Cancel Culture or the Importance of Being Heard

Let’s start with this, dude.

“Cancel culture,”

Is RIGHT up there with the word, “blog,”

I fuckign hate it. I hate it the way that Vince McMahon hates the word, “belt.” “Blog,” “Belt,” “Cancel culture,” they’re all fucking gross to me. Well… minus belt. But uh… “Boss,” when referring to a hard to defeat video game antagonist. Fucking… All of these words are just gross to me, dude/

But. “Cancel Culture.” That’s the point of this. And that term is just so God damn grooss. Hate it.

But there’s no denying that… Legit.

“The most powerful person on the planet” (the president of the United States) was a “victim” of Cancel cutlure all to recently, right? Like? How fucking crazy of a thought is that? If it isn’t as crazy of a thought that this dude…

The dude not dressed as a zebra there…

HE was elected president…

The fact that that happened.

Is JUST as crazy a-thought that the President of the United States could be silenced by solicial media. You know?



Jesus Christ. Fuck the media.

Fuck man. Tears are coming to my eyes at the moment. There’s numerous reasons for this. But fuck. A realization JUST hit me. And it’s gonna be so fucking mindblowing. FFS.

Tears hit my eyes. Because:

  1. This world’s fucking insane. I hate that I live in it.
  2. I was listening to the modern day Beetle’s song, “Panic Attack.”
  3. And then… it REALLY hit me bro. Why “Cancel Culture” exists.\

Hate me. Slay me. But THE WHOLE REASON why “Cancel Culture” is a thing. Is the exact same reason Donald Trump was elected president. There’s 1000% no denying this.

Donald Trump was elected president because a great majority of Americans didn’t feel like they were being listened to by the elite/political/wgatever establisment.

“Cancel Culture” exists because a great majority of Americans don’t feel like they are being listened to by the elite/political/whatever establishment.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

This is the whole fucking reason why America is so God damned divided. NO ONE TRUSTS ANY sort of establishment.

Fuck dude. This is why flat earthers exist.

This whole ramblig was about to be about how much cancel culture sucks.

And. I mean.

I still don’t want anything to do with cancel culture. Shit. Like. Boycotting Disney, or social media, or Amazon, or… just… FUNDAMENTALLY I am not a fan of boycotts.

But. I just now realized. Why it exists.


This time, last year? I thought I was going to off myself by now. I just wanted to bring to 10 years and call it a life. Partially because, no one HEARS me… you know?


If only we lived in a world where media was ACTUALLY unbiased and ACTUALLY reflective. Jesus Christ. All this shit. ALL of it. Could be avoided.

Instead. This will forever by my mantra.

Especially, in these dark times where someone points out, that, “hey dude, the political establishment making a section of the populace hate each other… that’s not good.” Is so bad that the person pointing it out needs to be removed from their job and shit…
Everything is alright, bro.

How the fuck The Glorious Sons aren’t a voice of this era… is TOTALLY beyond me but. Uh.

But yeah.

Everything’s going to be alright.

Until the day I decide to off myself. Or when my heart is just like, “Fuck this dude, I can’t take it anymore.” Cause, uh, that’s how this shit ends. So.

Take care everybody!

Come watch the streams, subscribe! All that!

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