not like WWE recognized his talents either. Although, by then, merhaps (I haven’t watched his WWE run, outside of WMXX, since it happened, live so… I could be wrong) he wasn’t quite the talent he used to be. I know he was coming off of a pretty significant injury before signing with WWE. But. Whatever.

Dude had so much money. In ring. Period. He was. AJ Styles. Before AJ Styles. The end.

Watching wrestling. In 2020. Is a clusterfuck.

But. I mean. I know nothing. I’m just your humble drunkard from afar.

Take care everybody. I love you.

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