Everything’s Become Superbad

Kinda another bit of a misleading headline and picture and stuffs. Because. Everything hasn’t BECOME 2007’s Superbad. In fact, it’s pretty micuh beomce opposite. Damn near the EXACT opposite. Like. Entirely. It hasn’t become super bad. It’s become much, MUCH worse.



This is a bad thing.

let me just say a couple of thingsd quickly.

Not superbad. But much, MUCH worse.
Not superbad. But much, MUCH worse.

1. This movie was released the year after I graduated from high school. Abd minus the cop drama, this was pretty much, a VERY accurate representation of high school life. From the fake ID. To the quest for alcohol. To the constant sex talk. This was the movie I could relate to as far a being, “MY” high school movie was concerned.

Sure, I wasn’t a charasmatic, fast-talking quipster like “Seth.” But damn it. It was the closest thing I ever had.

The next closest thing would have been Final Destination 3. And. No.
2. I jst rrewatched the movie the other day. And throughout the whole thing, the biggest thought I had whilst watching was, “This movie could never be made today.” This is an absolute shame. No, Superbad may not be some sort of GROUNDBREAKING comedy classic. Bt damn it. It’s hilarious.

And since the pussification of America began in 2009, it’s an absolute tragedy that TRUE comedic gold  such as tyhis won’t be seen for AT LEAST another generation…

Hell, by today’s safe space, trigger warning world standrds… that scene will be considered HIGHLY offensive. Racist. Misogynist. Etc. But in the real world. The only thing that that scene is, is funny. Pure, simple, comedy.

Then there’s the crea m of the crop. There is literally a scene in Superbad in which “Evan” isn informed by his crushs’ friend that it’s totaly OK to take advantage of his totally hammered drunken crush and have sex with her soi long as he’s drunk too. And. As we all know. This situation would be considered a sexual assult on campuses throughout the U.S.

I mean. Six out of every two women are raped on college campuses don’t you know.

yes. The worsd I just wrote were hyperbole. But still. I’m pretty sure th LEGIT stats that SJW’s site is 1/5 women are raped. If that were the case. That would be worse than what transpired during the Rowandan Genocide. Lefgit.

Besides. How many women have taken advantage of driunk men and used them in the exact same way? How many men are up in aerms about being raped?

I’m such an MRA.


Either way.

We’ve gone from a world where Jonah Hill could use the word “fag,'” so much so that he repeatedly called one of his friends in the movie, “Fagell” (instead of Fogell), to Johnah Hill needing to go on an apology tour for calling a member of the paparazi a faggot in one of the most disgusting pieces of video you’ll ever watch.


It hasn’t becoe Superbad. It’s become WAY, WAY…



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