Walking Dead and Hanging Cliffs part 2

Before I say anythig. Let me do this first.

There will be spoilers in this rambling.


I’ll give another little disclaimer type thing before it happens. I promise. You’ll be able to read… at least half of this… before you hit any spoilers. PLUS I’ll hide any WRITTEN spoiler mentioned throughout.

Just now. I watched the season seven premiere of The Walking Dead for the fourth time. So all of this stuffs is once again fresh in my memory, and such, right? And let me say this right off the bat: I loved the shit out of it.

All the way back in April. Way back when the world was still innocent. When we all thought there was a glimmer of hope for this election cycle and such. Apparently, I as, once again, on some sort of “OH NOEZ! I MUST WRITE PROFESSIONALLY~!” cicks. And I wrote this. Where I whole-heartedly defended the fact that the sexth (honest to God typeo, but probably some sortt of fruedian slip) season ended with a cliffhanger. WHilst most everyone… ever… was bashing the show’s ending. And stuffs.

This time around, most everyone… ever… is complaining that the season seven premire episode was “too violent.”

I was going to give you a
I was going to give you a “Batman facepalm.” But Dale face is MUCH more appropriate.

Were you expecting something other than a bloody mess?

Really, I just. I just can’t. I don’t understand this world. At all. At the end of last season, you knew that Negan was going to bash in somone’s skull. You saw the blood drip down “your face” as it happened. You heard as Negan kept on beating in “your skull” as the screen had faded to black.

Were you expecting Negan ot start whacking away at a tree or something? Were those sounds going to be Negan giving someone a BIG hug whilst patting them on the back? Seriously dude. What the fuck were you expecting?

There’s commentators that I truly do respect that have valled htis episode “tortue porn.”

Don’t gent me wrong. I’m not saying that there isn’t plenty of violentce in the episode. There absolutely is. Was it ANYWHERE NEAR “over the top?” No. Not at all.  It was, FROM ALL PERSPECTIVES… EXACTLY what should have been expexted.

You get 'em Dale!
You get ’em Dale!

I was litterally sitting at the edge of my seat for damn near the whole hour while I watched this episode. Mt geart was poubning throughout. I was damn near physically shaking in anticipation for EVERYTHIGN that “happened next.”

And here lies most of the spoilers.

When it finally comes to the scene. And Rick is reliving the deaths. Negan is “eeney-meeny-ing.” All of that. And finally. it’s revieled.

And. Negan sucks Abraham’s nuts. So to speak.

I’m sitting there like. “Yeah. That makes sense.” He was, afterall, who I predicted would die “just hours” before the premire. But negan’s Negan. And he’s still monologueing while all this is going on. And awesomeness.

Then. Daryl’s Daryl. And he punches Negan.

And Negan’s Negan.



Two. Unexpected. Deaths.

Sure. Glenn’s eyeball popping out and such was violent. Of course it was. It was supposed to be. It was there to visually grasp the viewer. We’ve been through so much with these two characters. Maggie and Glenn. The ONLY thing left was for Glenn to die (exactly like he does in the comics, by the way… which was awesome, from that standpoint) and give him that AMAZING send off. “Maggie, I’ll find you.” Come off it. Eye popped out and everything. Come the fuck off it. That was perfect. Was it over the top? Maybe.

But it was still perfect.

This is undenyable.


FUCKIGN MILES better than his death in the comics.

And I mean. By the end of both deaths, Negan’s just beating a dead horse at that boint, right? And by “dead horse” I mean “the ‘stumps’ of their heads.” It can’t get much mpore ridiculous and out of this world and unreal than that can it?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1126"]Thanks, Dale! Thanks, Dale![/caption]

So. Againl/ I ask. Dear, fan of The Walking Dead that is bitching about the episode being too violent. What the fuck did you expect?What, POSSBIBLE scenario were you thinking would hpapen? Seriously. Dude. You make no sense


There was the moment while I watched the show where I thought things went batshit crazy. And it happens right away. pretty much. Negan hauls Rick int the RV. All that. Then they start driving.  And like. There’s mist and like. Negan’s all, “HEY WE’RE GOING FOR A RIDE~!” And it’s all cartoony. And weird. And. “BLAMD~!” Random walker splatters on the windshiueld “Remind y of someone you know?!” It just felt out of place.

But then again. This is going to be the season that interoduces King Esecial and The Kingdom. Petty much the most over the top or “cartoon/comic booky” thing from the comics (that I’ve read) . So. Whatever, right?

Shut up about the violence.

Get over it.

The story’s too awesome.

And get out of your safe space.

The end.

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