I Can’t Write Anymore

At best?

I’ve had fun writing about random shit that I enjoy(ed) you know?

At worst? It ends up with the basic bulletpoints of what I’m trying to convey. You know?

Kindsa like everything I’ve written thus far.

There’s some SERIOUSLY deep, awesome discussiony type of things, not that my ramblings ever created discussions or anyting. But like. There’s SO DAMN MSANY things I wanna say. About RBG. About Breonna Taylor. About. Wisconsin “Vigillante” things. About Football. ABout Colin “Publicity Stunt” Kaepernic. About EA games. About Bethesda Gaming Studios.

There’s so God damn much that I WANT to talk about.

Buit like. I’ve got NONE% desore to write them anymore.

The past three weeks alone (discluding the “ideas” I had to write about today) I’ve tried to write and have scrapped, at least six ramblings. Because. Dude. I just.

Don’t care.

You win, world.

I mean. I’ve made it clear, I’m going back to 1890 soon enough. But like. This? This “string threory” type of parellel universe thing that we’re currently living in? I’m so far beyond done. Like. How ANYONE could find themselves “RILED UP~!” about this upcoming ellection is beyond me. Unfortunately for Democrats, your party “Democratically” enthused enough voters to ensure that the only jeryactric candidate with a working brain, didn’t win. And they settled for a dimentia patient with hopes that the Veep will rally enough votes.

Nah bruh. It was obviously the Russians! STILL!

I mean.

If that’s your stratedy. Go for it. Right?

Just know. You’re going to get slaughtered. This is going to be the biggest landslide this side of Mondale. So.

I still stand by my prediction that Trump’s going to win California. Because, like dumb asses, California created a law that their electoral college votes go to the candidate that wins the National popular vote. So. FFS. Why the hell are you even voting for President if you live in California, right?

Jesus Christ. This world is so damn stupid.

This isn’t a poliitcal rambling. So. I’ll just stop.


I dunno man.

The only thing that’s for sure is.

I’m going back to 1890.

Merhaps… that’s all that matters?

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