This WrestleMania Weekend

so, I’m not drunk yet and I’m rewatching/watching for the first time the things I missed at wresleMania. But, as per usual, I’ll still keep all my typos here, as you can tell. And I’ll keep drinking as this rambling progresses. So. We’ll see how this all plays out, right?

But, man. this Mania weekend? It’s been crazy as hell, right?

From a decent not great, but decent, (in my view, we’ll get into it) showing for NXT: Takeover New York, to the insnity )we’ll get into it) of the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, and onto the showcase of immortals itself. Not tomention, the apparent insanity of Enzo and Cass, right? We’re gonns get into all of this.

SO yeah. Let’s get started.

NXT: Takeover New York

Just. Like.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: I HATE that the only “original” thing about NXT supercards, or whatever, is the name “War Games.” Come on, now, right? Why the hell can’t NXT have their own “WrestleMania” or… shit… “Bound for Glory,” at this point, right? All’s I’m saying is. For Christ ake. drop the “Takeover” shit. And make, OR BORROw from your copyrigts, names for the NXT supercards already, right? This is like. Booking 011. Innit? Here, Trips, I’ll give you this one for free: Make “Takeover )wherever WrestleMania is,” the “WrestleMania” of NXT) right?

Other than that? You know. Random sidenote.

THe show was just decent. There wasn’t anything too great outside of the tag title match.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: My boy, who I rambled about just recently, and has been a HUGE supporter of since THE BEGINNING… hell, the WHOLE reason, “” exists is due to Ben. And. I had just finished watching the tag title match. And the dude calls me up, and asks if I wanna go road tripping with him to an indy show he’s working in Nebraska. And. I mean. Given how everything else turned out… I basically regret I didn’t take him up on the offer. But, forreals, Ben, I don’t give a shit what’s going on (I know this is your second time going to Nebraska in… like… a month…) next time? I’m all over this. 10,000%.

And. I mean yeah, Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole was good. But since the crowd was ALL about Adam Cole winning, for some reason, it kinda ruined everything, right? Forreals, ow did you not know that Gargano was going to win? Why would you, honestly, want him to lose?

This was cool. Get over it, BAYBAYs.


Women’s fatal four way was meh.

Ditto for Dream and Riddle.

Walter and Dunne was… FAR  too European and boring for my tastes.

So. Yeah. Tht’s that. Decent show, mostly due to the tag title match. But not great.

WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

And. Quickly. Just so you know, yes, I’ll mention (nut not much other than that) the NJW/RoH show at MSG tht hPPend on the same night. Just thought I’d give you a heads up.

The Hall of Fame, dude. Like. Where do you begin?

First of all. I failed to mention in the introness of this rambling. I rewatched most of the show (minus the Hogan favor induction) from THe Hart Foundation onwards. But during the live show, I, somehow, didn’t ee the “legacy” inductees. And like. I’m livid and overjoyed that Luna Vachon got inducted. She DESERVED, possibly moreso than Chyna even, to get a PROPER induction. Forreals. Without Luna. Chyna NEVER exists. Probably. I mean. Chyna probably exists because Shawn Michaels said so back then, but whatever. Either way, love that she’s included, where she deserves.

Same for Bruiser Brody. Well deserved. Definitely deserved a proper induction. Love/hate kind a thing.

Then yeah. The Hart founddation induction.

How do I do this?

It’ss my policy here to NEVER mention, nor even show the faces of people that comit horrific crimes. Namely, mass shootings. But like. Merhaps, in some of these, you’re going to see the face… a bit anyways… of someone that comitted a horrific crime, or, if nothing esle, I’ll be providing easy access to this person’s identity and the like. You know?

Whatever. This all needs to be shared and discussed. so.

Uh. Yeah man. Long story ahort. I had to pause the show after Torrie Wilson’s induction. Didn’t come back until an hour later ish. Stuffs. Things. Words.

Saw the dude tackle Bret Hart. For a split second. My nephew, Dylan, being Dylan, asked a dumb question, like he always does, “Is this a work?” No dude. If it was a work, they’d foxus on it. Not cut to black and crowd shots. But yeah thay’s what came up next. Black screen. Crowd shots. Until there was a crowd of wrestlers at the upper left corner of the hard came.

