12DoDM: Day 7 – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


And spos woe go to claymation. They awesomeness thungus. The classic. The hour-long thingus that CBS plays at leasrt once every year. I figureds since I’m was so aquinted with Tim Burton’s little Claymation thingus, I may as well give to you something that I did truly like wheilst growing up.

So, for a little tid-bit… here’s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

  1. So, a harsh winter is hitting most of the country? Must’ve been global waring.
  2. Also, why is Santa only coming to America?
  3. There is no such thing as a skiny Santa.
  4. Id arguw that he’d be the most famous reindeer of all.
  5. RANDOM SIDENOTE: I totally need that sweater now.
  6. So, Rudolph is basically Penguin? Probably the other way around though, innit?
  7. Then, Rudolph goes in blackface.
  8. For that first year, you know. All that.
  9. Slave labored elves. Such micragresions.
  10. Mot fitting in. Morals. Things.
  11. Cause of a dentistry loving elf.
  12. Santa has elves sing to him when he’s bored? There’s probably a joke about woirship church services here. I know i.t.
  13. So.. Rudoplh having a red nose is a big deal. But having that huge thing on his snote isn’t? Such plotoles.
  14. The power of reindeer boners allows Rudoplh to fly with ease.
  15. THe singing is the worst bit inaything Chrstmas related.
  16. But at least Sout h Park’s Christmas critters show up during htis “always tomorrow” somng and such.
  17. Rudolph and the dentistry elf are voting third party in the election.
  18. Now, the moral of the story is, “don’t run away from home, ids.”
  19. Silver and gold. I guess someone thought that red and green became too tacky.
  20. Why does silver or gold give anyone pleasuere?
  21. Shouldn’t the snow monster just like… join everyone with the misfit toys?
  22. “This is man’s wordk.” Such patriarchy. And here I thought the 60’s was a progressive decade.
  23. RANDOM SIDENOTE: With all of this ironic “SJW” things I’ve been doing, I hope it doesn’t become a real thing. Nevermind.
  24. Something about toys. Misfits. Thingues.
  25. And there’s a knock off Thomas, train engine thingus there.
  26. Rudolph’s noce only shines when it’s convenient for the plot. DING!
  27. Neon nose? There’ssome random WASP joke here. If I could think of the lyric. But can’t be assed.
  28. So… the snow monster’s had his parents and that dough that liked him all this time?
  29. Eh. The pl;ot’s pretty much unbearable at this point. Anow an ice kill the snow monster.Well…. harm him at least.
  30. The Dentistry elf saves the day? I don’t even know
  31. Danb, Cirbekuys striahgt up dies. In a 1964 kid’s movie. Thing.
  32. But a massive snow storm is hitting the US and the North Pole. Because global cooling.
  33. Abd oif course, he isn’t dead. And the snow onster’s all awesome now. because Christmas.
  34. Santa abides by trhe FAA rules and such.
  35. Suddenly, I can’t stop sneezing. I blame this movie. About noses.
  36. “Holly Jolly Christmas” at least this movie got one song right.
  37. Santa grew fat in a couple of hourse. I call legit. No. Legit.
  38. Seriously though, the tears in this movie look awesome. I dunno what it is. But I like it.
  39. “up, up and away, ” wasn’t that a Superman thing?
  40. Rudoplh saves Christmas.

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