Rapid Fire Reviews PART CINQ!

Why is it in French? I have no ideda, really. I mean. All of the other “rapid fire reviewes'” names were in French. You know the. “sequeels” or whatever. So. Why not keepo the trend goinging and stuffs. Innit? Boom.

Now, look. It’s been a long, LONG time since I’ve written a review here. Most of my reviews have been done by way of the Youtube Channel. But still. there’s a fw that I’ve kept under wraps for just such a n occasion. You know. An occasion when I have to write a bunch of shit but I don’t have anything to writ e about. Right?

So. Here.

Since RyansDrunk.com is PROUDLY the anti-clickbait destination, We shall start with the obvious.


Fallout 4 is easily the best Fallout game I ever played. Granted, this is limited only to Fallout 3 and New Vefgas. But still. I never, totally completed either of those two games. Because I stopped giving a shit about wandering around in some bland, goldish brown deserts for two hours at a time between each quest.

Say what you will about the generic plotline of Faullout 4. You know.Go rescue so and so. Because revengence. The main story quests were all so different and instresting that it kept me wanting to play. And shit man, it keeps me wanting to play over and over.

Even given the total non-shock twist towards the end there.

Fallout 4 was easily one of the best games I’ve played in tyhe past few months. There is absolutely no questioning this. At all.

Silicon Valley is EAILY one of the top three-five best shows on the air currently. The end. Bar none. Period.

I mean, it was created by Mike Judge. That’s all that, TRULY needed to give this show any sort of credibility. Honestly.

But it’s brilliantly acted. No matter if it’s T.J. Miller’s just;… whatever the word is that isn’t “perfection,” to Thomas Middleditch’s bumbling, borderline austisticly beautiful performance as the star of the show… there’s not much morte anyone could ever ask for.

And. Obviously.

This guy fucks.

Man. There’s damn near, NO better way to spend and hour/44ish minutes (HEY THERE DVR’S~!) on a TV show than CW’s Penn & Tekker: Fool Us.

Seriously. this is not only a sow that could be viewed, easily, with the whole family.

But damn it, it’s just pure, simle fun.

The magic acts that are performed in front of two WORLD CLASS magicians are absolutely top-notch. Penn Jillette pretty much admits this each and every week whilst he has to lay down the final judgement against the magicians.


Look man, no matter if ypou’re a fan of magic or not, you, legitimately, can not ask for a better show to watch. It’s just pure, sim-le fun. The end.


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