But as soon as the cut to black happened I had the the thought:

Jesus Christ, I hope that wasn’t Enzo Amore.

An hour or so later, I learned he was causing his own ruckus in MSG with RoH/NJPW.

As everyone gathered their senses, Heath Slater threw a bouqet (or was that the dude’s hat/dreads gimmick?)? Down, rockstar Spud took a moment to get himself over )merhaps that’s harsh, sorry) But. Yeah. Eveveryone gathered their composure as much as they could after an idiot nearly nearly destroye a moment of a family, basically the Kennedy family of wrestling — the dude attacked a 61-year-old stroke and cancer survivor. A man in a family that lost one of its members in one of the most horrific of ways possible. A member of a family that is recently grieving the passing of one of its members, whose daughter was also attacked (if by proxy if nothing else).

After everyone gained their composure. And kYou know. The show went on (I know this sounds like I’m being a dick, sorry), I tweeted:


And. Yeah man. I’ll admit. The HOF was basically ruined for me. Rewatching it earlier, it’s a pretty amazing edit job that WWE did. One moment, Bret’s fine talking about how he named The Hart Foundation. Next? His hair’s mmessed up and such. But yeah. HOF was basically ruined. Beefcake, the Hogan favor, was up next. And yeah. I couldn’t focus, I just focussed on my phone. Refreshing google and twtter to find out whatever I could about this attacker person.

Found the footage shared above. Plus thos, “Thank You Dash!” Footage:

Harlem Heat’s induction was wasted, tragically. Was looking forward to it.

Thankfully, DX’s induction saved things. Surprised Road Dogg isn’t joining Billy Gunn in AEW after saying something alone the lines of:

Hit the ring on DX, bitches!

But yeah.

HOF was obviously ruined. As if Beefcake getting a PROPER induction over Luna Vachon and Bruiser Brody didn’t do it enough, right?

I spent the rest of the night obsessing over all of this attakcer stuffs, hoping to see the actual mugshot of the guy.

I know Davey Boy Smith Jr. thought so for a minute, but, this isn’t him, idiots. Quit tweeting this shit out. #FakeNews or whatever.

When I finally layed in bed and such, I still couldn’t sleep. By that time, the dude’s name and such had been released. So I searcched him out on Twitter, like a REAL progressive! Found his twitter feed )I mean, that happened earlier, but whatever)…. blah. Point is, I scrolled through his whole Twitter feed. I mean, when I first found it and did the basics and saw that he’s upset because Trips and Vince haven’t @’d him. And he’s upset because him vs. The Shield hasn’t been made official… I… almost felt bad for calling him a piece of shit. Almost. But when I scrolled through his ENTIRE feed.

He had, mostly, been all about Connor McGreggor. And how much he loved the mMA fighter. And such. He’d also tweet about most all other sports. Basketball. Football. Boxing. MMA. Merhaps Baseball. Basically, he was some, random, lonely, sports fan in Nebraska. Throughtout all of that, he’d retweet a random, inspirational John Cena tweet.

Around gthe time of the NFL playoffs, he starts tweegting about WWE, a bunch. Like. He’s watching the shows and live tweeting.

He made a tweet. Around the beginning of the year. Again, around the time of the NFC Championship hame. Something like:

1. Men will always be better than women.
2. The Saints will always be better than the Rams.
3. Something else will always be better than something else.
4. LJ will always be better than MJ.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: I know NOTHING about basketball. The MOST I’ve ever cared about it is playing some random NCAA (I THINK… no idea if that’s even what it was) game on SNES in like… 1886-1999 (at the latest, ’98’s probably more accurate), and I LOVED shooting hoops and even “playing” a bit around that same time. But GTFO. This dude’s obviously insane for haing this, “LJ/MJ,” opinion.

Shortly after that, his focus is TOTALLY on WWE, Trips, Vince, The Shielf, all that.

So sure. I get why people, MAJOR media outlets are saying shit like, “He attacked Bret Hart because he’s upset that women are main eventing WrestleMania.” Because. #1. He OBVIOUSLY loves Trump! So… of course he’s a sexist, racist, Trump supporter! (You know, the obvious narrative) #2. Yeah, that was “#2.” It’s the obvious narrative.

And yes. He tweeted this, DIRECT image… saying something like (the caption of the image):

This is the only thing these women should be main eventing! Making sammiches!

