12DoDM: Day 4 BONUS – How the Grinch Stole Christmas


As previously mentioned, I reallky don’t care abtu htis. unlike other thinguses that, I promise, WILL apear in these 12 days. I didn’t “grow up” with this little aimated movie thing. Hell, the only time I ever remember seeing it in childhood was through its briedf appearance in Home Alone? And hell, I can’t even remember if it’s actually in there or not.

Either way. I figured, for a uick little bouns, I’d d a little “watching of” this version of Dr. Suess’ tale as well. Why?

  1. Sigh. Already the Whovians have begun to sing.
  2. Tight shoes. A problem only had by Dr. Suess and The Offspring.
  3. 1-0, Grinch-Whovians. Christmas noise is pretty lame.
  4. A man beast roast?! I’m fuckingh game!
  5. More whovian singing happening..
  6. A minions commercial. Sorry. Has nothingto do withthis rambling.
  7. Grinch is a heel. Without the turn.
  8. This is tyhe theme song, in our minds it’s bruned.
  9. Max is the cheapest reindeer this side of Snookie
  10. And there Grinch is, sleding down like a rookie.
  11. Grinch can’t get through the chimney, but it he’s thinner than Santa Claus.
  12. But with his bitching about Christmas, he must be having male menopause.
  13. Grinch isn’t stealing Christmas, he’s stealing presents and joy.
  14. Most likely, all that he needs a fleshlight sex toy.
  15. The Grinch has termites in his smile?
  16. Yeah, that lyric wouldn’t make sense to someone cenile.
  17. Still, it’s not Christmas that the Grinch has stolen.
  18. It’s material goods. He’s like Limp Bizkit post-“Rollin.”
  19. Cindy is the only Whovian that can affect him.
  20. Unlike the others that didn’t detect him.
  21. The Grinch also steals decorations for his own pleasure.
  22. And then some ice cubes for some added good measure.
  23. Christmas might not be coming, yet Grinch should do just that.
  24. Perhaps then, he wouldn’t be a burglaring asshat.
  25. Whovian singing again. It bringsa palm to my face.
  26. With Whovians robbed, the singing heals – WTF is this place?
  27. Apparently, Christmas means “a little bit more” but singing’s the ticket.
  28. This ex machina is even worse than Panochio and his Cricket.
  29. So, because, singing, the Grinched returned Christmas
  30. A film of the Christmas Truce would be better than this mess.

So. There you go.Singing saves christmas. Why?


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