10 Years of Drunken Ramblings — Part 6 — The Drunken Mess

I’m not sure what this rambling is. Especially since this rambiong isn’t happening in July.

But you know what?

I’m very.


Fucking proud of the 12 Days of a Drunken Mess…es…. that I did in 2015 ane 2019. Forreals.

Even th09ugh. I can’t fucking show it.

God damn it.

RyansDrunk.com had VERY little to do with it. But. It also did at the same time. FFS….

Over the last… I dunno? Fiveish yearsm (2015/2019) I’ve found my love of Christmas again. Buit now, this year? It’s being, essentially stolen from me. So.

But yah dude.

In 2015? I did 12 days of a Drunken Mess. And it was awesome and fun.

In 2019? I did 12 days of a Drunken Mess. And it was awesome andfun.

And dude. That’s all Christmas is supposed to be. Right?


Awesome. Fun. And. Of course. There’s gotta be a WHOLE bunch of family lovingness happening in there. And. Yeah dud. That aspect is going to be completely erased now. For me.

No wonder I’ve been planning to go back to 1890, right? Lmao

But uhh…

Yeah dude, found my love of Christmas. Again.


Merhaps… it started with the 12 Days of Drunken Messes. That happened. Twice.

Who knows?

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