Firstly, allow me to say, I’m virtually PC-less. DEFINITELY without Photoshop, ANY version of it (I’ve been usin 7.0 for YEARS, up until a handful of months ago), and shit dude… my shitty, thrown together, piece of nothingness that was the “featured himage (FUCK YOU, RYAN, YOU’RE SUH A SEXIST!)” of this rambling was better than this bullshit. And the dude’s feed is FILLED with this type of lazy bullshit. Yet, “HE HASN’T HAD A DAY OFF IN 16 MONTHS” or… one whatever his oft quoted tweets said.

I’l… HOPEFULLY… make something totally clear here in a minute but.

Forreals. He didn’t do the Bret attack becauser he hated weomen main eventing. He did it… verbatim…

I just felt like it was the right moment.

That;s what he, according to the New York Post tgold prosecutors.

That quote asside.

He didn’t do it, “because women are main eventing.” He did it because he’s, legit, mentally ill. And. Lke Sean Ross Sapp of said:

Based on everything I’ve seen/heard, the dude needs help. If you know him personally and can encourage him to get help, please do it. He’s got a lot of content, knowledge and training and a clear patter of behavior where it could be someone besides him getting hurt next time

So yeah. I think I covered everything?

WrestleMania 35

Dude. I don’t know. It MAY have been my WiFi. It MIGHT have been WWE Network. All I know is, I tweeted a bunch. About how pissed I was about missing matches due to the stream not working. I mean. During this… eightish hour show? YEah. There’s tons of shit that could’ve gone wrong. In hindsight, most likely, it was probably all due to my WiFi. Especially after the network reset just before the main event, that I barely had a problem (outside of the normal things). During that reset, I missed Angle’s last match against Tom McGee and Finn Balor’s title win.

As far as my predictions go? I went 9-7. Not bad, overall, right? Three of those losses came in rhe pre-show. AND. I’m counting the match that wasn’t announced when I wrote out those predictions. I, legit, predicted Revival to win (especially after the aforementioned, “Thank you Dash!ness”). But they lost. So. Yeah.

During the pre-show… this happened:


Then. Like. During the throughout the show…

This shit.

All-in-all, my WiFi or WWE Network, whereever the blame lies, I missed those two afore mentioned thing… the entire Women’s tag title match. The entirety of Angle/Baron and Balor/Lashley (again, those latter two definitely are blamed on my WiFi). So.

Overall. I’m shocked, right? This was a VERY face-heavy ‘Mania, right? Off the top of my head… four heels won, Out of sixteen. Right? I mean, cool, sure. But yeah.


Mania’s highlights (in order of appearance, hopefully):

  1. Hawkins ending his streak was… kinda… cool. But. Dash Wilder, let alone The Rival’s entirety, deserved the win.
  2. Hogan intentionally screwing up the location’s name, then screwing up the name, legitimately, seconds later.
  3. Rollins beating Lesnar.
  4. The Miz/McMahon bump. Matresses and network issues included.
  5. Iiconics winning.
  6. Kofi winning.
  7. Somewheres around here, John Cena actually did something Awesome by going old school. “F-U” and all.
  8. Triple H ripping out Batista’s nose ring.
  9. The mess that was the intro/entrances of the women’s main event.
  10. Rousey’s bump from that double armbar to the outside.
  11. Rousey saying to Charlotte, “You chop like a bitch!” Charlotte responds, “I chop like a bitch?” and gives her a back0handed pimp slap.
OK. Cool. Cool.

And. It all ends with some fart of a finish.


Dude. Last year? Asuka and Charlotte DESERvED the main event. Asuka WON the Rumble to close that show in January. She had her amaing streak. Charlotee was… whatever awesomeness everyone sees in her. THat shit DESERVED the main event.

Becky Lynch becoming a phenomenaon, legitimatedly, on her own… because… you know… she’s the ONLY agressive thing in WWE. You know. The land of 50/50 booking. She stands out. Because. RUTHLESS AGRESSION~! in a PG era. That doesn’t mean she isn’t talented. She obviously is. But. I mean. She’s not Asuka. She’s not Daniel Bryan pre-Mania XXX.

Call me a secist. I dare you.

Rushing the end of this. I’m sure. Sorry about that.

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