QUICK RAMBLING: Underrated Eddie Guerrero Things

Eddie Guerrero is opretty much one of the most beloved professional wrestlers that ever lived. Dude had talent. Charisma. In-ring capability beyond like 80& of anyone else on WHATEVER roster he was a [art of. Most importantly of all. Dude had “it.” He had “it,” in such abundance that, I’m about to ramble about a few things that have gone unnoticed or unapreciated, or… you know… something along those lines.

I’ve recently been watching WCW shows like… binge watching them. Again. Or. Whatever. Right? And that’s mostly what I’m going to be basing this rambing on. Is stuffs from the WCW binger watch that not many people talk about in regards to Eddie. But they’re all worth mentioning. Because. Awesome. Amazingness. Obviously. Right?

Let’s start off with something easy.

Post-heel turn Eddie Guerrero. WCW. Theme. Do you hear it? Playing in your heah? If not. You definitely should. Becausde dude. It’s wrestler theme. Perfection.

Come on dude. Shit’s perfect as is. I’d say it’s FAR better than ANY of the “Lie, Cheat, Steal” type of themes, things, that’d happen in WWE. Fight me!

Good God man. I could rant about this theme for days if I wanted, I’m sure. But quickly… Eddie was portrayed as this sleezeball, asshole at the time in WCW. And MUAH due. So fucking perfect. Ugh.

Next, and, let’s be real, probably the last thing I’ve got to bring to the table at the moment…

I can’t even think of how to put it into words on google or anything else.

So. Allow me to bathe you in the words. Of Eddie Guerrero actions of perfectionism that aren’t talked about eougt. Right?



Back in WCW, Eddie would be ina a lock-up situation or something. He’d be chain wrestling whoever his opponent was. Collar-elbow tie-ups. To headlocks all that. But then, Eddie would suddenly take a bump. Usually after a step-over lockup and what have you.

Shortly after, Eddie would regain his composure and walk up to the referee. He’s “loosely” apply the same hold or whatever in which he had previously taken the bump and such. Only, he’d grab the referee’s hair in order to show the official that his opponent could have cheated. Afterwards, the referee would bicker with Eddie and, basically, call his bluff. Essentially saying, “Bruh, that’s bullshit, keep fighting!”

I don’t fucking care dude.

Modern wrestling leaves WAY TOO MUCH to be desired. But fucking. Just that referee/hair spot.

Just a little gimmick that this one, specific wrestler would do in late 97-98. It LEGIT added SO MUCH TO THE SHOW. This. Little. Referee/wrestler/hair spot thing. Added MUCH more diversity to the product.

THIS little touch. Legit. Made watching a wrestling match worthwhile. I don’t care.

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