The Great ECW Binge Watch of 2018 pt. 2

So. Along with my renewed love of wrestling, thanks… Asuka? Merhaps? Came a willingness to easily purchase the WWE Netowkr. Monthly. Right? And asfter watching January’s Royal rumble, catching up on a documentary or two, and finally having decent wifi, I began… what I called…

The Great ECW Binge Watch of 2018

First of all.

Lets start here.

With. Merhaps. The most over-rated ECW wrestler I came across. His name? Is…

Shane Douglas

Granted, I am only looking at hs later years with the compamy. Becauser. You know. That’s what I watched. And throughout most of that time he had a pretty bad elvow injury, apparently. But he worked several matches with said injury and. Yeah. I dunno. Noine of his matches, that I watched, were that great. Like. At all. Not even the heavily praised bout with Bam Bam Bigelow was much to rde home about.

Personal tastes, dude. That’s all I’, saying. Shane just wasn’t that good. That entertaining. Stufs. To me.

And finally… speaking over over-rated…

Taz, right?

It’s a bit hard calling Taz over-rated. Because. I mean. Dude could work. And he worked hard. You know. He was good for what he was. But like. Basically. He’s THE examble of Paul E. hiding the negative and highlighting the positives. Right?

That promo up there, it’s pretty damn awesome. THAT match with Bigelow. Was awesome. A LOT of his matches. Hell, he had a DAMN good match with Bubba Dudley for the ECW title. It’s just… I dunno. Outside of the first Bam Bam match (the second was pretty good too, but the first was WAY better, obviously), there was nothing SPECtACULAR about him. You know? I dunno.

He’s fine. Just. Not all that great. Right?

Bill Alfonso

Now. Look. Dude. Bill Alfonso is a good guy and stuffs. I’ve got no problem with the dude. This is just me bitching now. Cause like. dude. “Binge Watching” ECW? Bill Alfonso makes it MIGHTY tough. And all the reasons why, are like. Fine and srtuffs. It just sucks man.

The fucking whistlye dude. wHEN YOU’re watching months of ECSW in a single day or so. And you’re hearing Alfonso’s whistle every other match almost. It fucking sucks. that’s all I’m bitching about here. That’s it. I get it. He’s getting Sabu and/or RVD heat and stuffs. It works. TOO much. That’s all.

Now here we go.

Under-rated ECW Wrestlers

When I think of “under-rated ECW wrestler?” the first name that comes to me, post-ECW binge watch is…

Justin Credible. Right?

In that aforementioned “Asuka” rambling, thing. I said

If I started on how awesme (Justin Credible) was in ECW, I’d be rambling for a month.

Ho[pefully, it doesn’t take that long.

When Justin Credible first debuted in… (off the top of my head) mid-late 1997 or early 1998, he immediately made an impresive impact with a feud against Mikey Whipwrescklt. And went on to have a summer series with Jerry Lynn. And dude. The guy was gold. Heel. Heat. Fucking gold. Dude.

I can’t explain it. especially since the dude was nothing more than the third wheel in a FUCKING SHITTY group with X-PAC and Albert with some random like… Smash Mouththeme music. You know. To a mainstream audience.

Justicn Credibl was awesome. Easily put. No matter if he’s bashing Mikey Whipwreck’s knee into obliviacre. Or proclaiming himself to be a Hardcore Icon cause he sent Sandman packing to WCW. OR ig he’s being the world Champion, hanging around the “title belt gold digger” Francine. Justin made it… credible. Forreals.

Sadlyu, the thing I thought was awesome, involving him, is… kinda… you know… non existant…

Impact. Players…?

When I first started watching ECW as a wee little 11-year0old when they showed up on TNN and shuch. The Impact Plaeyrs was something I remember. Something awesome. And such.

And like. They… kinda are. Right? The fgormation of the team was good and such. Adding Lance Storm tpo the INSTANT heat of Justin Credible. Was great. But then. The execution? Was like… non ecxistant. I mean. The team lastested like… four months. SIX tops. Or so. Either that or… just… they had maybe two matches on POPVS? I dunno .

