My Best Friend, Ken Shamrock

So. Legit? This is, baisciallu the first ramblyi,g I’m doig on my phone, yes, I know. That one ramvling happened. I finished it and such on a PC. So. Whatever. Legit. Full rambling. First time evet. On my phone.

Bopefully, it foeznt get auto corrected to feath. And is. Yu know. Semi-legible. Simultaneously.


Aaron Paul is dead. Sorry, just disxovered that. And it made me, legit, LMFAO.


Yeah, dude. The reason we’re all here.

My best friend, Ken Shamrock.

And. Yeah man. Just like I said in that there tweet, riggt?

There was no one more underrated in “the attitude era” Tha n Ken Shamroxk, right?

Tye qhole thing that sparjed this tweet in the first place was. I stopped my upcoming Binge Watch of WCW of (2018/2019) in the late-200s. Because. WTf wants to watch WCW DEEP intro late 2000, right? Not even this guy, you know the guy who started watching because of WCW.

But yeah. I stopped WCW and start onto a “Great Binge Watch of WWF 2019.” Where, I remembered//discovered just how AWESOME Ken Shamrock truly is.

But. Again. What SPARKED all og this was seeing his 1997 match with British Bulldog. Where the famous, “Get outta my way clip” came from.

And. Yeah man.

What I said in the Tweet is absolutely true, right?

Dude deserves the HOF WAY more than, like, Booker T or some shit, innit? He deserves it just about as muc has Chyna does, innit?

And. Forreals. Some some best friend of mine, he’s not important, but he replied to my tweet saying, “He should have been champ too.” Or smeting like that.

And. Yeah dude. Obviouslt. Pfft. Come on now.


Come off it. If there wasn’t a Ken Shamrock in the attidude era, there would n’t be a Brock Lesnar, with “UFC” credibility today. Come off it.

And fuck off, Kimbo Slice.

Not surfe why. Just thought I’d share.

(Levgit? I think Kimbo knocked Shamrock out or something in some MMA thing. I’m just going off of memory even though I could Google Home it, easily. But I don’t care that much. So. I’m just gonna keep, “Fuck Kimbo Slice,”  thing. Because, why not, right?)

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