The State of the Wrestling…? 2023…?

Whatever you’re about to say. Stop it.

Calm down.

Stop. Collaborate and listen… Or something…?

Don’t listen. But read. Whatever.

All Out 2021. Was. And is. The best pay-per-view I’ve watched. Live or otherwise. Since WrestleMania X-Seven.

I said tjat exact thimg (technically eigh days, bet essentially, because time works in mysterious ways) seven days after the event. Like,. since Dynamite;s debut on TNT in 2019, I’ve THOROUGHLY enjoyed AEW’s wrestling product FAR MORE than WWE’s.

I mean…

How can ANYONE argue with…

This shit…


All Out 2021. Was an amazing show. Period. THEN.


It’s capped off with…

This amazingness.

And I mean. It’s HARD. Very HARD. To NOT to be all like, “This is bigger than the nWo creation,” type of quote that CM Punk said. At the 2021 All Out scrum. ALL OF THIS… felt amazing.

But then. Oh no~! Adam Page says, “You talk a lot about workers’ rights.” And stuffs. And OH NO~! CM Punk takes this shit to heart. Even though, you know, no one remembered that this qupte. Existed. But.

“If at all through my journey if my personal choices or decisions related to my life made you disappointed or let down… Let me just say… Let me just say, ‘I understand.'”
-CM Punk.

Alright. I’m being a bit of a Meltzer here. But still.

You go from all of that to… “Am I in the wrong, Dave?” Or whatever he ranted about. You know.

One, two…

Brawl out at All Out 2022 happens.

Skip a few.

Ninety Nine.

It’s currently, technically, Martch 4th. of 2023.

After not watching any WWE… thing, really, since the previous year… WrestleMania… uh… 38? Whatever WrestkeNnia happened in 2022. I lost count after sex numbers. Just like VinnieMac himself. HEYOOOO?! I dunno what that means. But anyways.

WrestleMania 38… at least night one… was pretty god damn awesome. I definitelt fell asleep whilst watching the second night. But it was capped off by “RomanVBrockONCEINALIFETIMELASTINALIFETIME” Or whatever. Although, I know I watched all of the Pat McAfee thing…? Who knows..

So… Yeah bruh.

Night one? Amazing. Overall WrestleMania? Vince’s punt and stunner included? Good times. Enjoyable. Fun to have all round.



I’ve never, ever. Been a Cody fan. Ever.


Dude did a good job with a few promos and I enjoyed the MJF story, in AEW, yes.

God damn it.

ALL of this. ALL of it. Is just to say.

If you thought Sami Zayn was going to win at Elmination Chamber two weeks ago… or like… you became a Meltzerite and you were all like.. “BLAH~! SAMI WINS OR MANIA’S GONNA SUCK~!” Or whatever. Just know that you’re dumb. Right? Sami’s awesome. Yes . Crowd’s behind him. Yes. Ratings are behind him, Yes. But this hasn’t been ANYWHERE NEAR the Kofimania or Yesslemania type of situation.

WWE;’s actuaklly listening now. WWE’s not, at all, playing towards a crowd of one.

There’s no doubt, at all, in my mind that Trips will put the belt on Sami. Hell, it’ll probably even happen this year.

Now’s just not the time.

But Be Meltzer. Like I was. Up there.



To say…

Like. For whatever reason… I damn near, dont care about AEW anymore? Like… That’s NOT it. At all. But like… it took THIS WWEk;s (you know, the go home show) Dynamite to make Danielson/MJF an awesome story. Other than that… Page and Moxley has been built up nicely. And there’s some sort of… something… happening with the Women’s title? Obviously I now that Jaime and Saraya are in the match. But i couldn’t tell you who else is. Ruby? Merhaps?

The Acclaimed have been awesome. Hell. I’ve been “cheering” for them before the crowd ever was. But whatever. I also think that the “Ass Boys” winning the titles off of them was a good move. Added a wrinkle of… some sort of story hap[pening. You know? Uh…

Keith Lee’s a thing again. Cool.

Adam Page is about to return. Cool.

The “All-Atlantic” title can fuck off.

As can the trios titles, for the most part. But Elite/Uh… fuck… what ae they called? Black…something…? You know who I’m on about. Should be a great time.

They’ve pretty much made the TBS title meaningless. Jade’s gonna need a cattle-prodded figer poke of doom to lose. Otherwise, it won’t be believable. Unless Kana jumps ship or something.

Still love me some Asukas.

AEW has become WAY too stale, my dudes.

WWE isn’t TOO far ahead of them in the staleness department. I mean… Bray Wyatt returned. Then has done nothing but fought for the rights of Moutain Dew. Which… sigh…

I have no idea why people HATED tje “Pitch Black” match. It was a fun spectacle. Advertisement, things… blah. But still a fun little spectacle. I tought. It was a shorter McMahon/Hogan match. With a Mountain Dew label on it. There’s worse things that have happened in wrestling, dudes. Calm down.

I guess that;s it though, my dudes.

Everything I think I wanted to say about today’s wrestling landscape? Something like that.

Take care. Spike your hair? Boom.

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