The Nerdiest Rambling Ever: My E-Wrestling Story Pt. 7 (The Kind of Conclusion)

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If you're normal, you can stop reading anything further in this rambling.
If you’re normal, you can stop reading anything further in this rambling.

And so…

Lunatic got rejected by peoples anf studds.

The story was going to be, Lunatic was the owner of the company. But that, obviously, never got revealed.

But ReJect Wrestling offically made an offical ovpen and stuffs. I did a couple “splash imagas. As shown in the previous rambling in the series. I did a few of those. Including one where “Mr> Muscles” was rejected by WWE.

Or something.

But this is the only other splash image that I have of that run.

Crabs. Crabs. Crabs.
Crabs. Crabs. Crabs.

But basically.

I was sick of how e-Wrestling was going UBER realistic. I’ve touched on this in a coule of parts in the series. I think part four or six or something like that. I don’t know. But there ewas a BIG “WE IZ REALIZTIX~!” period of eW. And the basic idea of ReJect, this version especially, was to take eW down a peg. make people realize that this is a game. It SHOULD NOT be taken seriously.

LEFT: A terrible "poser 4" type wrestler. Which is MUCH better than what I did. RIGHT: AWESOME~! REALISTIC~! Posers.
LEFT: A terrible “poser 4” type wrestler. Which is MUCH better than what I did. RIGHT: AWESOME~! REALISTIC~! Posers.

So… I through up some HORRIBLE 20001 “POser 4” era posers (in reality, I odnly did two poser wrestlers). I did a DISGUSTING web design. And I made ReJect Wrestling.

But… in reality… with all of this hype that I’m giving it…

ReJect had one show. And I couldn’t be assed with more. The idea was understood that I would just do shows whenever the cunt I felt like it. But yeah. Only one show. That was it.

I think I brought Bill(y)’s old character, Barbedwire in ot referee the main event. And like. He got knocked out. Because he was wearing a regeerree shirt. Or something. I don’t know.

But yeah. It was REject’s one and only show.

And I’m pretty sure that this was in 2006. Just after I graduated high school. Who knows?

But I mean. I honestly didn’t do much in e-Wrestling. I know I brought Uncensored into nbW for ever now and thens. And stuffs. I won the World title again. Just cause. Then he gave it up. I don’t know.

All that I REALLY know is…

In mid-2008.

Antione randomly IM’ed me on AIM.

And he said, “You know what, you gotta bring SHOWrestling back.”

And so… I startedto put it into motion.

The Legacy NEEDED to END.

Apparently, Bill(y) had randomly put together some sort of splash image for a return of SHOW. He sent it to me. And I puyt it on

EWZine was like… the biggest thing in the history of ever afds far as eW forums are concerned. And Ben… who still loved me even then… let me host there. I think there MIGHT have been one other fed hosted at EWZine at the time. I odn’t know.

But it took a while. I did a BUNCH of poser word. PoseterBoy got wind of SHOW’s return and wanted to join again. I naturally brought Dave back into SHOW because… well… Dave and I have been V ERY good friends since we met back in 2001.

Antione was going to bring in Malik Roland.

But as cunt’s fate would have it…

fWo would come back.

And they had like “open applications.” I’m just about positive I applied. Because. Well… it’s fWo. The BIGGEST e-fed. EVER. And stuffs. But yeah. Antione did. And he got accepted. Thus, he wouldn’t join SHOW anymore. And stuffs.

But whatever.

I still went ahead and put out SHOCK… on December 31st, 2008. I don’t remember, specifically what put SHOW’s start off that long. I think I was ready in September. Maybe it was just that Atione got into fWo. I dunno. But yeah.

We got pushed back till new Year’s Eye.

Biut Ihad the cameo with Ernie, who had become a big friend of mine (and without whom, this series NEVER would have happened) with his character, Max Hopper losing to Lunatic, accidentally on the SHOCK OOV. (Lunatic was “feuding” with “The Ghost of Max Hopper’s Career” in nbW prior to this event. I think it happened because Ernie and I wanted to work together in nbW, but he went on to LoC or something. I’m not sure.) But yeah. Max Hopper fainted during the match. Lunatic hit himself with a chair and fell ontop of Hopper’s body then won.

Umm… Uncensored and Nik VanCore had a match for the SHOWorld title. nvC won.

Then Morpheus (whoI was COMPLETELY handling this time) learned that there was some fishy business going on… eventually learned that The Don was in contol of SHOW. (With “Bob’s” blessing) I handled The Don and had a match between the two to close the show. Control of SHOWrestling was on the line. And The Don won.

But basically…

Above EVERYTHING all of the stories thart was told in SHOW’ss final run… EVERYONE knew that SHOW was gooing to end. AGAIN. Unlike ANY other fed, ever.. it was understood that SHOW would close. Eventually.


I went into the second PPV, .enveavor., with a huge hiccup.

I brought Dave Tyrell in because he was making a name for himsewlf on EWZ as like… a HUGE conversation starter. Or something. And honestly…

Here… I’ll ramble this shit quick.

I HONESTLY (this upcoming part about .endeavor. aside…) don’t have a problem with the guy. I don’t know EVERYTHING he’s donme to upset peoples in eW, I guess. Biut I know he’s done some very jackassy type things (as I noted in… I think part 3 of this series) such as attempting to spread the “conspiracy” of CWL/fWo… but shit… Bill(y) believed this conspircay. I’m sure f you’d ask him to this day.. he’d believbe it.

But whatevbr. Dave Tyrell didn’t put his match in at .endeavor.And it pissed me off.

Posterbouy wasn’t doing shit with his MIIS tag team.

