WB Looking for 40+ Actor for Batman


According to Batman-On-Film.com, it has been confirmed that the Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel will be cast by an actor in the 40-year-old range. It has been speculated for the last few days. Now, it has been confirmed.

As “Jett” of BoF hinted towards, Josh Brolin is in the lead for Zack Snyder and the others at Warner Bros. Brolin, who is 46-years old, will be starring in Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Other names being tossed around are: Ryan Gosling, Joe Manganiello and Gerard Butler.

Honestly, out of that specific list (and there are others) I’m more excited about Manganiello and Butler more than any other choice. Manganiello, more specifically because he’s older, but still closer in age to Henry Cavill than anyone else. And he would be an easy fit for other movies going forward.

And really, I’m not greatly excited about the elder Batman choice. However, seeing as Snyder wants to take the tone of the fight scene from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, I can see where they’re heading.

What are your thoughts? Who do you believe should play Batman/Bruce Wayne in the Man of Steel sequel? Let me know with a comment below!

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