Holiday Blues

This ramblin? It’s going to be personal. Kt’s been a LONG time since I’ve done a personal rambling. But. I mean. That’s what 99% of this rambling is going to be. Bear with me? Maybe?

For the past decade. You know. The first year I couldn’t give gifts and such. And onwards. I’ve been so down aboujt the Christmas season. You know?

But like. It goes WAY beyond that. Like. I was 11, when… after opening presents was over, I went to my room and cried for a while. Merhaps,it had something to do with, “OMG! I DIDN’T GET THE PRESENETs I WANTED!: Maybe, It was lkike, “OMG! MY PARENTS GAVE MORE OF A SHIT aBOUT MY NEPHEW THAN THEY DID Me!” Or something. I don’t know. I was a pre-teen and stupid. Like all of us, right?

nd I Mean… SOOOO many “personal ramblings” I could do here. But I digest.

Then. I learned the beauuty of “making a llving,” giving gifts and such. And that feeling is as addictive as nicotine man. WHen you can light up a family member’s face with joy or even comedic laughter, or hell, create tears of joy through goft giving. Just. It’s awesome. Right?  And. Then. The past decadeish. That nicotine-type addiction’s been taken awat. So. Once again. I found myself in some Holiday Blues.

Aww… poor Shawn Michaels.

Bujt I maen… through ALL of this.

One thing that’s ALWAYS  been consistant is how beautiful Chrisgtmas lights are.


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And. I mean. Doesn’t need to be THAT degree.

About a week pr two ago, I read a facebook posgt of… well… she’s a high school friend of mine. Right? She was feeling “holiday blues,” about certain things. And how she felt like she was failing her family because. You know. Christmas commercials were telling her how awesome and perfect a family is SUPPOSED TO BE during Christmas. And such. Again. That’s the jist of it all. Obviously, I don’t want to go into more details.


Really? Just yesterday, I was on my way to the liquor store. TO buy the bottle of vodka to get me to be. You know. Here. And. I’m driving through my neighborhood. And I’m seeing some decent, if not gorgeous Christmas lights on some houses, right? And. It gave me this thought:


So. Yeah. I said that. Yesterday.

As I write this.

So. I guess. I came from tomorrow to take back today. Or whatever. Which. Is. You know. Today. Or whatever. Or something? (I mean, there’s SO MANY… even… “PERSONAL” ramblings I could say about wrestling and such. Again. But I won’t.)

But yeah dude.

Hristmas commercias? They suck. Like. WAY too much.

Like I said abov. No matter the situation (RANDOM SIDENOTE: I NEEDED to ask my phone. Google. Ness. How to spell, “situation, cause. forreals. Even now, that doesnt look right.).


Yeah dude.

I’m a free speech/free market/capitalist absolutistg. But, Forreals now. Christmas commercials should be outlawed. I mean. Legit.


And. I mean. It’s not JUST. Mercedes. They’re not the ONLY car company that does this shit. But like. Legit. If “rich/white” privledge type of things isn’t PER-SON-IF-UCKING-FIED in this sorts of nonsense. What is, right? Again. Who. IN THEIR EVER LOVING MINdS gives sommeone a car. For Christmas? I mean. At LEAST Frank Reynolds was psycho enough to give himself a car, initionally, right?

I mean. FORFRALS.  Why the hell IS ANY CAR COMPANY advertising, “HEY YOU SHOULD GIVE A CAR AS A GIFT~!” On… YOUTUBE?! Seriously. I know we lve in 2018 aqnd NOTHING make sense anymore. But. Dude. COME ON.




Jesus Christ.


There’s the bullshit “jewelry commercials.” Kay Jewelers IS… you know THE worst culprit here.

Because. I mean.

Right? I mean. That’s the “best” I could stomach to find.

I mean. If Kay Jewelers commercials are to be believed. all you gotta do is buy a dame some jewelry on Christmas, and she’s gonna love you forrever! WIthout consequences or anything. Give a broad a diamond neckalce. And she’s gonna be like, “Yeah dude, it’s cold outside. But I want you to date rape me forever.” Or something.

Har har har.

Although. i gotta admit. Kay did an AWESOME job (merhaps it’s just because I believe I’m better suited as a step dad than a father.. kinda, sorta) by injecting a bit of ACTUAL realism into an ad of theirs recently. What it has to do with Christmas? Probably nothing. But it’s airing WAY too much the past few weeks. So.

Agin, the only reason I “like” this is because… there’s a HINT of realism. You know? It’s not just a, “OMG! YOU GAVE ME JEWELRY, LET’S MAKE OUT 24/7!” Kinda thing. I just. Like real things.

nd. Yeah man. MY Holiday Blues? They’ve all… basically revolved around this sort of nonsense. Ad agencies telling me how I/my family/whatever should feel. Or. my inability to provide some happy faces around the Christmas tree. Or Whatever.


I’ve got to admitg. Ovder ther past few years, I haven’t, really had any “Holiday Blues.” Like. At all. They’ve been, “Holidy Christmas Commercial annoyanceds” at worst. Right? Which is like. One of tghe firfsdt of first world prfoblems. OMG. I’M SO WHITE PRIVELEDGED RIGHT NOW IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY!

What brought my “Christmas spirit,” back to life? Honestly?

This is going to sound dumb.

But. I’m preetty God damn sure it began with the 12 Days of a Drunken Mess of 2015. And. It ended. Ended isn’t the right word. Moreover. It was solidified after the podcast. And reenforced when I worte The Christmas Truce. I’m pretty positive. It all revolves around something like this, dude.

And. Like it inspired me when I wrote/spoke those bits. Watching tghis thing? Is making me tear up. I AHTE CHRISTMAS COMMERciALS!

I LOVED doing the advent callander, thing SO DAMN MUCH, that I’ve TRIED to relicate it the past few years. WIth only 2017;s attempt to be even close. Right?

And. Reakky. I’m for serious. On the podcastg. Telling the story of the CHristmas Truce. Then, later that night (after the watching of… or whatever it was) was already in the can, I felt like I needed to write out the story I just told on the podcast. And reallt man.

If NOTHIng else. Merhaps. If you’ve got the Holiday Blues. The telling of the Chrismas Truce won’t warm your heart. Merhaps, if you can’t afford to purchase, even, socks for Christmas gifts, the magic of Chrismas will be out of your grasp through no fault of your own. Maybe, someone dear to you was lost recently, or years ago during this time of year.

And. You’ve got the Holiday Blues.


Through ALL of this.

If NOTHING else.

I hope, more than anything, dear reader.

That you’ll be able to find…

Some… Holiday Blues.

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