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Mostly, I’m infuriated about these “next gen” console games. I’ll tell this story as quickly as I can. Without WAY TOO many personal bits in between. Essentially, I was enamored with the X-Box 360. I loved it. I loved the console exclusive games. Fast forward. A little over a year ago, I purchase a PS3. And I love it. A lot.

Obviously, this was during the time that the consoles were preparing for the “Next Generation.” All the while, in my opinion, these “innovations” were totally unnecessary.

Sure. Video game characters may have been slightly rendered better. You know. With “next” gen. But I mean. Really? Seriously
That, obviously, is from the much-hyped/publicized Destiny game. It was supposed to be a revolutionary new intellectual property (IP) from Bungie. You know. The, essential, masterminds behind the Halo franchise.

Bungie was given a (don’t quote me on this) $500,000,000 budget to produce the game. And. By and large. It. Failed.

Given all of that. The one thing Destiny accomplished was the bridging together of both the “next” and “current” generation systems. Graphically, at least. As far as visuals go, the game is fantastic. Obviously.

And I guess, what I’ve come to rant about here, it really stems from that obviousness. Maybe. Maybe it all stems from nothing. At all. I’m not entirely sure. Either way. I need to let out this rant.

There’s been two, maybe three, other games, aside from¬†Destiny, I’ve got my hands on that were built for next/current gen console platforms. The three were:

  1. WWE 2k15
  2. Dragon Age: Inquisition
  3. Watch_Dogs (and here’s the maybe)

First on the list, WWE 2k15, was absolute garbage. It wasn’t even remotely close to the game it was hyped up to be. At all. Keep in mind, I’m speaking of the “current gen” version of it. But I mean. The showing here wasn’t particularly good even on the next-gen consoles. So. Yay?

Next up (but not really) would be Watch_Dogs. By and large, I enjoyed this game. Again. I’m uncertain about how the developers dealt with the whole current/next-gen thing. But playing the game on my PS3 was just fine. I didn’t encounter anything wrong with it. At all. Other than, of course. The mechanics of driving. But that’s neither here nor there.

Lastly… and what I wish to rant about the most…

This doesn’t do my argument justice.

Dragon Age: Inquisition. Firstly. Don’t get me wrong. I love. Love. LOVE this game. It’s pretty much everything I was hoping for when I got my hands on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the first time. As far as the plot, mechanics, overall gameplay is concerned. It’s top notch. It’s beautiful and fantastic. Its Bioware at their finest.

But then. There’s this whole issue about “graphics” that really, REALLY pisses me off. Like. A lot. Whilst encountering ANY cut-scene on a current-gen console (at least on my PS3), your character is NEVER rendered properly, especially in regards to facial hair. And while on the topic of beards and hair in general… ALL of the hair involved is visually plastic.

Either that or Warden Blackwall AND Warden Stroud putsa fuckton of hair gel in their beards. Either way.

As lackluster of a game that Dragon Age II may have been. It was still leaps and bounds better than the current-gen’s offering of the third installment. As far as graphics are concerned. I don’t want to get ahead of myself there.

Basically. What I want to say is simply this. It’s just sad, man. It’s sad how much game developers are neglecting the 360 and PS3 systems.

WWE 2k15 wasn’t even an update from the previous year’s version. Hell, it was a GIGANTIC step backwards (and, again, from what I have heard it’s the same on next-gen consoles as well) Bioware could have EASILY shown that they gave more of a shit with the current-gen’s offering of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

All the while, the only complaints uttered about Destiny and Watch_Dogs are the exact same across both current and next-gen systems.

I don’t know. I’m just pissed off that my Inquisitor’s beard is shiny and has no authenticity. Just like the nipples on his romance’s breast.

And so. Here’s a meme that’s somewhat relevant.

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