Retire in Peace Vince McMahon

As I write this, it’s still today for me. Whaty is time anyways, right? And today. Today wasy historic. July 22, 2022.

Vince McMahon. Entrepenuer, Visionary, billionaire, idiot, asshole, everything that he is. Officially retired from all of his postionions in WWE. Chairman, CEO, head of creative. Everything. Vincent Kennedy McMahon will have no, real… tangible… part of WWE. Word Wrestling Entertainment. The “New York territory” that he took over from his father. Exanded nationwide. Turned the “New York territory” into a gloval phenomenon.

And in a Thanos type of finger snap, that global phenomenon changed dramatically just by his no longer being involved.

Vince is, removing all viases… and… whatever you want to say (including the removal of the current misconduct investigation) without a doubt one of the… not only most successful but probably most inspiring human beings currently alive in the world. When you really dig into hist personal story and such, where he came from, learning about his biological father much later in lifve and what not. He’s as close to being a selgf made billionaire as much as most any billionaires could possibly be. Abusive step-father, being shipped off to military school. All sorts of psychological craziness that us, deep-rooted wrestling fans could talk your ear off about. He could and possibly should be an inspiration to most anyone. Ever.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s no saint.

Again, I’m not going to delve into the current misconduct investigation. I don’t know what happenedd. Neither does… most anyone… except for the people involved. It’s not my, or anyone else’s place to speculate, I don’t bevleive.

But no. He’s no saint. At all. Obviously.

Again. He’s a different sort of cat. A label he’d give to some of the wrestlers that worked for him and such, yes. But it fits him to a tee.

He’s a man that hates sneezes. He didn’t think “regular people” knew what a burrito was. He thought it was a meat wrap or some shuit.

He’d have to take the first bite if he was having a meal with people.

He only sleeps two-three hours a night.

Just… all sorts of crazy, weird Vince McMahons stories and quirks we, wrestling fans, have heard over the years.

Dude’s damn near batshit insane. Inspiring. Visionary. All that stuffs. But damn near batshit insane.

But… uindoubtedly… wihout Vince, I wouldn’t… nor would 99.99999percents of the DIE HARD… TWITTER… AEW fans be fans of this silly, little form of entertainment we all enjoy. Professional wrestling.

All of his faults. As terrible of a human being he may or may not be.

At 77-years-old. After giving 40-odd, extremely passionate years to the business he pioneered.

He deserves to #RetireInPeace.

All of that being said, I can NOT shake a feeling I’ve had since the current alegations were first made public.

Enter. Nick Khan.

This guy joined the company in 2020. But had some sort of relationship with the company for many-a year and helped WWE sign a deal with Fox to bring WWE Friday Night SmackDown to the network, By August of 2020, he was President of WWE. He, currently, doesn’ty even have a wikipedia pagem, dude. Like…

Now? He’s Co-CEO with Vince’s daughter, Stephanie…

…you know what I’m saying?

As the kiddos say these days.

Shit’s sus as fuck.

So… yeah dude… I’m not one for conspiracy theories. But. Come on. Something here is… fishy. So I’ll just leave with the tweet I did when I first heard of Vince’s current allegations.

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