Super. Hero. Movies.


So… if you know yme. You know that I kinda already did his blog post. I ran a “sober” blog for… like… a week. And I rambled about this for  bit. I think it was specicfially about Batman. Or Justice League. I dunno. But…

This blog? Ths one? I’ll try and cover the basics. My frustrations. Other’s frustrations. Things like that. You know. The usual.

Superheroes have been a part of popular culture since the late 20’s if I’m not mistaken. And no. I can’t be assed to do research. But… I’m pretty damn positive Superman debuted in 1929.

OK… I’m lying. And I’m gonna quickly check this. Why? Cause the truth is bugging me.

OK… it was 1938. That didn’t make sense to me. But eh… oh wells.


Superheroes have been a part of popular culture since the 1930’s.  They’ve pretty much been embedded into our brains at this point. If you’re a guy you DID grow up with “YOUR” hero. Period. Bar none. The end.

And well… since the lat 70’s (that’s GOTTA be when the first Superman move came out, I’m NOT gonna check this) Superheroes have taken over the silver screen. From the Superman series. To the original Batman series. All the way to Hellboy and that overblown Transformers movie that was Marvel’s The Avengers.

Superheroes are blockbusters. They make the money from theatergoers. And they’re awesome. Most of the times.

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Now… Warner Bros. want s themselves some “Abengers Money.” They’re pushing HARDCORE for a Justice League movie. Like… ALL sorts of hell. And… while I’m sure a Justice League movie COULD be cool… I HIGHLY doub it would be any good. Especially if Warner Bros. puts the proverbial “cart beofer the horse.” And just suddenly do the movie. Like they’re pushing for now.

But then I think… “Nah, Marvel already set up a continuity before making an Transformer… I mean… Avengers movie. Maybe jumping into a Justice Leage movie could be different and setup other characters.” Abd U tgink even deeper with, “If they do the Justice League Moivie… And if they want it to introduce the ‘new’ Batman… then they’ve GOT to base it on the ‘Tower of Babel’ sotry arc.”

But that’s nerd speak.


If you know me, you know this. But… What I wanna see is a “Wro;ds’ Finest ” Movie. You know. Superman/ Baman.

It would EASILYmake “Avengers money.” It could set up a Justice League movie. It would be a win-wn. For EVBERYBODY incovled. Fans would love it. Warner Bros. gets their money. And I would be like, “Yeah.”

And if I’, like, “Yeah.” EVERYBODY wins.

And when EVERYBODY wins… people don’t shoot up movie theaters.

And when people don’t shoot up movie theaters, movies make money.

And when movies makde money, people are enjoying their movie experiences.

Don’t let people enjoy their movie experiences.

Wait. I totally messed that up.

But yeah.

One of the biggest things with super heroes movies… as far as I am concerned… is.. wel..

There’s just WAY to many of the these days. I know. Everyone hate me for saying this. But It’s what I thingk. It’s what I’ve seen.

Back in my day… you’d be lucky if youve got ONE superhero movies a year.

Now… you’ve got about AT LEASY three.  Marvel’s overblown it WAY too much. Sure. They did this to build up to that overblown James Cameron movie. But it was still WAY too overblown.

And yes, nerds. Believe it or not. There IS such a thing as “too much of of a good thing.” I’ve barely been able to be assed to watch movest of them. I couldn’t stand watching Thor (but that’s because I HATE Yohr as you should tell from earlier blogs). I watched a bootleg of the last Huk movie once. Iron Man 2 was ONLY decent because what’s his name? Blah. Can’t think of it. But yeah. H was in it. And he was the main bad guy that wasn’t the guy from the Wrestler. And he’s awesome. Captain America was pretty cesnt.

But yeah. They’ve been pounding out movie after movie after movie. For NO other raeson than making movney. They put money over quality. Unlike Batman. ChrisNol took his time. Made sure his stories were awesome before he made a batman movie. And I mean. Come on. Jimmy Style. These movies ALL follow the same , basic plotline. Good guy beats evil guy after he sufferes a bit.

or his girlfriend gets threatened.

Or his world isabout to be destroyed.

Or something.

They’re all the same. Just different.

And they’re ALL over the place.

Then,, apparently, theyre was this one cunt that sdaid something along the lines of, “Green Lanter is so horrible,it exposes how we’re all tired of super hero movies.” Really? Really? REALLY? Miz style. Sure, Green Lantern wasn’t that great (I liked it. SLIGHTLY. I’ll even admit, I liked Avengers more than it, but I DID like it), but DCput this movie out. And suddenly… with the FDOOD of Marvel movies out there… this is the one that began to make everyone “tune out?”

How retarded.


I’ll stop ranting I guess.

I jiust want me soe good super hero movies. Not makeshift characters and actors running about in front of a green screen and follows the same plot every. single. time.

That’s it.



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