Quarantine Thoughts Vol. IX — The Conclusion!

Yups. I may be on a PC now. But. I eman. That’s no excuse for me to, ACTULLY write… ANOTHER intro to what these, “Quarantine Thoughts,” are, right? But. I will say. These shall be the FINAl “quarantine thoughts.” Bot because, these shall be the final thoughts I have whilst quarantined. But. Becaus, dude. I’ve got AFAR MORE important things to write abut than my random, dumb ass thoughts whilst in quarantine. Especially since, you know, I’ve got a PC and shit. Dude. Shit’s about to get FAR too real and awesome… quickly. I promisde

Until then…

  1. Dude… One of my favorite gaming, “journalist” if you can call him that, has been on abouy how a few people that have been added to like a Twitch, “advisory board” are trouble and worrisome. Right? Tbis “journalist” (again, by my estimation, he’s one of the best, ACTUAL journalist in the gaming industry) has spent a couple of videos dedicated to some sort of… Stephany(?) person… here… I’ll share his latest video…

    And, here I was thinkkng that “Twitch” was a viable option to go with during this next RyansDrunk.com phase of podcasts and awesomeness. Since, you know, you’re no longer allowed to make monety ad say vad words on Youtuve anymore. But. Nah. Fuck that.
  2. Dude. How fucing hard is it?
  3. Make a game. A game that focusess on general audiences. Make billions. RockStar realized this. And have made billions with Grand Theft Audto V, or… more accurately… Grand Theft Auto Online.
  4. A video game doesn’t NEED to preach to its player. If the story that happens within resonates and compells the player to think about what they played through… alla… you know…

    You know…
  5. Dude… I guess I can’t  read any potential comments for this rambling now either. But. I mean.
  6. If Part II is all on about, “MAKE SURE YOU APPOLOGIZE THAT YOU EXIST BECAUSE YOU’RE A WHITE, CIS, MALE! OR ELSE!” Then yeah man, I’m gonna hate it. But… th limited exposure that I’ve had towards the spoilers don’t suggest that. They’ve only suggested that there’s this person named Abby that exists. And she’s M2F trans. And… apparently, she’s extra strong? Or something? So…? Whatever. I don’t care.
  7. The point is… tell a compelling story. Last of Us? You had this awesomely flawed, old dude named Joel escorting this bad ass, teenaged lesbian girl throughout their post-appocalyptic world. You eventually, as a player, bonded with their struggles, their story and how it all played out in front of you.
  8. That shit is so fucking awesome. Right? I didn’t need to be beat over the head with how much of a lesbian Ellie is. It was just accepted, you know?
  9. I don’t even know where I;nm going with all of this. Just… Dude… Having some random streamer that thinks “A mjority of gamers are white supremecists” is not the way to go. For Twithc. Basically.
  10. So… let’s go with this. “a majority of gamers are white supremecists.” Theory. Thing. You know. The “Featured image” of this rambling…

  11. That there, comes from some random bullshit that’s best explained in (and I mean, the image itself was obtained from) this video…

    I mean. Is this RACISM?! You know, “I hate every black person that ever existed!”… “RACISM?!” No dude.
  12. IT’S.
  13. A.
  14. FUCKING.
  15. JOKE.
  16. “If you’re not allowed to make fun of Nazi’s, (FFS… it’s “black people” with afros forming a swastica…)… then… who the fuck are you allowed to make fun of?” That’s, close to, a verbatim quote by, you know, Mel Brooks.
  17. I mean.. if you’re butthurt (DANG! DARN! DANG IT! NOW I’M BEING HOMOPHOBIC!) by the very sight of a swaztica, you should enter into therapy. Immediately, dude. Because. I mean… statistically… YOU were NEVER harmed by that symbol. So. I mean… I’m sorry dude. Mental health is VERY important. So. You should make sure your mental state is all well and good. Because… a symbol is never going to hurt you.
  18. Unless you’re a criminal living in Christopher Nolan’s version of Gotham City. Then sure. A symbol of a bat man could huirt you.
  19. No segue…
  20. Dude. I’m so stoked that the first OMG~! PC gaming ex[erience came from the No Mercy mod, “WCW Feel The Bang!” Oof, dude. Gimme some friends, a few more USB ports, a couple more controllers, and some experiences sendign the ROM to my TV… my man… that shit’s gonna be dope.
  21. I got GTAV for free… like anyone else with a gaming PC. But, I doubt my PC will allow me to REALLY do like, GTA Online. So. My PC has the minimum requirements to run GTA:V. So… wehtever. But yeah. I got it for free. WOOP WOPP! Like I’m a Juggalo or some shit. lol
  22. Those… should be enough thoughts. I think.
  23. But. Dude.
  24. Just know. I end this series of ramblings now. “Quarantine Thoughts…”
  25. And. I mean. I can’t even tell you, the awesomeness that’s about to follwo. I swear to drunk.
  26. Fuck you, I love you, goodbye… that was my sign off from the old podcasty things I did. Oof. dude. Just wait.
  27. For now… I leave you with this…

For anyone that thought Internet Historian ONLY defended games, or something? lol I dunno. The absolute mess that is/was Fallout 76 deserves is 2-3 hour deep dive, LEGIT documentary.

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