And I was pissed.

And after a couple of weeks after .endeavor. I needed a break. I was writing most of everything. And… yeah…

It was pretty much just me and the awesome Dave (nVc) writing anything. For two months straight. In a period of eW where things NEEDED to be awesome. I mean… it wasn’t AS bad as it had been in the past. But yeah.

SHOW pumped out shows week after week after week, PPV’s included, with MOSTLY (there were others) me and Dave doing the brunt of it. And I got burnt out for about a month or two.

But eScape HAD to happen. It was one of the “limelight” PPV’s SHOW has ALWAYS done. The Don first won the title there in 2002. nVc won the tite at that event in 2004. It was a “big” PPV for show.

And I HAD to do it with this run.

And given that I had taken a small break, I was ready to pump out show after tshow again.

nVc STILL beat Uncensored at the show.

And I need to touch on this. SHOW brought the “off camera” segments into the shows. nbW had long lost thsoe after Dusty took over from Jae. Dave came up with the iea (and Dave was pretty deep involved with indy wrestling at this point) that nVc would be a pill addicted cunt. And stuffs. Off camera. And. Yeah. We told some AMAZING stories with that.

But… cunting…

I don’t know…

After eScape…

I held ONE STATIC show… and on that STATIC show, Uncensored beat nVc for the world title. He was supposed to feud against Lunatic… who… again… this was Dave’s idea… would become “Joker-like” and stuffs. And it was awesome.

Bad narrator here. Uncensored beat Lunatic so badly that it gave him a concussion. I think it was on the first STATIC show after SHOCK. I dunno. Whatever. But yeah. That happened. Dave saw that match (and Lunatic and Uncensored were ALWAYS the best of friends off camera, even in nbW, but in that match in SHOW Uncensored lost it and shooted on Loony) and he came up with the idea that Lunatic finally, officially snapped.

And “the smiley guy” came to be. And it was Lunatic. As Joker. Kinda. And stufs.

And Lunatic, the former randon, stufpic, crazy character….. became dark, brooding… and welll… Jokerish.

But yeah. The STATIC after eScape… “The smiley guy” hacked SHOWrlesting. This was an awesome, Joker-ish angle that SOME people ACTUALLY bought into on EWZ. And it gave me a week break. Then I did another STATIC.

I thin k it was EXACTLY the day after I put up the show.. the laptop I had completely killed itself (to this day, that cunting piece of shit doesn’t work). And… SHOW was done. Completely. With Uncensored as the LAST SHOWorld Champion.

Eventually… I couldn’t takte this.

And… the WHOLE reason for SHOW to come back in 2008/2009 iun the first place was to COMPLETE its story.

And I NEEDED to complete its story.

So… with whatever, limited resources I had… I put together “The Final SHOWDown.” On December 31, 2009.


“Final SHOW.”

Shawn FX (Dave Tyrell) lost the SHOWPrimetime Championship to Troy Adamsa. Lunatic was the first to EVER unmaske Bill(y)/my character, Sadistic. And Uncensored beat nVc in a TFZ fight.

As seen on "The Final SHOWDown."
As seen on “The Final SHOWDown.”

TFZ fight?!

Eh. TFZ was now, solidly, in the nbW tank. And stuffs. Keith wanted me to “OK” it with him before I did this show. And stuffs. And I did. Kinda. But whatever.


Well… Stevie K. (another character Dave was handling… the character wanted to remove itself from the former “4SUM” self that it had… the character aligned itself with nVc and stuffs… but…) turned on nVc in this match. Uncensored gave nVc a hurracanrana from the top of “The Zone.” Think… SummerSlam ’98 (I think). It was a spot that Keegan created in TFZ. And a spot I had stolen a few times since then. But this spot… it broke nVc’s neck and shattered Uncensored’s knee cap.

And altough Uncensored won the Match… Keegan, the character, arrived. And another match was going to take place.

And Keegan beat Uncensored for the SHOWorld title.


At te END of the day…


Mr. Tern shows up.

He was in control of The Don.

He was in control of “this run” of SHOWrestling to begin with!

And if SHOW was going to die… it would be on his terms!

And Morhpheus sucked it.

And SHOW was done.

Abd,,, I was completely done with eW.

Sure. I brought Lunatic back fro a minute to do some random stuffs with MaX-Files/Max Hopper in nbW… but nothing happend. And shutee. Trevor was aboute to open an AWESOME fed. And I was going to bring Lunatic in… and Trevor ddi a fucking AMAZING poser for Lunatic… but the fed fell through.

And… well…

“My E-Wrestling Story” ended.

With SHOWrestling. Pretty much.


Ben starts doing shit. Again.

He brings back “”

I offer to write for the site in exchange, he gives me 

And things go smoothly. Until I become a cunt and stop writing for, just as much as he had.



he starts doing


He does The Shoot on BlogTalkRadio.


For cunt’s sake.

I start getting “the itch.”

And I try finding some place to handle a character.

And… forreals.

The asshole brings back

And it’s like… FUCK YOU! This shiitty computer that I have CAN”T run Poser for me to start up another fed.

And… randomly… I share the thought on Twitter.

Blah… I can’t be cunted to find the direct quote.

But I said something like, “You know what I wanna do? I wanna bring back ReJect Wrestling.”

Ben sniffed this out and was al likke, “ReJect Wrestling, huh?” And I was like, “Yeah.”

Nothing happened for a few weeks.

And I told him, “So… can do you do: for me?”

And within seconds… it was completed. And within an hour…


The ReJection began... again... AGAIN!
The ReJection began… again… AGAIN!

ReJect had mouses. Again.


This is where we are today.


Kind of.

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