I Think I Hate Wrestling

Like. Wrestling. It was. And is. One of my first loves in ife. There was Batman. And then. Boom. Wrestling. But right now? I think. For the first time, tru;y, ever. I legitimatelty. hate it.

Sure, there’s beem plenty-a thing I’ve disliked over the 19 years I’ve been an avid fan. Sure. I’ve advocated for more smakryu bullshit things. I NEE MOAR WRESTLING ON MY WRESTLING SHOW~! Now… I’ve got that.

And I’m pretty sure I hate it.

One thing is, I’ve always advocated that wrestling is entertainment. And. More and more. Wrestling’s just become wrestling. Sure. The “guys on tiop” are amazing workers. Like. Some of the most athletically giftedpeoples in the word. And that’s awesome. But.

It’s just.

Not entertaining. Over a long period of time if all I’m seeign a great acrobatics. And forced stories that are just htere. Just cause. Then. Just. Why? Rifht? Why should I care about any of the things that are on my TV screen?

Don’t get me wrong there’s AWESOME shit. There is. Kevin Owens, though I hated the hype he recieved initially, has grown on me in a way I never expected. Seth Rollins, though he was a part of the overblown, overrated Shield thing… he’s become pretty much the best worker in the business. And. Fucking. AJ Styles.

AJ. Fucking. Styles. Is WWE Champion. RIGHT NOW (as I write this).

All of these things are positive and awesome.

But then.

AJ Styles is working heel. Because… I don’t know? Let’s go with that! Plus, Cena can never be heel so. Obviously Styles is. Even though Jericho just turned on him a couple weeks ago. Boom. Heel Styles!

Kevin Owens gets the most cheers on Raw. You know what? He’s a heel.

Roman Reigns is booed out of most ever building he walks into. Guess WHAT?! BABYFACE SUPERSTAR~!

Even Roman Reigns is like…

On that one.
On that one.


Everyone;s on about how awesome NXT is. And yeah. I’s pretty decent when it wants to be. But like. You’re insane if you think that Nakamura/Sami Zayn’s “LET’S KICK EACH OTHER FOR 30 MINUTES~!” match is anywhere NEAR match of the year. You’re fucking. In. Sane.

But then again. There really hasn’t been a match of the year, has there? Maybe one of the Cena/Styles matches? I don’t know.

Point is, dude.

I really do miss seeing storylines develope. Blossom, and then, you know, climax. I miss when they made sense. And they weren’t just like, “HEY! Let’s throw Sheamus into a best of seven series. Because that makes sense!”




I’m pretty sure I hate wrestling.

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