10 Years of Drunken Ramblings — Part 5 — The Batman One

We’ll get this out of the way…


Or whatever.

But hey. That’s the title of this here rambling.

And I mean. I’m not sure wtf there is to say about Batman that I haven’t already said, you know?

I’ve always se;f-proclaimed to be a Batman expert. Then… there was this one time… like… once upon a last year or something… where I said, “Batman doesn’t do drugs!” And some random asshole was like, “Uh, venom? And….” Fuck… something else.

And I was like. Oof dude. I can’t. Even though it’st still in my Twitter bio or whatever. I don’t care.

In many-a way… Batman is… kinda my everything? BLAH FANBOY BLAH… Sure. Fine. Cool. Stuffs. All good.

But what I’m trying to get at is like… As much as I LOVE the NFL? I have no favorite team. Sure, I follow SOME certain teams moreso than others. But I have no favorite, you know? But Batman? Batman’s my favorite sports team.

Obviously. I’m not. at all. Religious anymore. I mean. Sure. The things Jesus, apparently, said are cool. But it’s not like I’ma go spend an hour and a half every Sunday just to watch a cheap ass rock concert to get me vibed up some more for some Jesus talk. You know? But. Dude. I could talk about the intricasies about Batman all day.

The only Time Snyder showed that he knows and cares about these characters.

Fuck bro. I could argue. The “Martha” momen from Batman V Superman all day. I could swear in front of a judge and jury of my peers, etc. And I’d explain why the “Martha” moment from BvS is actually awesome. Even if by proven guilty, I’d be sentenced to beheading. You know. Like Peter Dinklage on trial in the Red Keep and shit,.

To argue the “Martha” scene. All you need to see is this piece of awesomeness (hour and a half long, yes, so HERE is the link to it on YouTube).

The new, legit, best thing I’ve ever seen. Not to be confused with Max Landis’s other “best thing I’ve ever seen,” involving wresting. But.

Dude. i watched that a couple of days ago. And I bawled my eyes out several fucking times. Max Landis is such an amazing storyteller. It just sucks that the movies he’s written haven’t been GREAT. You know? He gets STRIES. But apparentl;y, he cant make them make sense in “actual” film . I dunno. Whatever. Maybe the shows he’s worked on are good, I dunno…

None of this has to do with RyansDrunk.com… not sure what I was expecting. Buit.


I mean, sure, it basically happens all the time now but. FFS. Everyone was pissed off abotu the recent Batman #50… But dude. I was crying reading it. Obviousl. Because. It happens all the time.

I fucking loved it. Russo SWERVE!~! and all.

Again. Nothing to do with RyansDrunk.com. I’m just talking Batman.

And maybe? That’s kinda the point? A HUGE point? RyansDrunk.com has just been a place where I can write shit. Whilst drunk. And have a good time, you know?

Sure. Pol;itics. Blah.

But. Dude.


Because he’s Batman.

Because he’s Batman… like… notyhing fucking makes sense anymore. Kevin Smith is blindly lying to his devoted fanbase. Being a dick and stuffs.

But. Batman’s always going to be Batman.

He’s always going to be there.

Even when Paul Dini was mugged, when he needed Batman most (and Batman wasn’t ACTUALYY there). Batman was still there for Paul Dini. At the end of the day. That’s such a fucking crazy story in it of itself. ut yeah.

Whatever dude.


He’s basically all that I give a shit about.


Jury’s still out about THIS Batman though…

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