What Is On My Mind. Vol. II


So. I’m pretty sure this is now going to be a monthly thing. Just warning you. Or. Whatever.  I guess.

Easily put. I’m just gonn start listing things that are on my mind. Or. Like… have been on my mind for the past month or so. or like. since the last timer I wrpote a rambling like this. And all that. So.

Awesomeness. Right?

  1. First and foremost. Let’s just get this over with. Right?
    I pretty much. HATE this. Above ANYTHING else. There is NO universe. Hell. In NONE osd DC’s (I sdon’t know) 53 earths. NONE of which would feature a Joker that has admitted, or WOULD EVEER admit that her’s “damaged.” And. i don’t care HOW “battle-tested” Joker MAY have been in Blackgate or Arkham… he’d NEVER… FUCKING EBER… tattoo the word, “Damaged,” on his forehead. It would never happen. it WILL never happen. Except. You know. It IS happening. In this Suicide Squad movie. It was shortly after the image was released. I saw someone (HATE ME~! SLAY ME~!) on my Twitter feed say something along the lines of, “someone once saw a Hot Wheels car based on the Joker. And that person decided to make a moie appearence of The Joker based on that Hot Wheels car.”
    Whatever. Yes. It DOEWS remind me of Joker’s bit in the “Batman RIP” story arc. but. No. Fuck you.
    “Damaged?” Fuck you.
  2. IN the WAY BEFORE time of last month… when I was a Walking Dead noob… I’ll just say… I stand by my, half-assed attempt to say… it’s a depression simulator. Not the game. But the TV show. So there’s that.
  3. Sometimes. I fucking HATE Snopes.
  4. Eh. There’s personal things I could share here. But. I already wrote that bit in a private rambling! HAHA! YOU SUCK COMMON READER! Seriously though. I’ve said what needs to be said. So. Sorry for bothering you with it here.
  5. Youtube’s Wisecrack;s “Earthling Cinema” is a pretty good time.
    [youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”YqI6jgTUGmc”]
    Pretty much brilliant. Right?
  6. Why in the living cunt did Tim Burton think it would be a good idea to change the Batman symbol ONLY on Batman’s chest and… you nkow… NO WHERE else?
  7. Most of the time. I just HATE the internet.
  8. It’s not often. But. I actually agree siwth Jon Stewart (hell… for ALMOST NINE FUCKING MINUTES OF THE SHOW I agree with him) about something. All of you people’s thinking that the United States government is about to take over your state… you know… wthin the United Sates… You’re pretty… God damn… stupid. THANKS, ALEX JONES!But hey. if Martial law ACTUALLY takes placr this summer. You should bet your ass. In Vegas. Or something. That the Rapture is coming this Spring!
    RANDOM SIDENOTE: The Alex Jones crazies believe in this so much… I can’t even find a funny meme here to challenge the nonsense. So… here’s a random funny meme instead.
  9. Ch4istians are being persecuted FAr too much. Not just in the middle east. But here. In America too. Obviously. No Christian is being behjeaded or crucified in America. Nor are Christian women being raped non-stop. But there is a persecution of ideals happening. I’ll go more into this next week on Harms’ Way. IN A BRAND NEW SEGMENT OF THE SHOW~! BEEEEW~!
  10. Idiocracy has ben long confirmed at this point. People are becoming more and more idiotic. Hell. This is only worsening when a “college education” is involved.
  11. People in America are no longer taught hor to think. RThey’re only taught what to think. It’s a sad fact thjat is. Just. Killing us. My teacher/professer/manager/whatever tells me so! IT MUST BE TRUE! It’s sad. But fuck you. You know it’s true.
  12. Avengers: Age of Ultron. Rifght?

    I watched the film. Knowing that it had mixed reviews from the MARVERL audience that spews ejaculants over ANYTHING Disney releases in mobie theaters… and pre-Disney as well. obviously. And. Again. I didn’t know what to think of the movie. You know. Beforehand. Then I watched it. And. I realized. I absolutely loved the story. I enjoyed the story FAR more than I liked the first Avengers film. Because. I mean. Eh. I’ve been over that time and again. So. Nevermind. But like. Sure. Ultron is Skynet from Terminator. Just because. But like. Every bit of the story aside from that. I loved it. OK. Aside from the death. In which. You know. NO ONE cares about. The story makes SO MUCH MORE sense. And then. The Hulk gets rebooted back to 2003. Pretty much.
  13. Realness is… prtetty much… Godliness. Just. Fucking. Be real. Tell the truth. Speak your ind Those sorts of things.
  14. Damaged.

  15. Fucking. WASP lyrics that shou’dn’t be relevent in 2015. Ever.Well. Pretty much ever.
  16. I’ve. Pretty much been a terrible person. For like. five years.
  18. [youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”fqAe6A7s5iY”]
    The whole show’s about him. STFU!
  19. The zomvies are justa calalyst for every day life. Obviously. Or like. Some other sort of “smart remark.”
  20. And. I gues.. Finally. For now. And stuffs. I’ll leave you with something I shoulda said last month:
    If you were to say that AMC’s The Walking Dead is ONLY about Zombies. That would be akin to saying… AMC’s Breaking Bad is ONLY about meth. The end. kbye with something funny to remember me by.
Try the veal. I’ll see you next week.

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