Sim, Simmi, Simmies

ALSO: At some point here, I’m gonna be naming numbers, prices, etc., of things at launch (in the 2004-2008 range). All of that? It’s gonna be based off of memory. I could be 1000% wrong. So. Take thouse numbers with a grain of salt if yuo want to.

This one time. In the long, long ao. When things made sense. Youi klnow. Back in late August of 2020. I wrote a ram bling of “my top 10 best games ever.” Or whatever. Right? But. Legit. I don’t know what came over me. I have no idea 3why I neglected something so PAINFULLY obvious (hell, now that I’m thinking of it, I should’ve included something [so PAINFULLY OBVIOUS] too). Both of thwese things…. they shouldb’e been AT BARE MINUMIN  “honorable mentyions.” Unfortunately, they were not. While, on e of these games should’ve been mentioned, I wanna focus on tonight’s topic.

Which is, of couree…

The Sims!

Honestly? I’ve done a quick bit of research. You know. I’ve scrolled through all of the YouTubiness taht I csan. And. I mean, basically, (even though it I didn’t remember this specific ad or any like it, hell, I couldn’t recognize any ad I saw that seemed remotely familiar) the point is… at some point in like 1999-2000, I was watching me some WWF Raw/SmackDown or South Park or Jackass or something,. At Billy’s house. Shit. Might’ve been TRL and saw a commercial for The Sims. Whatever show I was watching. Sims. Commercial. Happened. Right?

And I was like. “dUDE. That shit looks like fun!” Immediately.

Somewheres in here… Napster was still barely deemed illegal at this point, right? And Billy and I used… I don’t even know what. But. We got The Sims. Just like we got Poser. Because. E-Wrestling. (Jesus Christ, Those eW ramblings aren’t even worth looking at anymore FFS. Since everything;s been destroyed. Ugh).

The Sims! Was a thing. That I played. Once.

I entered high school. And I remember sitting next to Bobby (Ferres and the dude himself knolws who “Bobby” is). And Bobby’s looking up “OMG~! BIG TRUCKS AND CARS CUZ OMG I’M LIKE 4’2″ AND IM IN HIGH SCHOOL~!” Mweamwhile, I’m looking up how awesome The Sims 2 is gonna be. Right?

Again, none of this rings true. As to why I was hyped for The Sims 2 in 2004. But. OK. Sure. Thanks, EA!(question mark)

Either way, dude. Sims 2? Was. My. FUcking. Jam. In 2004-2008? I, obviously, didn’t give a shit that I had to spend (controversy happenes)…

$220 on the stuffs and game packs that I did. You know. $220 on the game itself, plus all of the other expansions. Hell dude. I could’ve spent more than that. I could’ve spent less. But scrolling through the wiki. And trying to remember the prices at the time? Yeah dude. Between what I bought and what my sister bought? And how we were easily ablse to share our exansions with each other? Either way. $220 sounds about right. All the money I spent. On The Sims 2. All together.

Fas forward to. You know. Today.

And EA. Tells… is it even “Maxis” anymore to shit out a Star Wars expansion…. because… money!

I was able to watch 1/3 of this before I gave up and begged, “Give me my money back!” I realized. Afterwards. I only gave EA $10 for the base, “deluze” edition of the game. So. Hurray!



In order to play the full experience of The Sims 4, you’ll need to pay $700. And. Dude. You still won’t even come close to having the same type of features as you would if you were spending $220 in 2004-2008.

Cars? Nope.
Hotels? Nope.
Vaction homes? Nope.

Those are JUST off the top of my head. Dude. There’s PLENTY of other examples of stuffs that you’d have by spending $220 in 2004-2008 that you don’t experience, in, essentially, the same game in 2014 (don’t even get me started on launch day neglections). Bruh, EA. Had the FUCKING GALL to release The Sims 4 without the ability to create pools. SWIMMING POOLS.

But again. In order to have THE FULL Sims 4 experience? You’re going to have to pay $700+. For the expansions. Atop of the base game purchase.

Which… btw.

Again. Take my memory with a grain of salt and I didn’t include EVERY expansion/stuff pack. I INCLUDEDED THE BASE. SIMS 4 GAME. IN THE “$220” FIGURE I GAVE. In fact. The base game was the highest number inputed into my calculator. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh/


Because Borat is “relevant” again”?

Now. I realize. $220 in 2008. For a FULL game experience NEEDS TO BE adjusted. Obviously.  Game developement isn’t, and HAS NEVER  been cheap, bruh!

So. Let’s figure thisa out.

In 2008, when the last Sims 2 expansion was released (and included in my $220) figugre… We need to adjust for inflation….


To be fair? I first started buying The Sims 4 around the end of 2018. It was on sale. Blah, blah, blah… I ended up buying it like three times. For $20 or $10. Alltogether? I spent like $40 on The Sims 4.

Thankfgully. Turbodriver exists. And he made it a worthwhile purchse. Thanks dude!

Other than all of this ranting?

Ueaj dude. The Sims? It’s obviously one of my favorite video games ever. I have no fucking icea why I didn’t think to include ANY sort of mention about it. That one time/.


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