Rapid Fire Reviews PART HUIT!

So. Likel. You should know how this works by now. Yes. I review things. Quickly. Or. “Quickly.” And put them all here in this little ramblingsthings. I’m doing now. Right?

So… that’sit.

Let’s do it. obviously.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5… in a word? Is fun, dude. It really is.

Is it the most captivating video game ofg all time? No dude. Not at all. Hell man. I couldn’t even be assed to play it a second time to see one of the… three(?) endings the game offeres.

But that shouldn’t take away from the gact that the game was an absolute joy to play. Forreas.

If NOTHING else… Far Cry 5 offeres up one of the best original(?) songs EVER included in a video game’s sound track. Forreals. The Clutch Nixon side missions things were a joy to experience for the song alone.

Surprisingly enough, Far Cry 5 wasn’t overly political. It wasn’t the typical, “OMG~! WE HATE TRUMP~! OMG!~ GOLABAL WARNING AND WOMEN EXISTS~!” Type of shit that most every “mainstream” story tells. That was such a blessing. Forreals.

The Disaster Artist

Dude. Forreals. Back in like… Christmas time of 2017. Year of our Lord and all of that? I REALLY wanted to see this movie in a movie theater anfd shit. Hell… I even dd a “Drunken Watching of The Room” when this film was released and stuffs.

But I’m me. I don’t go to movies alone. And no one wanted to go see this with me.

So… I finally rented the movie at a Redbox like… a month or so ago. And Jesus Christ. It’s so God damn good.

It’s hilarious. It’s intense. It’s dramatic. It’s everything you could ever ask for in a film. Forreals dude. The ONLY reason James Franco wasn’t considrered for an Oscar was because he fell victim to the dumbness that is the #MeToo movement. His “MeTooness,” like… say… Louis CK’s was so God damn dumb.

“Oh… I signed on to do a nude scene for a short film James Franco was directing! #MeToo!”

But yeah man. The Disaster Artist? Fucking brilliant piece of cinema. Forreals.

God of War

Dude. Like. Forreals. Man.

Thius far? This is rpobably the best game I’ve played on PS4. It’s EASILY the best PS4 exclusive I’ve played.

Like. Everyone’s already said everything that NEEDS to be said about the game and such. Right? So. Let me just add:

I rented the game from RedBox, right? I definitely want to replay the game. I want to own it ASAP. Forreals. It’s fuucking fantastic.

So much so… I HAD to share this on my personal Facebook page…

And I mean. Sure. The game itself only improved. But that first REAL battle. With “The Stranger?” Was fucking epic. The most bad ass thing I’ve played on my PS4. Period. The end. kbye. And such.

This is just a fantastic video gam. Period. Play it. When you can. Or else?!

Superman: American Alien

Solike…. one of these days… I’ma come out of the closest. Pretty soon. It’s gonna happen. I promise. But like., Dude. Forreals. Like? Real talk?

The bits and pieces that I nkow? Right.

I LOVE Max Landis. As. You know. A Storyteller. And stuffs.

And while I’ve only read two other “Superman centric” stories and such before. Let me just say that. Dude. This story. that Max Landis created. Is the best Superman story I’ve read. Sure. Best of three. But still. Whatever. Right? Max Landis being given reigns over a Superman “elseworlds” story would be like me being given a chance to do an “elseworlds” Batan story.

And dude. It’s just fucking brilliant. Completely. Again. Merhaps it doesn’t say much. But it’s EASILY the best Superman story I’ve EVER read. Period. The end. kbye.

I, Tonya

Soi like. Dude. As awesome of a portrayal of Tommy Wiseau that James Franco protrayed. His was, basically the only good performance in the movie, right?

Here. In I, Tonya, EVERYONE. From Margot Robbie… to what was essentially a bit role as Nancy Kerrigan poertrayed by Caitlin Carver… EVERYONE performed perfectly. This was such a brilliant piece of acting art. Like. Oscards. Golden Globes. Nothing could ever do it justice. How Allison Janey is the ONLY person to win ANY major award is mind boggling. That’s not to discredit her. She was phenomenal. But like. Forreals. Everyone was.

So. Yeah/

I guess that’s all I’ve got to say… about that. Forrest Gump style.


I could probably pull another review or two out of my ass. But nah dude. I’m done for now. Right? That meem up there was the best way IU could think of to end this rambling. So.


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