Finger Poking Nick Patrick with a Taser


I was a wee-young chap of nine-years-old. When I turned on my TV, flipped channels, and saw Hulk Hogaan, (as I knew him to be in my mind at the time), in the ring with, cutting a promo with Eric Bischoff. I saw rthe pair of them, Hogan’s talking with a mic in his mojuth, in just a flash as I changed the channel. It took a channel or two later. And I quickly turned back to seeing Hulk Hogan and eric Bishcoff.

Later in life, I’d recall, this show in particular, was the WCW Monday Nitro after nWo Souled Out ’97.. This was my first ACTUAL exposure to the world of professional-wrestling. Sports entertainment. Whatever you wanna call it. Prior to this? I owned WWF Royal Rumble, the Sega Genesis video game. Like, withtin a few months of watching this show. Months later, I recall saying… to some adult in my life, “Man, I wish they had a new video game! With new wrestlers! like, the Four Horseman! And Sting! OMG!”


Point of all this? WCW. Sting vs. nWo. Things.

That’s what made me fall in love with wrestling.

Sting vs. nWo?

Best stroy ever told in wrestling. Period.

MERHAPS. Raven/Dreamer was better. I’ll never know, nor will I ever give a shit about the TOTALITY of that ECW storyline. So yeah. Sting vs. nWo takes the cake. Totally.

Up until.


THIS is where this rambling TRULY begins.

Where I defend the indefensible.

Where I tell and question you about a coule of things. And. Forreals. I’m DYING for your input here. Comment below. @MeBro, Facebook It, Fuck… text me your thoughts.

As I’m now, currently, listtening to the “83 Weeks” episode, The Finger Poke of Doom.

Allow me to start with the thing I like the least. the least thing that I’m deeming “defensible.”

Finish of Starrcade ’97


The fast count that wasn’t. Then. You know. Bret Hart is there. “Not screwing someone out of a finish, like he was, even though he’s just screweing Hogan, visually. YAY!?!”

Eithr way dude. Like Bischoff said defending this. At the end of the day? EVERYONE in the MCI Center left the arena happy. EVERYONE that boughtg the PPV, which, this was suppodes to be the first PPV I ever paid for/watched )which…l HTF is that my memory, cause, my oldest brother bought WW3 for me the month before). Whatever. I didn’t see it live. But I loved tuning into Nitro to see Sting won the belt and stuffs. I was happy.1

Yes. the aftermath was dumb. And. In hindsight. Everything about this is dumb. Hogan paid of Patrick. Or Patrick screwed it up. Whatever the case may be.

Bret Hart being involved in this, “screweed over,” finish? Is brilliant.

It’s too bad WCW never, ever, eve CAME CLOSE to something that great with Bret Hart ever again. Aside from the steel piece of armor gimmick against Golberg.

Finger Poke of Doom


This? This is something I loved. You can  BARELY see him to the right of Billy Silverman’s left leg there. But he’s there. He’s a DIE HARD (probably Juggalo) nWo fan, with his face painted, nWo style. As this happened. As Hogan pinned Nash, he stood up, like, all dramatic like, like… as all of this happens. Right?

Just after the Nash bump (where the gif cuts off, basically), that dude starts to slowly stand up in awe.

As the three count takes place. That dude errupts in joy. Taken aback by the shock of the moment. Just like I was, when I was a wee-little, 10-year-old, going on 100-year old. Watching all of this transpire. I was transfixed.

It HAD to be a good three-ish months, probably more, that I had grown tired of Goldberg winning all the tim. And even started liking bad gys in wrestling. Like The Rock, even. Kinda. I mean (I’ma get into this) I liked Mankind more. but.

Seeing this happen? Seeing the nWo get one up on Goldberg. FINALLY?! I loved it. Seing Goldberg get desgtroyed by both nWo Hollywood and nWo Wolfpac, the latter of which, I actually owned an official T-Shirt. Was awdsome. I oved it. Goldberg getting his ass kicked by Luger, Steiner, Hogan, Nash, whoever else was in there.

The surprise factor of it all? Was AWESOME. Legit.

Was Hogan vs. Nash a bad “MINUS 10,000 STARS!” kinda thing. Yeah, dude. But it was a RUSSO SWERVE~! Befere a RUSSO SWERVE~! was a thing.

And. I mean, as Bischoff is saying now in this “83 Weeks” episode. Bringing nWo white and red back together was a good idea. If NOYHING else, it’d give goldberg a bunch of heels to run through. You know. In a “fantasy booker” kina stanf point. It makes sense.

The thing that doesn’t make sense?

Is… I’m PRETTY GOD DAMNED POSITIVE, this was the same show where, “Mankind is going to win their world title!” happened. And yeah. That was dumb. If my memory is correct. I immediately switched after Tony Schiavone said those words. Watched Mankind threaten the Corporation with Shane McMahon in an armbar. And yeah. When the conclusion of Mankind and Rock was over, I immediately flipped over and watched the Finger Poke of Doom.

I loved both of these things.

Whhy don’t you? Because. You’re dumb. Basically.

Just leaving this here. Something that happened a year before.
THIS was a five star match of brilliance.

Goldberg’s Taser Loss




And/or why.

People bitch about this.

Is mind bobbling. Forreals.

Like? What’s the problem here? Dude. Legit.

Why, wrestling community, do you hate this?

As much as I hated Goldberg at the time. I don’t care. Him being tased, then given Nash’s power bomb? Yeah dude, I buy into him, the undefeated, 1200-0, finally being defeated. Right? I mean, I’m pretty positive he took a chair shot before he won the championship from Hogan, ribght?

So. Like.

Forreals. The fuck’s the problem, dude?

Sure. MERHAPS you can argue (if you even remember the sgory from this tgime like I do), something about “OMG~1 Hall hated Nash at the time! Why’s he helping him?! [well, finger poke of doom… story telling… wink… wink…]) Or… if you wanna be petty and wrong, you could argue, OMG~! IT’S BAD CUZ NASH WAS THE BOOKERZ~!

Thpse are… legit. The only arguments against it.

Forreals. Dudes.

How is this a problem? Taser/cattleprod/whatever you wanna call it. Things. Whatever.

Why are you infuriated by this?

@Me. Facebook ot. Text me. Whatever. I. Do. Not. Know. What’s. Wrong. With. The. Taser. Finish.

The en.d

Want me to “defend?” Some other wrestling nonsense? Commnt below. Contacgt me. Whatever. And. I’ll do my drunkenly best. Right?

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