The Nerdiest Rambling Ever: My E-Wrestling Story Pt. 5

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If you're normal, you can stop reading anything further in this rambling.
If you’re normal, you can stop reading anything further in this rambling.

Eh. I’m not exactly drunk yet. And I only want to have a couple drinks tonight. But I’m getting there.

And allow me to be a bad narrator again.

First, I believe it was in part 2 where I mentioned that I brought my character, Uncensored, into TFZ and that it didn’t last long. But in reality, I fucked that up. See, the backstory I came up with for Uncensored dealt with him being involved in underground bar fighting. So I figured a “fighting” fed would suit him great. I joined TFZ shortly after SHOW closed (spring 2002) and stayed until the fed was completely dead around mid-2003/ And really, all I want to say about it is that this was where I truly found myself as a writer. I told one of the best stories I’ve ever been involved with in eW after I found the awesome guy that is Keegan.

Second, on September 11, 202, I did “The Final SHOW,” which was just a random, lame, “reunion thing for SHOW. But it set up the possibility of a returns. Just before the closure, Tern was arrested for selling drugs because SHOWrestling had gone bankrupt. On “The final SHOW,” it was discovered by John Fiktshon, who had purchased the rights to SHOWrestling, that the announcers, Ryan and Bill were robbing the company blind.

Third, it was around the spring or summer of 2003, Bill(y) was kicked out of his house, I kinda followed him. One night, we stayed overnight in a public park near his girlfriend’s house. One of the many things we discussed that night was e-Wrestling. Bill(y) said something like, “Dude! We should do Reject Wrestling!” We both had a laugh. Because. At the time. Among our circle of friends, “reject” was like one of those, “quit being a dumb ass” terms. I.E. “Timmy, shut up you reject.” It was about a month or two later, I made and put up a splash page that said, “Reject Wrestling. We got mouses.” “We got mouses,” was a phrase said years earlier by Bill(y)’s brother, Christopher when he was about seven or eight-years-old after he had discovered a mouse in their garabe. And when I was tryingto think of a random headline. For whatever reason, that came to me.

Now. back to late 2003. Bill(ty) and I decided it was time to bring back SHOWrestling. I kinda “gave the rights” to SHOW to some random dude in like the summer of 2002. They maybe had a show or two. That was it.

I believe Bill(y) and I did some sort of “tell all” splash/hype bit before the opening. But I don’t remember wrting it. And actually, I think this was WAY befre we really decided to bring it beack. But whatever.

Januay 1, 2004, SHOWrestling officially came back.

It was back on.
It was back on.

We asked James if he would come back to handle Morpheus. HJe agreed. But didn’t do anything, thus, it was pretty much just me handling him. We asked “Bob” to bring back The Don, he agreed, but first he wanted to handle Curt Hennig Jr. And did soem random shit. There was afew others that returned. The ovious being Dave and Nick.

Dave brought Nik VanCore back. And through Nick, the two came up with the

"Ziggy" Wagge D.
“Ziggy” Wagge D

idea to do a boyband stable called 4SUM. They cake up with Stevie K., Breanna B., Nicki Z., and wanted me to come up with someone else. So, I came up with “Ziggy” Wagge D.

Although it was never really explained, Ryan and Bill got involved in the Mafia. With several ties all over the place. John Fiktshon was killed in New York prior to SHOW’s opening and Ryan and Bill were the “understood” owners. Or something.

Umm… Morpheus was awarded the SHOWorld title, Triple H fashipn. Then we headed into the first PPV. Bill got bored with the first design of SHOW and wanted to do a new one, so it got delayed a bit. But Endeavor took place. Morpheus beat Sadistic to retain the SHOWorld Championship.

Uncensored won the SHOWPrimetime Championship on the first show and aligned himself with Morpheus. And… defeated Nik VanCore at the first PPV. The next show, Uncensored and nVc fought again for the #1contendership for the SHOWorld title, nVc won.

James was COMPLETELY gone at this point. But I brought in Keith, the former owner of TFZ. He was hadling “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” I would just edit their name to “The Apocalypse” cause I didn’t want to rip-off the Horsemen. But whatever.

Thanks for the new design, Bill(y)!
Thanks for ANOTHER new design, Bill(y)!


Pretty much right away, Uncensored feuded with William Arthur Reagan, Keith’s main character. Bill(y) came up with the idea that SHOW and TFZ shld merge. even though TFZ had been dead about nearly a year at that point. It’s kinda funny, cause Bill(y) gave me shit all the time when I was a part of TFZ. For… whatever reason. But I pitched the idea to Keith. He was fine with it.

Thus, before the second PPV, Bill had to do another new design to incorporate TFZ.And it was put off for about another month.

nVc won the SHOWorld title from Morpheus. Uncensored lost the SHOWPrimetime title to WAR in a TFZ match due to Keegan’s characters interfering.

escapeThis event, however. Escape, it tdid allow me to accomplish one of my biggest goals I set for myself in eW. I wanted to have an event that was longer than CWL’s one and only PPV. And. Well. that was an awesome feeling. Completelying one of my BIGGEST eW goals. I mean. It wasn;t like I wanted to be OMG~! BETTER THAN THE CWLZ~! i just wanted to have a fed that had a show longer than theirs. That’s all. And this was during the period where like. “OMG~! it all needs to be perfect, and amazing, and descriptive, and like RoH, or like somethings~! OR ELSE~!” That period of ew.

But yeah.

Everyone lost interest due to the gaps between two new designs. SHOW lasted again for about three more weeks. When the time came for the “ReSurrection,” PPV, it was pretty much just me, Keith, Dave (kinda), “Bob” (kinda), Tom Mason (maybe), and Keegan (kinda). Everyone lost interest.

And I just couldn’t be assed to have interest. The last SHOW show happened in June.

2004 went on for a while. I didn’t really do anything but psarticipate in Antione’s (back when I was COMPLETELY stupid, I’d pronounce his name, “An-tee-own-ee,” and still, I’m TERRIBLE with pronounciations) random eW AIM chat rooms that he’d throw together. Most of thetime. I’d hype SHOW as being the greatest thing since sliced bread, facetiously.

In about Octover or Novermegr of 2004, Jason Perez attended one of those chats. And it came down to the three of us. Basically, Antione and I convinced Jae that he needed to o pen a fed.

And Bingo was his name-o.
And Bingo was his name-o.

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