My Top 10 Batman Villains

Decided to have just a couple of drinks tonight. Cause. I was bored. Basically. So. Whatever. But hey. It is now. Five years to the day when I wrote something… kinda, “deep” or “personal,” about Batman celebrating 75 years of Batman. And now. Here we are. Year of our Lord. 2019. Celebrating Batman’s 8p0th’s annicersary.

Which, apparenly, DC, or whoever, decided to tell us all, the official birthday of Batman was on March 30th. That’s when Detective Comics $27 was released. In 1939. Previously, in my Batman experty ways… the ONLY “date,” ever given (since, you know I wasn’t born in 1038) was “the May Issue.” So. YEAH! I’m still like… over a month late in my celebrations?! YEAH!

But. Yeah. This is just the first in… a couple of things I wanna do celebrating Batman’s 80th Anniversary. So. Yeah dode. Tigtle’s sel-explanitory enough? Right?

Bare in mind… these are NOT who I consider to be Batman’s BESTG villains. These are my favorites. I.E. “Marlon Brano is probably the best actor ever. But Edward Norton is my favorite.” Something like that? You know?

Here we go.

10. Bane

Quite possibly? The best villain debut, ever, in the history of comics.

Bane breaks Batman.

Trouble is, that’s about all he has.

After debuting? There’s not much to go with.

So sure. Just like… you could have a Batman story arc. And at the begining, Batman catches Victor Zasz. Because. That’a the beginning of EVERY story arc. And. Whenever you need to debut Bane, or tell a story about him, he’s got to Break Batman physiscally. And mentally.

After that?

You’ve kinda just got a big, strong dude/ And that’s it.

But still. HE’s gotta be recognized. For his awesome debut alone.

And Azreal can suck it.

9. Hush

I’ve said, numersous times, that Hush the story arc written by Jeph Loeb, with art by Jim Lee, is by favorite Batman story ever. Period. The end. All that. But. I mean, Hush, himself, plays such a little part in it. In fact, I’d go so far to say that the story written by Paul Dini )I believe it was a Batman: RIP tie-in) Heart of Hush is the quintessential “Hush” story. And I couldn’t tell you a thing about it. I only read that story once. But whatever. If nothing else, this villain, Hush, was the driving force behind my favorite Batman story. At worst, he’s just a throwaway character being beaten up by SUperman and Batman in the Public Enemies movie. Just cause.

Either way. Tommy Elliot, although the storytelling in Hush was predictable, being a villain that wants to destroy Bruce Wayne, moreso than he does Batman, is an instresting dynamic. Right?

8. Poison Ivy

First of all. Legit? In 1997. There was NO better actress to play Poison Ivy than Uma Thurman. Period. Same goes for Arnold as Mr. Freeze. The movie? THe script? The direction? The… everything? Ovviously dumb. But dude. The cast was… mostly spot on. As far as villains were concerned.

But. Poison Ivt.

When you look up, “Femme Fatela” in the dictionary. It’s Poison Ivy. Right? Black Kat can’t hold a candle to her. Poison Ivy is THE Femme Fatalle. Period. There is no better. Fictional character of this structure. Ever. Period. Merhaps Sharon Stone… in that one movie where she showed her vagina in the 90’s. But. Other than that? Poison Ivy. Period.

7. Catwoman

Almost. The exact same thing I just said about Poson Ivy. But. A bit better? I don’t know.


I mean.

I’ve said it.

And it’s pretty much been setttled even though you know Batman #50 was… what it was.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: I loved the comic, honestly. Sure. The end was dumb. But I still loved it.

But yeah. Catwoman. IS. Batman’s MAIN love interest. She has his heart. Period. Fuck off with your Talia’s… your Vales… Your… Siller…person. Sainsilver… whatever her name is, Kevin Smith. Not even that Beumont person. That one time. No. Catwoman. IS. Batman’s love interest. PPeriod. The end. Stop it.

And in all honesty? She’d be higher on this list. Trouble is… outside of like the 60’s (I’m exagerating) she hasn’t been a “villain,” like… at all. She’s been Batman’s anti-hero thing that helps him out even though she steals shit. And whatnot. So yeah. She’s awesome. Not as big of a femme fatela as Poison Ivy. But she’s the better character. Easily. Period.