Impact Players? Upon my ECW binge watch… they were a bit of a disapointment. They were good. It’s jus. Non existant.

Hardcore Chair Swingin’ Freaks

Axl Rotten and Balls Mhoney were best known for brawling and swinging chairs. Chari shots that hit harder than most anyone ever. And such. Right? AND THAT’S TI! Right? Wrong, dude. TOTALLY wrong.

Mahoney, espeically. Dude was multi-versed when need be. He tok part in an Infinity War against RVS for the TV title NUMEROUS times (hence, Infinity War). I sweera. RVD, during his nearly 2 year run with the belt, faced only… Little Guido, Jery Lynn and Balls Mahoney. I’m sure I’m forgetting peoples. But legit. Balls was a BEAST when need be. Him and Axl. Could mat work, chain wrestle, etc. They weren’t GREAT at it. But it WAS a part of their arsonel.

Most people look oer this. So. Underraed.

Little Spike Dudley.

Dude. Just. The sheer amount of pain the dude put himself through. The insnae bumps the guy took. For NO reason than to hear the roar from the crowd. Was he a OMG~! ***** TECHNICIAN?~! No. But that dude created more moments in ECW than… shit? Dare i say Public Enemy? Shane Douglas? I dunno. As far as MOMENTS? And AWESOMENESS is concerned? Spike Dudley was involved in a lot.


The oinly thing that comes DIRECTLY to mind isd the Bam Bam/crowd surfing incident. But like. Watch his match. PPV main event against Mike Awesome. The bumps and crazy shit he had to endure. WQatch anything the dude did in ECW.

Tell me he’s not under-rated. Cme off it.

And… while we’re kinda on the subject…

Mike Awesome.

Yeah. In ECW, the dude wasn’t under-rated at all. The fude was used perfectly. Pertty much. Right. It’s not that. That’s not. At ALL what I’m about to ramble about and such. Rioght?

It’s just. The dude. Like. In the analss of history and such? Is he going to be most reemembered as a “fat chick thrilla?” Or “That 70’s guy?” I dunno. He definitley shouldn’t be. Right?

His matchest against Masato Tanaka in ECW were amazing. Foirreals. Fucking. Amazing. Merhaps, they had even better matches in Japan. I don’t nkow.

The saddest part about ALL of this is. Mike Awesome decided to off himself in 2007. You know. He committed suicide. Two years prior. He took part inWWE’s ECW: One Night Stand. In which, Joey Styles, the voice of ECW (who had EVERY right to bury the guy as much as he did) said of Awesome, after he performed a suicide dive to the outside of the ting, “AND IT’S A SHAME HE DIDN’T TAKE HIS OWN LIFE.”


Best ECW Match

Dude. I’ve thought long and hard about this. IU loved numerous Dudley encounters. I loved that Spike Dudley/Mike Awesome match I just talked about. I LOVED andy and ALL Awesome/Tanaka matches. And. I mean. Come on. The RVD/Jerry Lynn Infinity War exists. Right?

But really.

The greatest match that I watched (again) during my binge watch of ECXW. Was…

Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer
Wrestlepalooza ’97.

Sadly, II’ll never experience the totality of the Raven/Dreamer feud in ECW. the thing lasteved for ttwo-threew years. Somewheres in there. I’ll never witness it in its entirety. Ever. Nor will, most anyone, in the history of ever, these days.

Given the fact that I COULD, currenty, watch more of the feud yet refuse to do so, MAY say… something?I dunno. Probably not.

What I DO know. Is that this match here. The, essential, end to the feud. Encapsulated most everything. MORE than well enough. Whilst also maintaining that it was a DAMN good Raven/Dreamer match in ECW. Merhaps their best? By my estimation (which doesn;t eman much)? Yes.

Next time on The Great ECW Binghe Watch og 2018

I’m gonna go over the downfall of the company. The “Writhings n the wal.” “The best of times, the worst of times.” And… pf course… THE WORST ECW wrestlers. By my estimation. Right?

But that’s all next time. On The Great ECW Binge Watch of 2018.

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