Quarantine Thoughts Vol II

FYI: the majority of this was written on Wednesday April 15th. Just.bkeep that in mind. And then… Somewjrres al0ng the way… The whole thing got broken. And. Again. Since I’m ONLU rambling on my phone… I’ve got neither the time or patience now to fix everything and how ots “supposef” to look.

You may continue.

Wells. BasicLly. This is the same thing as “What’s on my Mind,” ramblings. And I kean (Jesus Christ, how do I keep making this typo over and over? Stipid phone). Like I said last time, this format (the OG, Myspace, drunken ramblings format, FYI) is probably the best for now. Whilst in quarantine. Rambling on my phone.

So. Doing it again.

      1. Dude. Going to the grocery store with a mask and glovea. Is just. Weird. You know? Obviously, I don’t do it often. And every time I do, I go on a slightly longer drive than I need to. But dtill. Going to the grocery store these days is like…

      2. Dude. Today’s just been. Tough. I gurss. But also fun and exciting and whatever. I’m kinda 50/50 on the whole, “going back to 1890” thing, these days. Where as at the beginning of the year it was basixally 90/10. But. Whatever. I dunno.
      3. Dude. I watched this week’s 3pisode of Better Call Sail. Right? And like. Non-spoilers. I was just waiting for a gunshot to happen out of no wjere. And just. Oof. Those last 10ish minutes were ro7gh man. My heart was racing. It’s been over three months since a piece of media affected me that much… Or… Affected me at all, really. But I mean…
      4. Merhaps this is the recentcy bias or something but… I think… It’s possible that Better Call Saul MIGHT be better than Breaking Bad. Merhaps, the fact that I didn’t watch Breaking Bad till all episodes were bingable on Netclix. That may contribute to this opinion too. But. I dunno. Now that I think on it, nah bruh, I’m crazy. But there’s definitely aspects of BCS that’s better, if not more devastating. But. Whayever.
      5. If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad. And you haven’t watched Saul… WTF are you doing with your life? Right? Especially now. Now that most of the series os on Netclix and such. And we’re in quarantine. And all that.
      6. It’s just your brain going through whay it thinks it has to go through. Oof dude.
      7. Netiher Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul can hold a candle to BoJack Horseman.
      8. Uhh…

        No thanks. Please.
      9. Legit? This is probably the worst thing Trump has done as president. As president.
      10. This and the whole, “lying about the crowd size on innauguration,” thing that began the downward spiral of everything the world has begcome since he became president. Jesus. Remember the good ole days? Back when THE FUCKONG CROWD SIZE WAS THE BIGGEDT THING THE MEDIA HAD TO BITCH ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP?

        If you get the reference, we need to be best friends.
      11. Whatever man
      12. Bruh. “Contact forms” are the bane of my drunken ramblings existence thes3 days.
      13. So… I decixded… When I get this mythical “stimulus check” I’m going to biy Louis C.K.’s  “Sincerely” comedy special. I guess that mMes me a “simp?”
      14. Nah. I’m definitely not using 5he meme correctly.
      15. Dude. WWE decided to pull a stint from their tomes on like 2002 or whatever. And they fired… And/or furloughed soany peopules. Wrestlers. Agentz. Peroples. .Rusev The OC. The Former Edge Heads. Kurt Angle. brau Wyatt’s dad. And like

