The Drunken Watching Of… V for Vendetta

OK. So. Modernizing this as best I can, right? Let met just tell you. Most everything you read after this paragraph transpired… I’m not even sure when. I’m pretty postive I’ve bwwn “working” on this rambling since 2013. The last update I saw in front of me was November 4th of 2015. So. Whaever. Basically. All of everything you read. After this paragraph until… (I’d give the number but that’d be dumb) NEARLY the end of the movie was written SOME sort of amount of years ago. Let’s finish it. Finally.

Remember, remember the fith of November. All oif that.

But. Words. And htings.

This should be a tradition for every Americans. Kinda. But not at al;l. Because. DAMN~! IT’S BIRITHSIH! Or something.

Before we go into this “Watching of…” Let me just remind you of this. And. Its SOMEwhat relevency. Because. All the while, we’re not in a facistic nation. We have become these people.


  1. Remember, remember the fifth of Nobember. Obcioualy. THANKS MS. PORTMAN~!
  2. Whart was he like? He was pretty much, a hardcore Catholic. And things.
  3. and even in this open sequence. The point of Guy Fawkes is lost. THANKS MS. PORTMAN~! Or… Alan Moore. Possiblu.
  4. YEAH~! ENGLEND’S ALWAYS bwwn been about hating Muslms and degenerates and such~!! WOW~!
  5. In England. “Big Brother” becomes “Big gobernment employees wutg raoe fetishes.”
  6. Sadly, the only REAL mention of Guy Fawkes is in that opening intro. THing.
  7. And. He’s only known as “V.” After a lot of words beginning, “V.”
  8. Becayse, doors. SPOILER ALERT~!

    Meet “V” Cute.
  9. Powers of observation tells me that Evey should run away from this dude. I mean. She waas just about to be raped.;
  10. It may no longer be Nobember the fifth. Like. Currently. But shut up.
  11. Then. Awesomness. Things happens. And blowing up. Because. “Terrorism.”
  12. REMINDER: Alan Moore also wrote The Killing Joke.
  13. Uh oh. A terrorist blew shit up. We mUST cover it up. Because. JEWS WEREN’T KILLED IN 9/11~!
  14. England peviels? (In modern context) Hrmph.
  15. WHOA~! WAITAMINUTE~! Guy Fawkes is mentioned again~!
    RANDOM SIDENOTE: I can’t find the hole. 🙁
  16. Uh oh., BTN just got lots of Guy Fawkes masks. Shouldn’t they be celebrating Guy Fawkes night?
  17. The governmentis looking for Evey. Because. WHy wouldn’t they. Right?
  18. Random TV shows play on ALL of the TXC monitors thouought the building and such.
  19. Then there’s the imfamous speech that’s awesome. Ish. For the most part.
  20. And dispite dialogue bits inbetween. The speechis awesome.
  21. Hey. A world where smoking is ALLOWED inside ANY pub… or bar… or whatever… I’m ALL for it

