Southern Parklanders

Dude. This is being written as a quick, “awesome” rambling. Right? Like. Over the past… ovber seven yearts. I SHOULD have done this rambling before. Right? Like. This topic, South Park, deserves WAY more credit, recognition, discussion, and fucking EVERYTHING else. That I’m about to give it.

But man. Basically. I need to write something. And talking about South Park for a minute is easy. So. Let’s do this as painfuklky and quickly as humanly possible, right?

Basically… my first exposure to the show set… RIGHT HERE! IN COLORADO!

Cheap pop.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Ohhhh… the shit I could talk about with wrestling/South Park.

Happened when I lived behind my best friend. Like. Or houses were behind each other, right? My house… we didn’t know one of our next door neighbors (they were child neglecting cunts, in hindsight) but my best friend (whose… kinda gone by the name, “Bill,” around these parts) and I and broken a piece of fencing in to allow easy passage to each other’s housdes and such. Well… one day… the child neglecting father once said a Cartman quote towards me. Sionetghing like, “Eh! I’m not fat! I’m just big boned!” Or something stereotypical of early South Park as I went between the fences.

Because. HEY! I was like 9ish years old. And fat. So. Yeah. I was cartman. Obviously.

Funny times all-round. Legit.

And. You know. Eventually, Bill(y) and I would watch South Park. The onl time that it REALLY became like… REAL…. or something was during the season… three-four episodes, “Do the Handicapped go to Hell?” and “Probably.” Do I remember like… we began following the show. I mean, we watched episodes. Og course prior to that. But it was after and/or around those episodes that we actually made it like… APPOINTMENT tevelision. You know?

And… before you know it, “Quintuplets 2000” aired. And our… just like the rest of America that watched the show… minds were blown, right?

These things. Happened. In the same week.


You know…



Minds are blown. We ALL are exposed to the fact that South Park is written, annimated, etc. within the span of a week. Or so. You know? Which opens the minds of Trey and Matt even further. They, now, have the ability to comment on THE MOST recent of all current events.

Thjois is, for lack of a better word, a trope tat Trey and Matt still rely on to this day.

Whether it be, you know… something as AMAZING….


You know…

Reality Crashing the SJW Party in Season 19

Or if it’s something so innaucuous.


PERFECTLY parodying….


Or evem iof it’s someting so dumb like… breaking down the debates ofg something I’m no longer allowed to talk about… in a way soi brilliant and subtly… the news media itself is STILL trying to play catchup on it all.

You know…

Like thart.

I once did a “troll” reambling thing. Where I called Beavis and Butt-head America’s greatest cultureal achievment. And. While. I STILL stand by that fact. There’s no denying that Matt and Trey took that acievmenty anfd drtove it home. Like. WAY more. Right?

Hell they took their many-a reseacher and obsessions about Mormons. And made a South Park episode about it.

Like this.

A d then. You know. Take that research and obsesssion and make a Tony Award Winning Broadway Musicial.

You know.

Like this.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: I’m debating on seeing Ozzy Osbourne’s last tour, right? But. Dude. There’s NOTHING I wouldn’t give to see The Book of Mormon. Forreals.

Because man.

South Park?

Trey Stone?

Matt Parker?

It’s all a part of genius that can never be fully explained. Especially as an outsider. EVEN IF… Matt and Trey have spent FAR too long in Califnoria and have become a bit pussified over the years. No one can take away the fact that they pointed out everyone burried their heads in sand.

Bcauyse. You know.


And. Shit dude. The ‘head burrial” episodes are STILL… (as of this writing) available to watch on Hulu and everything. Check out “Cartoon Wars.” Both parts. Since. You know. You can’t watch “Super Best Friends” or “200/201” on streaming services.

Let’s bury. Our heads. In sand.


Again. South Park deserves FAR better than this rambling. Apologies.

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