Of Borders and Holocausts

This has got,to be pteserved. And such. Documented. Because. For the first to.e in the history of ever, this hetr rambling? Is the first to ever be written on my phone. I won’t bore you with thw details, but. Basically, my PV has decided to shit the bed. And. Yeh. So. For god knows how long now, I’ll have to write my drunkenennaa on mu phone. So. Yay?


So. Lime. Man. Recently? I duno why. But like. I’ve been on this Nazi/holocaust docimentary kick. Right? And. Jesus Christ. Therea a treasure trove out there on Netflix. Like. George Stevens’ original, ultra-creatively titled, Nazi Concentration Camps doxumentary from 1945.

Or Einzatgruppe. With… Subtitle. Thing.

Or. Yoy know. Other things from the 1940’s that’s available on the streaming platform.

Plus like. Many-a BBC offering rhat goea WAY OUT OF ITS WAY to paint Adolf Hitler as. Like, the devil himself. Specifically, this tactic was so bad, I fell asleep during Hitler’s Dark Charisma. I mean. It’s comical how the BBC used “evil” imagerrey in… Well… I could only watxh the first epiaode so. I dunno how long it lasted.


No. Dumb ass. Of coutse. Hitler wad an evil prick. But like. Seriously. Watxj the first 10 minutes of that shit before you @me. Bro. Tell me it’s not excessive.

The thing is. Whilst wa5ching all of these things. And hearing that like likes if Alejandra del Grande:

And. You know. Comparing the current prraident’s administtation. To the cunta that did the LITTWRAL HOLOCAUST… ESPECIALLY considering the fact the the ptevious, all-holy, almigjty, administration did THE EXACT SAME THINGS.Just. Come on man.

Remember wen lke… “comparing nazi Germany to current politics was so evil?” You know. Like. A couple hyears ago? Remember those glory fays? But hey. We live in 2018. And. Yu lknow. Nothing matters.

Hypocrisy? I believe that was an old, old wooden ship. Used during the Civil War Era .

And such. Right?

Those God damn Russians. I hagte them so much I could strangle them to death with a lllipop, whislt whispering in their ear sweet nothings.

Dude. I can’t take it anymore.

THE bottom line?

No. Dude.

Comparing Jews. That are headed towards CERTAIN, GERMANIv death. To a “migrant caraan” that’s hear ONLY to find jobs. A better life. And suvh. Just. Stop it, right? You’re not even compairing APPLES an orangws. You’re. Compairing apples to fucking. Mangos. Or like. Pineapples. Like. It’s NOT EVEN CLOSE. The end. dude.


Likw I’ve been saying since. God only knows, 20`0? 2011? Whatevr. Dude. America NEEDS to makee illegal immigration harder. “OMG~1 YOU’RE SO HOMOPHOBIVC!” No. “YOU’RE SO XENOPHOBIC” for wantingto make legal immigration easier. You asshole. Throw yourself into a volcano and shit. You raciat.

Well. Theres’ that opinion.



Allow me to say this. Before I meet th guilotines, dear leader.

LEGAL immigration needs to be made easier.


I’ve said this millions of timees. But dude.

THE FACT that…

“AN IMMIGRATION ATTORNERY,” EXISTS… is fucking moronic. Right?


Fuckking. “Build a wall.”

Or. You know.




Make. LEGAL immigration easier.


How the fuck hard is this?

OH NO! I’M SO RACIST. I’Ma nwwd to bw banned from twittr and such.

Fuck you.

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