Wrestling is Art

Wrestling is melodrama. Wrestling is mythology. Wrestling is action. Wrestling is comic books. The only thing wrestling isn’t. Is wrestling.

THis is the end of something I’ve talked about. Time and time again. Forreals. This is the thing that always brings tears to my eyes whenever I watch this peice of medies. This Youtube… thing. That screen/comic book writer, Maz Landis created, Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling, is one of the best pieces of media I’ve evern viewed. Period. The end. Bar none.

The piece of Media in question. Right? And I mean. Fan of wrestling or not. This is TOTALLY worth the near 30 minutes watching it. Forreals. This is one of the best things ever created by mankind. Forreals.

But. The thing Max left out of his quote up there. You know. The… essentiall… thing that brings me to tears or whatever.


He neglected to call wrestling, “art.”

Whih. I mean. I never had considered such a thing myself. Wrestling being classified as an “art.” I mean. Sure. Joey Styes, whilst doing commentary for the Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero match at ECW One Night Stand, (MORE THAN) kinda alluded to this when he said… I’m paraphrasing:

How appropriate is it that the ring is covered in canvas, because these two will create art during this match.

Even still… I never considered wrestling as an artform.

But then. Then. Then. Then.

Mick Foley.

You know.

This guy.

Is hosting this awesome, WWE Network special, last year. Year of our Lord. 2018. The special was filmed 20 years to the day that the match in which that gif up there was created. Right? And. He does this awesomeness Network Special. Thing. And somewheres in there. Former WCW “women’s wrestler” )in qutes because being a WCW women’s wrestler really wasn’t a thing unless it was 1997 and your name happened to be Akira Hokoto or… Malia… something. And Medusa was there too) Daffney asks Mick a question. Something about “the art he created in doing his ECW promos.”


I mean.

This bit.

For… whatever reason. Has stuck with me. A lot.

Initially, it’s like, “WTF?! ‘Art?!!'”

And that’s as far as it went.

Then. It simmers. And simmers. And cooks some more. Until it’s like. Yeah dude.

Stop reading. And. Click that Play button to reveal the point. Forreals.

Much likw MaxLandis daid in his piece of brilliance.

“When wrestlng’s good, it’s fucking great.”

And. Allow me to add to that.

When wrestling’s great, it’s fucking art.
-Me. 2019.

And. Hell.

When wrestling’s terrible. It can STILL be fucking art.

See also: Shockmaster.

See also: Santino Marella. (I mean… he should ne NO WHERE near “Shockmaster” so bad it’s good. But Dave Meltzer exists. So…)

See also: HEI-DEN-REICH and… to clear up confusion… this is the reason for “HEI-DEN-REICH…” kinda. I think… HEI-DEN-REICH was or was going to be… what’s now known as a “Paul Heymen guy,” or… basically… I think… at the beginning…. HEI-DEN-REICH was managed… or at the VERY least was introduced by Paul Heyman or something. I dunno. HEI-DEN-REICH. Is the only name I’vve enver known him by. So. Sue me?

See also: SNITSKY~!

I mean. This YouTuber paints SNITSKY~! in too much of a negative light. But. Forreals. SNITSKY~! was WAY too awesome. GTFO. But forreals. This is WAY MORE THan WELL worth the 20+ish minute watch. Shit. You should be like me and watch ALL of “Reliving Wrestling’s” videos. Forreals. Even shit I don’t care that much about… the dude makes it instresting. From Hardcore Holly’s main event push to Barry Horrowitz compelling story from jobber to destrying Chris Candido. It’s all fascinating and awesome. Forreals.

And. Jesus. Christ.

Don’t get me started on how WWE dropped it’s MAJOR ball by denying its fans from the BIGGEST dream match ever.

Sure. Undertaker vs. Sting. COULD have been a thing at WrestleMania XXVII.

Thanks, fan made image I uploaded on Facebook in 2011, or whatever.

Sure. Goldberg vs. Undertaker basically ended up with the most cringe worthy match this side of a bout featuring Snooki.


Come on guys. SNITSKY~!/HEI-DEN-REICH vs. Undertaker and Kane had been teased. Hell I’ll say.. it was cock teased… WAY too much. Instead. We got Undertaker vs. Randy Orton. And Kane was in the first MitB match… I think?

But I’m rambling FAR too much about THE GODS.

I neglected this bit from my telling of “wrestling video games.” Merhaps I should correct this.

Daffney asked Mick Foley. About the art he made. Doing promos. In ECW. Obviously, I don’t remember the question. nowr the answer. But it’s obviously stuck with me this whole time.

Mick Foley. Especially the promos he did in ECW was pure art.

I mean. Come on. Right?

WCW’s “Crow Sting” was pure art.

I mean. Come on. Right?

Stop it.

If… whatever that thing was thaat happened… You know… Metal Gear Solid V. Like. Apparently… it’s one of the most artistic form of video game storytelling. Artistically… ever…


Then. Forreals guys.

How can you NOT take “professional wrestling” as an artform, right?

Something like that.

But. Forreals.

Get off it.

Wrestling.  Basically. Created one of the best songs ever.

This is. One of the best songs ever. Forreals.

Art. Becomes. More art. Right?


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