12DoDM: Day 4 – How The Grinch Stole Christmas


Let’s get something straight first. As much of a classic as the 1966 animated shote “movie” thing may be. I’ll easily admit. I have NO afinity towards… ANY of this “Dr. Sues” lure. “Grinch.” Things. Stuffs. Nothing. None. At all. I promise. I have nothing against it. I just… haven’t cared about it.

Much like my feelings about Star Wars.

But. be that as it may.

This ios, an, apparently aborttion to the “Christmas” community.

This is…

The live- action… Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

And… I’m watching it. In its entirety foir the VERY first time. Buckle up? Maybe?

  1. Something about mountains. Inhabitted by fans of Dr. Who?
  2. There’s a Will Farrell character. Not played by Will Farrell.
  3. And it’s his voice that spews through most of this first part of Whovians.
  4. NSDA? Maybe?
  5. The Grinch’s lair plays the part of the Batcave. Circa 1995.
  6. And Jim Carrey in his VCERT first ppearance shows to be more divberse in his activing skills than he did during the ENTIRETY as his turn as Edward Nigma.
  7. No one quite knows the reason why Grinch hates Chr8istmas? Perhaps I’ll shed some light on the poissibilitywsa. On You knowq. Harms’ Way on rthw 23d.
  8. Why do the Whovians have Lady Gaga hairstyles?
  9. Probably something about Dr. Sues. Probably.
  10. Ron Howard couldn’t get anyuthing wrong! AMIRITEBARNEY?!
  11. Something about commercialism. Messages. Maybe. Hopefully?
  12. Grrinch is a Whovian that sdoesn’t knowqtrhe difference between David Tennant and that one guy.
  13. SDo. The Grinch does his best… NES boss impression. Something aBOUtr hiding in the corners. Innit?
  14. Thern. The Grinch saves that EWhobian. Like is name is Ocelot~! Or something.
  15. Cindy[‘s asking the same questions the Cindy from Scary Movie‘s on abouty? AMIRITE?! UP TOP!
  16. Molly Shannon sdoes her best “relevant” performance. It’s as if she’s trying to pprotray a “relevant” Molly Shannon in 2015. But. You know. 15 years earlier.
  17. A fucking “refriferator’s running, prank call” joke. In the year 2000. This comes after Nickelodean’s All That tried to make the joke relevant in 1995. Or so.
  18. Then. Ramdom. Muscial. Song.
  20. Something about a Disco? Mauybe? I have no idea what’s happening right now.;
  21. I’m pretty sure that Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Srtole Christmas just advocated a pro-life stance. Like. I’m pretty GOD DAMN POSITIVE that that just happened. Right now. Something about Martha.\
  22. BUT UH OH~! WHOVIANS ARE…. *GASP* capitalists?!
  23. Gifts? GRINCH IS LEFT OUT?! I’ll leave the metaphor to the President and his wife. Wait. What?
  24. Somethig about hating Christmas. Becausde. Reasons. At this
    point. Or… you know….
  25. Molly Shannon’s still doing her Molly Shannon impression.
  26. Grinh is such a outcast. That like. NOONE would nominate him. Forr… whatever this is on about. Because. Whovians.
  27. Fine. Bibical references. Touche.
  28. Seriously. The story’s ended right here. Cindy? I think? Ends all of this. She’s all like, “Hey, THe Grinch is kinda awesome, you Whovians. Get off your David Tennant high hores.”
  29. She”s all like. “The Grinch is fine.”
  30. And fuck it.
  31. That is. Legit.
  32. ALL that this movie is about.
  33. Heart grows.
  34. Things.
  35. Jim Carrey.
  36. Because
  37. Obviousness.
  38. The end

So. basically. Thisa movie, obviously didn’t need to exits. Hell. I didn’t need to watch half of it before I realized. it’s all about TOTAL nonsense that doesn’t matter, Dear Opie.

Because. Christmas.



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