Of Gaming, Consumers and Corporate America

I mean.

I think I’ve made my thoughts on ecomonics perfectly clear. I’m an anarcho-capitalist. Wholeheartedly. The Freemarket is the best market. Get the government out of businesses. Stuffs. Things. Words.

But then along came a roguer, modern, gaming company called Electronic Arts (EA). And. I mean. They’re almost at Batfleck/crimes against humanity type of levels for me. I’m so sick of their bullshit and I haven’t even played a Madden game since ’18… in 2018 (not 2017 when it was released). Besides that, I played Madden 25 and Madden ’16. That’s my modern Madden experience. And I mean. Aside from, basically nothing being changed except for rosters and “Long Shot” in ’18, there were no real differences, between the games. At all.

Bruh,… just push play and you’ll see what I mran.

Granted, those clips shown are ‘17-’20. But still the point’s still the same. “Alwaya hs been” and all that. Right?

And. I mean. Lest we forget the event that pushed “microtansactions” into maintstream highlights or whatever. The debacle that was StarWars Battlefront II. You kbnow. Some dude from Hawaiia was like, “Bruh this is underage gambling!” I mean. Micro/macrotransactions suck. Ball.s But dude. I’m not on board with this argument. At all. “Gambling.” Sure. You buy shit. And you hope to get shit that you want. But it’s not the same as placing $1 on a slot maching. Or betting $100 on black. Or… Fucking. ;aying poker, dude.

By definition, currently, there’s no comparision to “gambling” in Micro/maxrotransactions. If you’re “gambling” you’re looking to make a financial gain.

With micro/macrotransactions, you’re looking to gain a better gameplay experience. Not a financial gain.  Thus “gambling” isn’t the corrent way to go about this here greivance, dude. It’s a shitty consumer experience. If you want to buy A SPECIFIC THING IN GAME, it should be available for purchase. Period. The end. You SHOULSN’T be FORCED to have a “chance” at buying, said, specific, thing. This is a HORRIBLE consumer experience. It’s not gambling. And we, the gaming community (whom I fucking hate), are not fighting it correctly. It’s not “gambling” it’s shit. And we need to fight back.

Madden 21 at it’s peak from r/Madden

Dude. This is a shitty game. Period.

We gotta fight back with our moneys. Period.

Which. I mean. As an anarcho-capitalist, I’m not exactly a fan of boycots. Buit. Fuck it bro. We, as a gaming community. Need to boycott the fuck out of EA. Peeriod. Don’t buy an EA game just to break it  cause you think you’re some AVGN. I mean. Come one now.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Don’t show that AVGN video to my parents. They’ll believe anything relating to religion and shit. Next thing I know, they’ll think Supoer Mecha Death Christ is gonna keep me safe from the rapture or some shit. So. Please.

Do I really need to mention the shitshow that was Fallout 76? I mean. Even that half hour-ish long video that I’ve referenced time and time and time again doesn’t do the shitshow justice. Since the video’s release… Bethesada has allowed massive stealing hacks, and shit, they created a subscription service… like… charging people $10ishwhatever/month to experience shit that SHOULD have been available, for free, DAY FUCKING ONE on FUCKING RELEASE. Not twoish years after the fact. AND HAVE THE GULL TO PAY FOR THE FUCKING SHIT.

Private servers. That’s what I’m on about.

But hey. Fallout 76 is NEVER going to have pay-to-win features. Nah bruh. Not for a full, $60 game and shit. No way, jose. Then. You know. It’s become P2W. Completely. Basically.


But hey.

Nothing could SCREAM “terrible” customer service other than this shit:

Nevermind the $700+ price tag to play the full experience.

But legit. EA/Whoever. Put out a pull for Sims players. Asking for feedback. “What expansion do you want?” Kinda thing. “What do you want to buy from us? Even though you’ve already paid $700+?” “Oh. So. A, Star Wars game expansion was DEAD FUCKING LAST in our poll? Lolz, Sims community, tell me, in deep, passionate detail, how much you love our upcoming expansion: The Sims 4: Journey to Batuu!”

“What? You wanted cars? Or hotels? or something? ANYTHING that was higher than ‘Staer Wars‘ on our poll?”

“Ohhhh sorry.”

Nevermind all of your polls and shit. Promoting a Disneyland attraction ius more important.

Governemtn intervention will make this shit worse.

I mean. FFS. The governemtn already has “the ammunition” it needs to attack gaming due to mass shootingings.

THE PROBLEM is. WAY too many casual gamers. Buy this shit. They buy shitty games from EA. Yearly. Over and over and over again. They purchase the macrotransactions. To make their “Ultimate Team” or whatever Nba 2k calls it, better. Our casual gaming freinds are the problem.

Again. I hate boycotts.

But like.

Fuyck everything at this point.

I don’t know.

The corporate assholes that ONLY give a shit about dollars and cents… they’re just rubbing their nipples.

So. Like. As many days as “#NFLDropEA” may trend on Twitter. Nothing’s going to change so long as money doesn’t change. Quit purchasing Madden. Quit buying MUT packs. Quit making “being the highest purchaser of MUT shit” a celebrity. Quit being a cunt. Everyone.

I mean. THat’s the problem with the world. In general. “Quit being a cunt. Period.”

But whatever.

I’m your humble drunkard from afar. And I know nothing.

Let’s just. Fucking STOP putting up with this shit, Shall we?

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