Jokes on Leo?

This story is now, like threeish weeks old. Which means its pretty ancient in the modern era. But still.

It was announced that Warner Bros. are going to make a “Joker Origins” movie/ To be directed by the highly acclaimed, Oscar nominated, Todd Phillips, (The Hangover Trilogy). Merhaps I should’ve useed a “sarcasim trigger wartning.”

Either way.

Todd Phillips is directing some sort of 80’s-set “Joker Origins” movie. And…

Here’s the BIG…


Martin Scorsese has aggreeed to produce the thing.


I mean/.

As soon as Ben Afflect dropped his directorial duties from the, ptoentlyally ill-fated, The Batman film., I’m on record for saying this…


Martin Scorsese?

Involved in SOMETHING involving Batman?


Take my money ow. Even though. You know. The movie won’t happen for some three-ish years, probably. But still.

The n comes some eveb bigger news…

Warner Bros.

is seeking out Leonardo DiCaprio to play Joker.




There’s a rumor floating about that this movie will be akin to comicverse’s “elsworlds.”


I mean.

For me.

is like…


I mean.

All of thise is obviously awesome and such, you know? But there’s obviously going to be some problems.

#1. Should there be a “Joker” movie that has nothing to do with the “DCEU?”
#2. Should there be movies that have nothing to do with the DCEU?
#3. Will audiences be confused bty having another Joker on film whilst Jared Leto is doing his upcoming two confirmed reprisals of the character?
#4. Stuffs. Things. Words.

Basically… the answer to all of those questions is: Yes. But. I’m, obviously. Not mainstream people person thing. i don’t know. Will it confuse audences and suych? More than likely. Would it be awesome? More han likely.

VBecause, Man.

I’ve been on a bandwagon of sorts. Since, I’m pretty sure the dawning of, or the WordPress blog the predecessed it, saying: We don’t need these HUGE CONNECTED MOVIE SUPER HERO THINGS~! Like Marvel did.

Don’t get me wrong.

As much as I…

#FuckAvengers“‘d in 2012. I’ts undeniably awesome what Marvel Studios (at the time) achieved. A bunch of super hero movies coming togther and doing a super hero team up movie. Thing. It was all comic booky and awesome and stuffs. Even though… you know… the story of The Avengers was complete shit, guys. Come on now. I’ll admit the story of Batman V Superman leaves much to be desired. You can at LEAST admit that The Avengers‘ story was absolute garbage, right?

I digress.

“CONTINUITY~!” Doesn’t NEED to exist JUST for the sake of “CONTINUITY~!”

Christopher Nolan abnd Co. The people behind The Dark KNight Trilogy, they told a Batman story on film. They had a beginning, middle and end to their Batman story. It was, undeniably amazing. I just rewatched The Dark Knight for the first time in a long time two weeks ago. And. Yeah dude. That movie is, for my money’s worth, the best movie ever made.

Does that mean that The Dark KNight Trilogy is the BE ALL END ALL “BATMAN MOVBIE?~!” No. There could be another telling of Batman on film that would surpass The Dark Knight. There could be. Hell. There should be.

Instead of focussing on “CONTINUITY~!”: For the sake of universe bulding and “CONTINUITY~!”‘s sake. The focus NEEDS to be put on stories.

For instance.

Batman. In comics. Has been written/drawn/etc. by MANY-A different peoples. In comic books. Each and every one of those artists/writers/etc. Have told their own story about Batman. Be it in writing. In the artwork. Whatever.

Batman: Hush, my favorite Batman story has a MUCH different look, feel and SOUL than say, The Killing Joke, which many-a critic would site as their own personal favorite. Both stories are about Batman. Bolth stories involve a large amount of the same characters and such. Both were written and illustrated by diferent peoples. Both of these stories are amazing.

Why can’t we have that same sort of logic applied to film?

You know?

THESE writers/directers/etc. Tell THEIR Batman/Superman/Wonderwoman/etc. Story. MAYBE have some sort of collaboration at the end of them. MAYBE. But. Have these story tellers. Tell. Stories. On fiolm.

Don’t worry about the BIG JUSYICE LEAGUE MOVIE~! THING~!c Just. Tell. Good. Stories. If it takes two movies to tell an awesome Batman story. Fine.

If it takes five movies tol tell an aswesom Wonder Woman Story. Great

After those stories are done. Allow for new stories to be told. Just like it’s been done in the comics for… you know… nearly 80 years. The formula seems to work. Right?

This sort of “elseworld” Jokerness. Movie. Thing. Seems to be, at least in my mind, a step in that direction.

Now, look, Leo? Should he be Joker? Shure. Why not?

As Keven Smith… kinda… said. The Joker is a part, as much as Hamlet has become a part. ANY actor should be overwhlemed at the chance to play him. Put their spin on him. Stuffs. Things. Words.

Would Leo be a good Joker? Merhaps.

Would he be a better Joker than what we saw in Suicide Squad? I mean. Leto was… OK. I’ve gone on and ON about the problem with Leto’s Joker from THE GEWT GO. But. Yeah.

I don’t know.

Stuffs. Things. Words.

I’m pretty sure that all made sense.


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