Quarantine Thoughts Vol. IV

Bruh… There’s no openrr for this. At akl.. so. Fuck it. After 5his sentence? Ish? We’re gonna just go with that MySpace-ial premise that RyamsDrink.com has it’s origin built ipon.

So… Ujhh..

  1. Dude. I loce me some Sourh Park pho e Destroyer. I’ve saod it … Somewjerees. In my ramblings. I said. SPPD is the best mobil3 game ever. And. O du. Nno. I’m kjst stating something somlle. I giesss?
  2. Ugh dide. Sos many typps. Bullshit. Already
  3. Mrhaps im THg dru m. OR… my phone is my phone. In all honesty? I’ll go sith the former
  4. Bruh. Spoers tho gs. Bappenex. And. O mean…
  5. Ffs.
  6. ..
  7. . .
  8. Dud3. I’ve no kdea what I just said. Shit. I’ve none idea what  saying jist now. Igh.
  9. O giess? I’m too drunk to rambls. So. Uh…
  10. Lemme try and say somethong qiick.
  11. Jiston Amash is, basicall6, my ideal presodent.in a perfect world and. All yhat. Bit uh.,. I guess..I’ve gotta go with an orNve person. So. HATE ME! SLAY ME!
  12. Dude. Just loke the lsdt rambling, I can’t sjow uou the proof. Bit forreals. Trevor Noah oz the worst “comedkan” ever. Like. The Comedy Central promos they play… Tryna promote his show… it’s literally the worst thing I’ve ever seent. With my eyeballs. Ever. Drunken typos asside this id a LEGIT… VERBADIM quote.from the  TV promo commercials…
  13. “Did you know you can use your underwear more often if you use them on fhe outside of your pants? 8 DAYZ AND COUNTING BAYBEEEEE!”
  14. Close enough to verbatim.
  15. I just. Don’t care.
  16. So. I’ma stop. O guess.? Take care?
  17. I mean. Obviously take care Jjdt. Disregard all of this
  18. This os nothing. In the comonv few weeks, there’s gon a be an A M AZONG rambling about Andy Sognore. So. Uh… Wait for ghat? O girsss?
  19. Worss that need to be said about Last of Us… Uh..  I haven’t seen the spoilrrdz. And I won’t. Comme t brlow! Expose the spoers to me! Just k ow … I wk t read your expose. A d stuffs
  20. Fuck. I’m way too dri j.
  21. Whatever.
  22. Hope you lime words?
  23. One fonal thougbt… If you think that working in an kffice, HARD in an lffice for, “crinch time” is applicable to a Nazi concentration camp… And yli yotta “expose”he offise you work for… Just know you’re a piece of sjit. Workong on an office is HARDLY essential.
  24. I guezz,?
  25. Ugh  Isou doke I dickhead Nx I pro.y am
  26.  J
  27. But  like. Ateast km not ruinong ahot.
  28. Fuck this. I’ll write agai  qnen 7
  29. I’ve got my new pc.
  30. Again… Ccjm this ramblng. Fuck r efygbing.
  31. Kbyr? Enjoy?

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