Drunk Is the New Review

I bewgan watching, or as it’s now known, bninge watching Orange is the New Black around thje begging of 2015. Bacl in those days, when we had to walk 14 miles in knee deep snow and all that, there were only two seasons available on Netflix. And I’ll easily admit, I fell in love almost instantly.

I mean, being a self-proclaimed lesbian, the first shots of the show, we see our main character, Piper Chapman, making out with her girlfriand in the shower prior to the prison stint of her life. And, sexual reasons alone, obviously I’m hooked, right?

OK. oK. But now, forreas. The story that’s told, especially during the first season is done very well. It leaves you wanteing more and more after each episode. However, there’s also plenty of shit wihtoutn that first season that just… pisses me off as well.

Uh-oh~! Here’s the stereotypical CUH-RAZY CHRISTIAN~!

I guess, I should just get all of this stuffs out of the way first. My biggest dislikes of Orange is he New Black. On paper, I should absolutely hat e this show. Igt tries to speread liberl/progressive ideals like candy at a NAMBLA convention.

I mean. Kost watch this scene. Without context. Forget the DIRECT issue involved here. And Just watch the scene. Watch and see how it not only, (pathetically) manipulates the character, but the narrative it’s trying to sell. A;; pf it. It’s borderline disgusting.

“So, person that is feeling shameful abotu aborting your children, the bits and pieces I just spwwed in your face sounds true right?!”
“Yeah, I gues so.”

This is just one instance. There’s so many times where progressive ideals are just sprinkled throughout the entire seres that it shoul;d make me absolutely hate the sholw show.

But I don’t.

I fucking lve it.

However, I’m here to focus on this latest season – four.

Season for starts off well enough. It picks up right where the third ended, as to be expected (for the record, there was too much to dislike about the third season, but whatever). And, pretty much, everything that I disliked about the htird season continues on. There wasn’t much improvement.

However, the story pregressed is such a way that it was absolutely beautiful. By the end of it all – specifically the end of episode 12 (the second to last) and even a moment in episode 13. There were tears rolling down my cheeks. With all of my dislikes. There’s no denying that there’s so much beauty in this season’s story telling.

And how the season ends with this before fading to orange – perfection.

However, there’s a pretty big tidbit throughout this beauty that damn near ruins the whole thing. It takes you out of the moment. And it brings in reality. It pretty much showcases how social justice, is really a non-issue. Which is, ABSOLUTELY, not the inteded message.

Without giving away too many details. Because. Spoilers. Things.

One of the inmates is killed, on accident, by a guard. Her friend flips the fuck out after learning that the guard won’t be fired and the warden of the prison gives a press conference, connfessing that the corporation that owns the prison has tried to paint this guard as a viollain, when he’s really the victim.

This prisoner is so enraged, she starts a riot, basically.

And the season ends.


Let’s just say, this one prisoner’s reaction that I’ve mentioned. It just, probably unintentionally, brought up thoughts – for me – of this. And how overblown that situation was. Even though it was based on a lie. And everything else.


I gues, the point is, I absolutely love this show. Even though, politically, I’m not supposed to.

Congrats, Jenki Johan.

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