First They Came for Alex Jones…

And I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t Alex Jones…

And. I know. Everyone’s using this sort of headline these days.

It’s just. Dude.

This is how it all goes and such, right?

That’s the poem by Martin Niemöller. Whom, I should know more abou . Since. I’m you know. Talking so much about him and such. Kinda. It’s just. Man.

This is all so fucking stupid. Anfd I’m done with all of it. I’m done with all of these cunts. All of these cunts that are killing free spepech whilst “being on the side” that “allows” “free speech” “to exist.”

I’m done with all of this shit dude.




Now. Look. I’ve been PRETTY god damn clear. Alex Jones isa nothing but cancer. Right.

Yes. Like I said, even in that rambling, I may agree with a couple a Alex Jones thnig. But dude. No. Those, “couple a Alex Jones thing” have al;ways ONLY applied to being pro-second ammendment and pro-freesdom of speech.

Bcause man.

if you silence a cuntl. As big as Alex Jones.

As big as of a cunt as Louis Farrakhan.

As big of a cunt as Linda Sarsour.

As big of a cunt as Jeanine Pirro (Ufgh. Sharing this Media Matters video makes me need to take  a shower on a fundamental level, forreals).

There’s a time. Theres a place. Of all four of those cunts.

The time?

The place?

Isa the free market of ideas.

There is. Never. Ever. A time. Nor place. For shutting down their voices. Ever. When you do? What happens, guys?

I mean. First of all…

You make them martyrs. DUH?!

Next? You expose yourself as being frauds. YOU create the… TOTATLLY now validated… what’s the word? I’m calling it brick-man argum,ent.  Where you’ve censored this side. But you’re not censoring the other. You’ve created a brick man. That can’t be destroyed or pushed down.

For fuck sake. What rule did Alex Jones OR InfoWars break whilst using LinkedIn’s social media connection? Right?

But hey. Is Louis Farrakhan banned from LinkedIn? Nopes He’s a brick man.

Hey. Is Linda Sarsour banned from LinkedIn? Nopes she’s a brick man.

Alex Jones’ Infowars is. Because. Some how.


Good job.

Dude. I’m about to revive the Drunken Radio Network. Right?



Bill O’Rielly, THE ALLMIGHTY KING OF PRIMETIME CABLE NEWS, as big of a cunt as he is, he WAS taken down. Alex Jones. The cunt that he is. He’s deplatformed completely. Outside ofe Twitter (but… Twitter’s banning h3h3 because… he talked about Alex Jones?! And… Gabin McInnes… cause… violence?)

The fuci kinda chance do I have, innit?

First, they came foer Alex Jones aned I didn’t speak out. Because I wasn’t Alex Jones.
Then, they came for me. Amd there was no one left/ To speal for me.

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