Walking. Dead.


This all started. ALl of this nonsense. You know. Me. Becomeing. A “ranomd?” Walking Dead fan. Because I had heard that TellTale games created an awesome video game. That game? IT WAS GAME OF THE FUCKING YEAR! IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER IN VENTED IN LIKE… YOU KNOW… 2011 OR WHENEVERS. the game was called, The Walking Dead.

For fuclk sake.

I finally buy the “GOTY” version at GameStop. ANd like. I couldn’t be MORE disappointed in ANY purchase I’ve EVBER made. Really. This game is NOY at AL what I was hoping for. It’s not at ALL what I was expexting. This is, propable one of the WORST purchasing decisions I’ve EVER made., That covers a long ground. Seriously. As a young child, I purchased shit like…


But damn it. TellTale Games’ Walking Dead fucking…. suks. None of the “decisions” you “make’ affect ANYFUCKINGTHING. Even though. You know. The game CONTINUOUSLY (throughout the “episodes”) tells you that the decision s you make MAKE A FUCKING DIFFEERNCE. But seriouslt. After two playthroughs. nope. Nothing fuckkng matters. You’re GOING to follow the COMPLETE stroy the game predetermined. And. Stop it. It’s dumb. It ss NOT worth a purchase. Any random gamer out there. I BEG you. Do NOT spend $30+ at Gamestop to get this shit.

The edn.


But. That’s just the genesis. The ONLY thing this game was worth was FINALLY kicking my ass into watch the awesomeness that is AMC’s The Walking Dead..

1217-walking-dead-amc-3I’ve been as scepticle as a teenage girl losing her virginity on prom night. I’ve been dodging the watching of this show sine. I don’t evewn know how long. But hye. everyone said that Breaking Bad was an incredible show, right? That was the first thing I watched on Netfli (aside from House of Cards) And like. I was skeptical of Breaking Bad. But it took the lameness of that video game to FINALLT warm myslef up to watching this show. And stuffs.

And like.

Ad far as that decidions is concerned? I have NO regets. AR ALL.

But like. Obviously.

Walking. Dead.

Again. As of this writing I’ve only finished the secnd season of the show. Mid-way through that second season? Shit got REAL. Half-way through that season, I KNEW that this show was something to care about. Half-way through the watching of that second season. You know. Episode Seven or so. And. You know.

After Sophia came walking out of the barn…

I realized that. Well. Shit just got real.

And me being me.  My thoughts run rampant. OI start to question. EWhy in the living hell is this televevision show popular? Sure., It’s OVBLIOUSLY fantastic. Amazing. Drama. Things. Yes. The “zombie” fad thing is going ’round like crazy these days. BNut like. How. Right? HOW in the LIVING HELL does this show BEAT Sunday Night Football in the Neilson ratings/? HOW is tha REMOTRELY possible?!

As that lame game was described here.

The game. And the show. It’s NON STOP depression!~! ON YOUR SPINDIAL~!


Why in the living cunt would ANYTHING revolving this show be popular? You KNOW that Dale i going to be killed. You KNOW that most ANY character you CARE about is going t0o be killed. Why? Why is is that his show is so very, deeply imbededded within the populce? Why does ANY of it matter/? none of ANY of it does matter. NONE of it. At the end of the day The Walking Dead is just a TV show. About a fanticiziation of “ZOMVIES~!”



I’d like to think that. Damn it. Even the LOWEST of low information voteers. the AVERAGE, NORMAL American feels the vifges. You know. Somethi just.. IS NOT right. You know? “Zomies.” Walking Dead. Thoses things.

They make FAR more sense then witnessing children being. You know. ACTUALLY crucified. You know. Because of ISIS/ISIL/IS/THINGS

You know.

Witnessing Rick Grims kill his group memever ou t of mercy is MUCH more suitable. Bedcause. Yoiu know. It’as just a TV show. It’s all Hollywood. none of it’s real. Sure. You’ll GLADLY witness a child killl a “walker/human being thing…” you’d watch that 1000 times before you’d GLADLY gaze uppon the actual evil that taking place in the world. It makes sens.

Witnessing the dramatica dramaness of The Walking Dead is PERFECT introspective escapism.

It makes TOTAL sense. Seriouslt. I know I’m coming across as hating Walking Dead lovers. But. No. I promise. I get it/ Our other worlds make our current world FAR more tollerable. Afgain. I’d rather watch The Walking Dead‘s second season on loop from now until the end of time bnefore I witness the ACTUAL hoorrors of the world. You know. Things like this…

I get it.

I guess… a healthy dose of realism never hurt no body? Askl the 1940’s British peoples. And stuffs.

But really. In all sincerity. I TRULY am enjoying what I’ve seen, you know, thus far, from AMC’s The Walking Dead. I promise. I’m loving this show. It’s getting better and better. And like. Halfg-way through season 2… the shit just got real. Forreals.

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