6. Ventriloquist/Scarface

Again. IN all honesty? My first, and DAMN NEAR, only exposure to this character is through Batman: The Animated Series. And. Again. Through all honesty? The only other time I’ve seen this character in use, outside of B:TAS was in a DAMN good fam film made by Bat in the Sun. No idea if the fim is still around. But yeah. ‘Twas awesome. Very much.

And like. I just LOVE this idea of a man, Ventriloquist, being so psychotic, that he can’t even control his own criminal element, you know? He manifests it throught this dummy. It’s just. So original and amazing. I LOVE IT.

5. The Riddler

The Riddler. Is awesome. Because. He is Batman’s intelligent. Equal. You know?

Sure. At the end of the day, he’s just gonna get his face beat in.

Like everyone.

BUT. He does it in SUCH an intellectuall way, that it’s hard to fault the guy. He’s so narcisistic that he’d rather die than even ssave himself. Right?

Riddler is insrrestling because.

He’d rather challenge Batman’s wits than his brawn. And that’s not something you get from a “supervillain” all too often, right?

Plus. That Jim Carrey bit up there, it’s always going to hold a place in my childhood heart. As shitty as the movie, ultimately, is I LOVE Batman Forever forreals.

4. Harley Quinn


I kinda “feel bad” for having Harley this high.

Because. Again. SHe’s hardly a “Batman villain” at this point.

But. I mean. There’s no denying – the Amazing Character that is Harley Quinn.

3. The Scarecrow

Now. I’m sure when I was 5-6 or so, I saw some B:TAS scarecrow upisodes. But I, really, remember discovering him by watching The Challenge of the Superfriends on Cartoon Network. WHen I’m 7-9. And, according to the DVD release of ths show, the first episode was Scarecrow mind controlling the Superfriends into doing some crime.

Batman and Robin robbed Fort KNox, if I’m not mistaken.

My love for Scarecrow was, ultimately, cemented after watching the Super Powers Team episode, “The Fear.” You know. The first televised telling of Batman’s parents’ death, and his origin and such. Basically. Scarecrow scared Wonder Woman with arachnaphobia, if I’m not mistaken. Someone else was fuck… what’s the word… being afrain of closed spaces and stuffs? Can’t think of it. But he used that on them. And then. Boom. Comes up against Batman. And Batman saw the alley where his parents died. That’s what he was most afraif of.

‘Twas awesome.

Then. You know. over a decage later, B:TAS basically did the exact same episode. But WAY better. And we got the famous, “I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman!” quote out of it.

So. All in all. Scarecrow is awesome. If for no other reason than he uses fear for evil. Like Batman uses fear for good. Right?

2. The Joker

I mean.

Forreals dudes.

Is there.


Foreseable reason.

Why I should have to explain this? Like? At all?

In terms of “BEST” Batman villain, Joker will, forever, take the cake. And. for sure. He’s a CLOSE second on my, personal, “favorite” list. Right? I mean. He’s neck0and-neck.



He’s the Joker. Right?

And. I mean. This is a joke from 2007. But.

I, litterally, want to kill anyine that says, “Jim Carrey is the best Joker ever.”

1. Two-Face


About Harvey Dent.



Is instresting.


And dude. B:TAS‘s “Two-Face” episodes, made me fall in love with this character so goddamn much, dude.

I’ve said this time and time again. But Two-Face IS my favorite Batman villain. Mostly due to what Bruce Timm and co. created in like ’92. He’s a big part of the reason why Batman Forever will… forever have a soft spot for me. Even if Tmmy Lee Jones was a shitty Two-Face (that’s, probably, mostly on…. you know the directeor erson of the latter “tim Burton” movies… Joel Schumacher). All that.

I love Two-Face. So goddamn much.

Health Ledger or no.

The Dark KNight will ALWAY be the best movie ever, to me. BEcause it’s THE Harvey Dent story told on film.

And. YEah dude.

I love Two-Face.

Hate me. Slay me.

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