The Nerdiest Rambling Ever: My E-Wrestling Story Pt. 4

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The eW Mob. It started, basically, because Bill(y) hated that everyone on, like, eWPlanet hated him because he couldn’t (and still can’t) use proper grammar and spelling. But it was much smaller than that.

If you're normal, you can stop reading anything further in this rambling.
If you’re normal, you can stop reading anything further in this rambling.

You see, Bill(y) and I had just seen the movie, Goodfellas, and we got big into “mafia” type shit. And stuffs. And once, there was an AIM chat held between me, Bill(y), Dave (handler of Nik VanCore) and Nick (who was a match writer during the first run of SHOW). And Bill(y) randomly said, “You know what? We’re the eW Mob!”

But. You know. With a LOT less proper gramar and spelling and shit.

And eventually, the “eW Mob” grew. We wanted to destroy the… “credibility(?)” or eW. We hated how eWrestling was like, going all, “HEY~! YOU GUYS SUCK, BUT THIS GROUP OF PEOPLES ARE COOL~!” Or something. I’m not really sure.

I do know we were involved wit this like… interfed thing… callled Revolution Studios. And they pissed us off. And.


I’ll FINALLY admit this here and now.

We had them hacked.

I honestly don’t, and HONESTLY, I never knew the guy that did it, but Bill(y) did. But basically, we got RS hacked. Cause they pissed us off.

This is a little known fact that hasn’t been told before. Ever. I’ve done some sort of “tell all” about the eW Mob a couple of times. but I never admitted that bit of info before. But yeah. We hacked them bitches. And they sucked it. Or something I don’t kow.;

Hnestly, that was pretty muc hthe highlight of the eWMob.

Now, we’re going into about 2003. Bill(y) and I really didn’t do much in eW. But we saw this thing called, PRIME Wrestling. I think Sebastian actually had it hosted on geocities at the time. Or. You know. What had been seen at the time. Or soemthing. I don’t know.


I’m hating SOOOOO much right now.

But basically… the end of this story is: Bill(y) and I got PRIME running. Bill(y) talked Sebs into it. He did the first batch of posers, the design, the fed’s backstoryd. ALL of that shit. But I mean… who, today, remembers that PRIME Wrestling was started by some Asian owner named “Ben Pham?” But… Bill(y) came up with taht.

And honestly… the ONLY proof that I can give to that right now is this:



We owned overratedTV. Which,k I coulda swore was going to be an interfed. But according to that “About” page, the FIRST sentence of it anywys, it is NOT an interfed.

But basically. Other than the whole hacking of RS and getting PRIME started we didn’t really do much. We tried to start up No DQ Wrestling. And T-nW (Top-Notch Wrestling). Bothfof which had one show and nothing else.

Since I got nothing else to show you, here's a nice rack.
Since I got nothing else to show you, here’s a nice rack.

And… well…

Sadly… I don’t have any other images for this rambling. Because suchs SOOOOO damn much. |

So. Yeah.

Really. The only thing that could be done to bring Bill(y) and I back to eW was to make sure that the SHOW lived on.


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