        Mike Chioda? Mike. Fucking. Chioda? Bri.. Halkum. I’m just saying. Merhaps you wanna reconsider this “referee” path. But not really. You’re crushing it bRuh.
      16. Dide. It’s just. As far as “wrestling” goes. Today has sicked. A lot. And… Too many asshples aren’t doing their part to #FlattenTheDelay to #FlattenTheCurve… Eyc.
      17. And loke. O get it. Both sodes. WWE’s trimming the fat. And not so much fat (a lot of the firongs  were bullshit). In order to save money. And like… Apparently… According to one source I heard it from… ALL of their talent expenses are like 10% of the expenses comboned.
      18. And like… Apparently… It got exposed that WWE S5ock was invested in the XFL? Or somethingm Somehow?
      19. Plus…. PLUSSS….
      20. It’s a HUGE FUXKING SCAndal That Linda McMahon’s SuperPAC is dumping money “on Florida,” as dlfar as I know, it hasn’t been reported that ilthe PAC is supporting anyone or anything. I dunno
      21. Florida has become the Floridaman of everything Corona related. I’m just saying I don’t ijderstadn what the “scandal” about WWE being classified as “essential” in Florida has to do with… Anything scandalous? Again. I haven’t researched it. As in… I haven’t dove into the facts of the situation or anuthj g. I’ve just heard the reports. Left-leaning reports. And thuz I can and more than likely am wrong. But. 8t sounds like socialosts that hate capitalism are just botching for nonreason here.
      22. Buthere… Ladt words on everything wrestling….
      23. Initially, there was a huge outcry for the ever illusiove “wrestler’s inion” needing to be formed. And I mean, my feelings about unions asside, there’s no wwy that that’d adding a unuojn on top of this current situational mess 5hat this ism. This kess 5hats, prettyuch ALL on the shoulders of Vincecmahon… Adding a wrestler’s union on top of this mess is just going to make things worse for the talent. Right now. That’s all I’m saying.
      24. The assholes. That make up WhatCulture’s “wreslti g news team” Andy Murray (Jesus Christ do inhate this guy’s “righteous ind8gnation” stances he takes) and Adam… Whill… One of the WhatCulture Adams… Both of them ranted. raved. As if they, themselves were victims of the releases WWE committed. It’s just such horseshot 5hat these cints can continuously get away with this shit. “Newz” undr the veil of commentary. No one bats an eye.
      25. Iean. It’s finem we all have our biases. Mine leans towatds: WWE definitely SHOULDN’T have released the talent and sttaff that they did. But like. There’s no n3d for me to go out in my townsl’s square to announce how much bullshit WWR just committed or whatever you know?
      26. 5hats, PBVIOUSLY not to say that I don’t feel terribly for 5he talent and staff memerrs. It’s just. Dide.
      27. Bueiness is business. WWE didn’t need to do the rel3ases. And yes. The talent are fucked over as a redult. Completely. But to be all like, “DOEN WITH THE DUBSEEE OR ELSE!” B3cause of THIZ… is pretty stipid.
      28. Again. WWE IS at fault. They SHOULD T have done it by my estimation. But like. To be MORE upset about this than you wrte… Like… The initial burrial of Zack Ryder. Or… Fuck g Kohn CenA beong forcefed as the superCrna. To be THIS upset. Over somrthing that idrf to be a yearly thong. (OBVIOUSLY, this year is f9fferent even exclud9ng the pandemic} just. Ugh. So many people are calling Eednesday “the darkest day in WWE history.” come off it. Shit the fuck up. It sucks. A FUCKING LOT. But
      29.  Come off it.
      30. Plus. On top of.ths… for wrestling fans… Howard Finkel died. And. Like. For MANY of us… He was up there with Jim Rodd as one of the “voice of our childhood” and by all estimations he was one of the sbedt poeple rvrr.
      31. As a wrestling fan, this week sucked. Period.
      32. Ugh. I 2ish I had 5he ability to fix 5hid b4oken format on a PC. That way I could at least separate shit visually. Instead… You’re getting nothing but block, lisyed text till the end.
      33. BOOOOOOO!
      34. SOMETHING. To create separationg.
      35. SomethingaboutMivhigan’s governor isnhappenong. And. I wonder what that’s all aboutm But.balas. I don’t live in Michigan. So. I don’t care THAT much. You see? That’s how America is supposed to work..
      36. AndI’m talking to those that are upnin arms over the drive-in Chirch sitatuon in… Tennessee? Kentukym? Wjerrver.
      37. And, altho7gh, I’m a Penn-Jillette defined athiedt, I’m a HUGE proponent of of the freedom of relgligion. NOTR: Not “from” religion. And. Like. Yeah man. It’s not my state. Why should I care?
      39. Fair enough. Tell meote about Texas’ anti-abortion laws. And how much you LOVE them right-l3anets.
      40. Bro. Again. If it doesn’t happen in MY s6ate,theres literally NONE% reason for me to care about it. Period.
      41. When the issue DOES affect YOUR state… That’s 2hen you risenip and protest.
      42. Me. Someone in Colorado. Should JEVER Prot3s5 the laws that California created. Right?vjus5 like you assholes in New Yorkz California, Illoonois, whatever… Y’all need to STFU about the politics in Texas.  I keNm come on.
      43. Dude. I do wanna say more. Butblioem whatever. Thisbrambling is bullshit enough. So.
      44. I’ll leave you with this thought.


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