I mean.


I’m already sobering up too much as it is You know?

But, DUde.

Originally? Like… before I wrote ANYHING tonight/today/however time works? I was planning on doing some sort of “9/13” anniversary watching of the WWF SmackDown that aired on 9/13/2001. Right?

Because. You now. Since it’s technically 9/13/2019. And such. And. I mean. Not so much “technicaly” anymore I’m just… not totally sober and haven’t been to sleep at 8:17am (as I write this).

But dude. Sure.

As much as this, legit, brought tears to my eyes watching it just now.

And as aweome of a fact that it is that WWF and VinceMcMahon had the balls to go an hold a tens of thousands of people show. Live. Somewheres in Texas (if I’m not mistaken… NONE% research done… promise). Two days after 9/11 happened.

As awesome and amazing as all of these things are.

NONE% of any of that takes away.

How hilarious this image is:

Hate me. Slay me.

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