When you get what you ask for…


…amazing things happen.

but anayways.

While I’m still remtorly buzzed, I’ll try to hammer this shit out wquit .

If you haven’t heard. By now. Seriously… you’re NOT AT ALL a comic movie fan. Like. At all. And stuffs. But forreals. I’ve been hammering this drum sine last year. Warner Bros. wanted their “Abengers money.” I was all like, “No. Don’t do that. this is the perfect compromise. ”

And now…

With all the hammring I’ve randomly done about all of this… it’s finally done and officiall.

Stupid grammar. But oh wells.
Stupid grammar. But oh wells.

An I mean…

There’s not much I can say.

I’m just fucking ecstatica. This is goign to be an amazing ride. This will be a n amazing moviel. Man Of Steel kicked SOOOOO much fucking ass. This sequel, having Batman’s TRUE involvment… will be amazing.

I don’t care what we see. Idon’t carve if it’s something like this…

You know. Old school. Batman and Superman first meet each other.Yet Batman still "outsmarts him."
You know. Old school. Batman and Superman first meet each other.Yet Batman still “outsmarts him.”

Or this…

Batman "outsmarts" him anyways for the common good.
Batman “outsmarts” him anyways for the common good.

Whichever version of their story… I’m fucking stoked.

Lijke I said… I’ve been waiting for this shit for a while now. But not really.

But really… the point is: FINALLY… the MOST “mainstream” comic heroes in history… yjey’re going to be sharing the silver screen for the first time in the history of ever.

I don’t give a shit that we won’t be seeing this generation’s Batman (Christian Bale) teaming with Superman. TYhe movies, as I’ve said time and time again, Nolan’s “Dark Knigt TRrilogy” ghas NO place is a “joined SDC Universe.” They need to stand alone. The end.

Reboot Batman. Might it be too seon between the two? You know…. Nolan’s Batman and this new “reebooted” Batman? Yeah. Maybe. I advocated for no return of a “NEW” Batman until… AT LEAST 2017 (five years after the trilogy). But… whatever… me being a semi-educated fan of comic books. Knowing these characters like I do… tgis is going to be amazin.

At the end of he day. The point is: The ride is here. We’re on it. DC is responding to Marvel’s movie usniverse. Ansd they’re NOT like… doing a COMPLETE rip-pff of what Marvel did. We got Superman. Now a “World’s Finest… thing.” Then a Flash. Then a batman. Then Justice league . Not a bunch of OVERBOWN~! single hero pmoveis until we all get sick of seeing comic movies. Like Marvel.

This is going to be awesome.

Fcuk you.

FINALLY~! 2015.
FINALLY~! 2015.

And… again…

For last year’s sake…


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