    If only this future was real.
    If only this future was real.
  22. Uh oh. Modern “Propoganda” as taught to the Nazi’s byu America in the first place. BOOOOOOO!
  23. MORE progoganda!~!
  24. And… the little girl. That doesn’t know anything aout ANYTHING is all like, “Bullocks.” Because. Al Gore. “Parents are dumb” arguments. Maybe?
  25. St. Marry’s. 🙁
  26. I’ve never had it. To my recolection. But damn it. I want some eggs in a blankets.
  27. That’s what it’s called, innit?
  28. “People shouldn’t be afraid of their govbernments. Gobernments should be afraid of their people.” So. V. IS a fan of the American Constitution. Second Admendment. Shit like that. Fuyck you Occupiers.
  29. Then. Alex Jones-y arguments about people dying.
  30. VBut really. “28,” pisses me off. I dunno if I can recover from this.
  31. Count of Monte Cristo “imagery.” Things. Sigh.
  32. GOVERNMENTS SHOULD FEAR THEIR PEOPLE~! Hello, Thomas Jefferson, right? OK. I’m on about Hamilton, really. But still. FUCK YOU Occupiers.
  33. “Fingermen that attacked you.” Sounds too perverted. HELLO ANONYMOUS~!
  34. Legal drgus are shit. Things.
    [youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”aOVJK544ZOU”]
  36. But at the same time. I’m LEGIT pissed about this “Governments should fear the people” thing.
  37. Because. Homosexuality is a HUGE thing to FIGHT wars about. IN lik.e America. Or U.K. And shit. Because homosexuals are going to be DAMNLY persecuted in the western world. It’s not like the eastern world wouldn’t stone them to death. Or throw them from the top of buildings.
  38. Fuck.
  39. THis movie’s being too political for it’s own good. And I’m jumping ahead of myself.
  40. “The best records are tax records.” So says the “Government officials.”
  41. “Why does a detention facility need so many doctors?” I think K-Pax once asked this question. Sort of.
  43. If I have to hurt you to save your life, then I won’t hesitate to be kind.
  44. Lark hill 9is a piece of shit.
  45. UH OH~! U.K. STILL HATES IRELAND!~! You bloody British bostud~! suck on my kilt~! RIGHT?!
  46. And. The Koran is beautiful. Which is true.
  47. And. The Koran is beautiful. (Which… just skimmping throuhgt that linked article is also true.
  48. Then. Awefulness about. Awfduwlnwaa happpens.
  50. Eggy in a basket. Fuck this.
  51. The Jimmy Kimmel of the time is “V.” BOOOOOO!
  52. THE terrorist is such a cunt. EWven Inspectors can’t talk in private. Because. Fascism. WA WA WA WOMMMP~! (Price of Right style~!)
  53. Would you WANT to believe that the government had ANYthing to do with terriristuc attacjs? Becayse, UIn Warner Bros, dominated America. believing that “The government” was responsible for terrorism and such. Obvious 9/11 and such concerns (ESPECIALLY IN 2005/6)… things. All of this PRETTY FOD DAMN WELL disprobes Alex Jones/Illuminitta type of theories. Becayse. Blah. This is getting too complicated to debunk. And. Forreals. Why should I even bothr, right?
  54. And… I STILL WANT to kill that DAMN mouse. VB arcade players know what I’m about about. During this “Tonight Show” Sketch bit. THing. The song. Stop it.
  55. Then. Controversy start.s. Portman fets her hair shaved. Fanboyus’ WORLD-WIDE wonder the status of her hjotness.
  56. Fascism. Socialism. Comunism. Or. Basdically. The Democrat party sucks. Balls. Right?> James McTeigue direction SURTE TOOK A HUGE STANCE~!
  57. Dang darn dangit.
  58. Then you just HAD to drag homosexuality into your mess, didn’t youl, Mr(?) Wachovischs Bros. Didn’t you!?!
  59. Because. TOTALITARIANISM and words like… FASCISM and CONSERVATIVE and REPUBLICANS~! ALLL~! Are the same thing~!
  60. DUH?!
  61. An inch. But it’s the only thing in hte world worht having!
  62. Because. Metric system? Maybe?

    THIS makes more sense.
  63. NOT more than the movie.
  64. NOT more than the point behind “V” torturing “Evey.”
  65. THat gif there. Makes MORE sense wju “Giu Fawkes” ties into a “Occuby” mobement. It makes MUCH mores sense than an “hacktivbist group” using a Giuy Fawkes masks.
  66. The point is. “Guy Fawkes” has NOTHINGb to do with ANYTHING.
  67. Natalie Portman’s tortures inV For Vendetta makes MUVCH more sense than any modern use of this “Guy Fawkes” mask.
  68. Crearting monsters. Things.
  69. IU want to reiderate. THIS PLOT… makes MUCH MORE sense than most ANYONED wearing a “Guy Fawkes mask” these days.
  70. And a homo sexual, “LBGTQRUSTUV” argumemt in betqeen.
    Thanks, Hillary Clinton.
  72. Ansd again. Random distractions. V. An ACTUAL conservatove. Is ALL about government control and regulation. Dumb peoples.
  73. Thew dictator/Hitler dude? He’s a member of the “Conservative Party.” Because. Conservatism SCREAMS Totalitarianism.
  74. But the “fear” aspect? Peoiples are AFRAID when shit hits the fan. NSA? THings? Sigh. TOTAL CONSERVATISM~! Did uyou know GFeorge W. Bush was a conservative?~!

