The Latest Batman/Superman Casting Rumor is reporting on a rumor based on tweets from a source that the website has used quite frequently in the past. “Jett” of BoF, who usually isn’t one for posting such rumors unless there is some sort of validity behind it, seems to be sticking his neck out there on this one.

The tweets by “El Mayimbe” of seem to suggest that not only is Lex Luthor scheduled to be a part of the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, which will include Batman (which is something that I drunkenly said needed to happen), but Snyder, Goyer, and Co. have an actor in mind.


Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad.

Now look, I’ve never seen the show. I know. Hard to believe. But the bits and pieces I’ve seen of this guy on the show. And I mean, literally, bits and pieces. I can’t argue with the pick. But I still stand by my statement on The Drunken Radio Show, Lex Luthor NEEDS to be involved with this movie.

The end.

Are you excited for this pick? What are your thoughts on Lex Luthor being involved in the sequel? Let me know what you think with a comment below!

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