To Be Frank


All I know. righgt now? Is that this thing. Is fucking awesome.

Fucking Awesome. Right?

Now. Levin Spacey’s “Yougube Channle,” posted this like… hours or minutes or so before he was charged with felony sexual assault. Dumb people were like, “OMG~2 How could he do such a thing?!?”

But really. Dude.

Spscey, these days, he’s not, exactly working with David Fincher anymore. He produced that thing. Himself. Sure. He hired a camera operator. Film editor. Things. But. Again. He’s not exactly working with Fincher anymore. And that shit took AT LEAST a month to produce. Right? He’s ALL on about House of Cards. Yes he’s interectikng some real life things. About accusations. Whatever. But. Basically. The dude is asking for. What we’re all asking for.

A good conclusing to Netflix’s inaigarual original series. Right?

Yeah, Doug, no one liked it.

Yeah dude. It would have been cool to see Frank Underwood. One of television’s best characters ever. Be given a propper send off. Right?

That’s what Kevin’s video was all abojut.

Yes. Real life things are mixed in there. But whatever.

Spacey’s team was out there/ Doing this shit for weeks.

Just so happened. The day they posted the video. Dude gets charged with Felony Sexual Assault.

I mean.

#1. Cool. RIght? At least. FOR ONCE a #MeToo type of thing is ACGUALLY going through the court system. It’s NOT just going throug hte Twitterverse of “guilty cause accused.”
#2. Fucking sucks,? RIght? I mean. Dude. Kevin Spacey. Frank Underwood aside. Spscey is one of the best actors ever. Legit.

And it fucking sucks.

People suck.

The world sucks..

But hey. Here’s to hoping there’s more “Frank” videos coming to Spacey’s Youtube Channel, right? Before. You know. They decide he’s too evil to have freedom of speech. Like they do. Youtube. People.

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