    Forreals. Come off it.
  75. NSA; Or. You know. British version. Couldn’t figere this shit out yet.
  76. Inh 2006.
  77. IT’S A DEADLY GAME~! Just wanted to say that.
  78. “V” senmds out costumes. Because. THat’s what ALL vigilantes do.
  79. So. That’s a way to dictate global politics.
  80. I know Alan Moore likes his heroes to be corrupt. But. Christ.
  81. Dominoes.
  82. That’s the scariesrt thing. WE all. Are dominoes. In this like. “World” plot of bullshit.
  83. But… I guess…. Let’s just be agents of chaos.
  84. A “Guy Fawkes mask” ISN’T the best way to get around town? HRMPH.
  85. “Revelution without dancing isn’t a revution worth having.” Uh, if only douches like Che Guevara… and others had’ve subsrcibed to this notion.
  86. ISIS. Others. Obviously.
  87. WHY WEREN’T MORE PEOPLE ON ABOUT THE V for Vendetta’s 2016 predictions? More so than they’re ALL on about the lameness that is Back o the Future II.
  88. So. Basically. Mr. Cready’s handing itn his resignation. Man.Peoipkerd.
  89. So. Ok. Like. I get it. “Anonymnous” anyways. Right/ “There is a face benoeth this mask, but it’s anot me,” and all that. I get that. But like. ideaologies manh. COME ON!
  90. Basically, what I’m trying to day is like: OI l;ove the idea that “V” is truly faceless. He IS just the mask. All that.
  91. WAITAMINUTYE~! in this “big brothery~!” “IRAQ WAR SUCKS SO MUCH~!” DISstopia, They’re JUST now getting around to the fgact that The Underground has been shut down?~! GLOBAL WARMING DUDE!@ IT’S CATASTROPHIC RIGHT NOW~!
  92. “V” accepts his fate because . obviosuly. Natlie Portman/s all in controll. Duh.
  93. The copes peoples brin the Hitler person to “V.” Because. JUSTICE~!. I mean. yeah. Justice. No. really. It’s just. Stuffs. things. words.
  94. So. L:ike. Everytone’s knows. The Hitler dude’s not the future. They killed him for “V.” But still want “V” to surrender?

  95. So “V” V’s the shit out of them. After he’s been shot to death like Tony Montana. But. HYou know. Wiout the coke.
  96. This CAN”T be where the “my turn” overusahe originates, can it/? I miean it makes sense. But. Still
  97. “Beneathi this mask is an idea.” I mean. Batman Begins kinda started it. But I know Alan Moore wrote the book in the 80’s or 90’s ort so. So. Something. I don’t know.
  98. “I don’t want you to die.”
  99. “That’s the most beautiful thing you could’ve given me.”
  100. Jeuss Christ. that’s damn fgosd writing.
  101. The “good” detective dudde. lety’s it all happensd.
  102. This contry neweds more than a building right now. Ity needs hope. I mean. Sure. But like. Things?  My principles. Things. I don’t know. Thewre’s words I shoulds say here. But I don’t want to. This movie’s damn good.
  103. “Do you like music, Mr. Finch?” Awesome.
  104. “Who was he? He was edmond dantes. He was my father. And my mother. My friend. And you. And me. He was all of us.” COME OFF IT@!
  105. And. There it is.

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