Game of Bores


No. I’m not 100% up to date with the show. I’m not. Feel free to spoil everything for me in the comments if you wish. I’m just a couple epsidoesd into season four. You know. the second to last season that aired. And whatnot.And stuffs. And things. And words.

Firsty and foremost.

I guess. You can chalk this up to the falt of the internet or whatever. But.

1. I was expecting Joffrey to be a COMPLETE cunt.

Don’t get me wrong, this little bastard king thing that he is. He’s one wiley, dastardly little heel asshole. BUT. He didn’t deserve ANYWHERE NEAR the heat that the internat fabe him. I’d say, he garnished himself some pretty good X-Pax heat (if such a thing ecists). He just never crossed the line as being the “OMG~! I WANT TO SEE THIS CUNT KILLEDED RIGH NOW~!” The way that say, “The Governor” in The walking Dead or “Gus” in Breaking Bas had accomplished. You know? On a serious note. I wanted to see Khaleesi’s brother person dead WAY more than I wanted to see Joffrey off’fd.

2. Is it just me or is Arya Stark the only awesome character?

You know. As far as main characters are congerned. Aside from the obvious awesomeness that is Khaleesi or.. you know… whatever. Arya is the only character worth investing… ANYTHING into. Like. At all. Hers is the only character that truly shows development. Growth and like… ANYTHING. But I mean…

3. When you kill off all of your major babyfaces…

And. That is. Seriously. THE MOST interesting thing that your show has to offer? There’s like. Some sort of flaw here. Like. Majorly. The…. OI guess it’s called, “Red Wedding,” was, legitimately, the only moment of the show (that I’ve seen thus far… if there will be more to see, who knows) that ACTUALLY got me excited. It ACTUALLY forced me into a “binge watching” soert of mood. Then. The next episode. The finale of season thre? Just a normal, slow, plot-progression piece of bullshit. Up until the end. When Khalisileeneedstobethewholeshow did something awesome.

#4. The other character that’s worthwhile. And is alive. Somehow.

No ike. Reallu. Didn’t he die at the end of season 2?With like… that army of white walkers? Was tyhat ever explained/? If it was. I don’t have any recolection of it. But hey. What do I know. I’m just a fat guy~! WOMP WOMP WOMP~!

#5. Am I ever meant to care about Sansa?

Sure. She’s been dicked around more than Ricky Martin on a bender. But like. Is there ever anything worthwhile with her? Like… at all? I know that since she’s been screwed so hard we’re supposed to care. But like. I just don’t. At all. Perhaps. And. More than likely. That’s just a flaw in me. But still. Why?

#6. The only thing cool about Bran Stark…

Is that that one wildling woman person got naked to save him that one time. I couldn’t give a shit less about his visions and ravens and bullshit. But she got naked. And that was cool. Oh yeah. And Hodor damn near savs every scene that involved Bran. SDamn near. And like… who in the hell are those other, random, two people that met up with Bran and Co.? Why? But seriously. HODOR!

#7. The White Walkers.

So like. They move so fast and shiit. You can’t keep up with them. They murder you before you know what’s happened. Yet. This whole fucking army moves infinitely slower than the army of wildlings. And bullshit. Stup it. But~! OH NOEZ~! WINTERZ CUMMING BICHES~!

#8. This image doesn’t do it justice but…

Ykere’s like WAY too God damn many side characters. This image here provides moset of the main characters from the firs season. But like. Stop it. There’s WAY too many characters that I’m, apparently, supposed to give a shit about. But like. Even in that image there. I can’t even name half of them. BUT there’s even MORE that’s given inm the show. And like. Fuck you. Stop it.

#9. Peter Dinklage is awesome.

Sure. his little role, thing in Elf was pretty cool. But like. I truly found this guy and how awesome his acting was whilst watching Find Me Guilty. Which, also happens to sjpowcase Vin Diesel’s finest acting wordk. That I’ve seen anyways. I know. I was shcoked to learn that Dieself was a fine actor too. But seriously. Watch that movie. It’s worth it. And as far as Dinklage goes in Game of Thrones sure, his character is, undeniably, one of the best (even though I can’t give the character’s name right now… but he’s an Lanister and all that, obviouisly). But before going into it. You know. Watching the show. I had the belief, for whatever reason, that Dinklage was like the king of a dwarf race. I guess RPG’s have spoiled me. But the dicotime with his prostitute lover person. And not wanting her killed and things. It’s all pretty solid. But still.

#10. And we find ourselves at Khaleesineedstobethewholeshow.

Seriously. There’s nothing else to say here. If the show was TRULY BUILT around Khaleesi Daenarwhatever. It would be much better. Especially since, you know, that’s llike… LEGITINATELY who the show is all about. But like… her “screen time.” The ammount of effort put into her character each season. It’s deligated her into a side character role. Which is. obviousl. Bullshit. Stop it. Start TRULY making the show about her already.


But again. I’m only a couple episodes into S4. Tell me dear reader… should I continue watching, as much as it may pain me to do so? Should I give it another change? Should I… I don’t know? But Jon Snow dies too?

Something? I dunno.

I can’t say I’m a fan. Largely based obn evertyhing I said above. But yeah. Tell my in the comments and stuffs. Should I keep watching? Is the some sort of “gold” at the end of the rainbow? Or is it all just the awesomeness of the Red Wedding… only to fall flat? Tell me whatever you want. I don’t give a shit.

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