So. Eminem’s a Kamikaze Now?

I’m pretty positive that this is cultural appropriation. Like. BEYOND BELIFE. Firstly. Marshall Mathers is a white person. Rapping. CULTURAL APPROPRIATION! Next. He’s envoking, whilst simultaneously making fun of, AND EVILLY CRITIQUING Asian culture? Dude. I’m so god damned offended right now. CANCEL! CANCEL CANCEL!

Or. SOmething.

To be honest? THe last ablum of Em’s I listened to was Recovery. Which is. Just. OK. Right? I mean. Compared to Relapse? It’s like… a fucking gigantic step forward. But t hat’s not saying much.

I couldn’t be assed to listen to a single syllable of Marshall Mathers LP II because. Like. Who the fuck in their right mind would? Apparently, the song, “Legacy,” happened on that album? And WrestleMania XXX was a thiing. So. I guess I hear SOME syllables. Aslo .”Rap god” too. Again. Some syllables.

Just quickly… ALL OF THAT ABOVE? I’ve done none% research on. I gave up on the dude the second I heard he was putting out, Marshall Mathers LP II. So.

I guess… since that album that made me fall off his radar, he put out, Revival. And last year… somehow I had none% knowledge of this, at all, but he put out Kamikaze.

But dude. Post-MMLPII. This was all I needed to see to never give a shit about him.


Dude. No. This happened in 2017. I’m fresh off of feeling like, “Fuck you Sean Hannity, you take blame for the upcoming Hitler!” And stuffs. Then. Em does something. THIS shitty. Dude. This is almost as pathetic as that same year’s season of American Horror Story. The worst year of BoJack Horseman (qhich, agin, is one of the best written shows ever on television but 2017 existed and that season was the worst). Just.

Come on. Dude. Remove Donald Trump. Remove “organge man bad.”

This is the worst expression of creativity ever. Well… outsie of that one rapper, Twinky. But. Outsid of that dude? This is the worst thing to ever happen to music. Basically. Jujst. Ugh. This thing is so dumb. So Moronic. So. Just. Ugh dude. At THE VERY LEAST. Mosh. Had a reason to exist. THIS? This just points out, “ORANGE MAN BAD!” THIS is the rallying cry the media’s been on since Trump’s election. THIS? This is why I’m HIgHLy considering voting for Donald Trump. Not because Eminem says, something like, “If you support him and have been a fan of mine, fuck you,” or whatever it is. It’s not ever worth quoting. That’s how bad this rap thing is.

It’s because dude. Eminem. Exposed. Unintentionally. How batshit insane the left became. EVERY argument the legt has made against trump. JUST boils down to, as Eminem so ELOQUENTLY puts…


Thank you, Mr Mathers.

But now.

It’s time to critique Kamikaze. Or something. Lemme listen to it?

The Ringer is just… I don’t even know. Em’s trying to be modern. And it’s dumb. Then. He just throws in like, “lol the secret service came at me this time, even though I once said that I wanted the president dead, you know, in 2002 or so. But”

Greatest. Ddue. Like. I swear to god.  I hope this is supposed to be sarcastic. Because. Ot’s nothing but “rapping fast.” And bragging about being the best. Just.


I’m on Lucky You, now. And. The dude that’s also on the track is also doing the dumb ass “rapping fast`!” gimmick. So. Em’s rapping now. And. Again. He’s just working the “hey I can rap fast!” gimick. Ugh. No wonder I gave up on this shit. I’m done with this song? Whalt’s next?

Paul (Skit). Something about Rhymes? And. Em’s trying to do something “cool” with this skit? At least he modernized the “Paul” skits. That’s cool. At least it’s a decent running gag. I mean. I don’t know if theyve happened post=The Emeinem Show for sure. But. Yeah.

…listening to Normal now. And. I mean… thus far? It’s the most normal song I’ve heard so dar. But. I men. It’s hyper masculine-toxic. And stuffs. Especially for this post-Me Too era. And. FFS. THe dude’s stil trying to moern speed rap this shit too. Jesus Christ. So far. I mean. At least I’m not skipping te rest of this track. So.

So… uh,,, I guess I herd “Em Calls Paul” skit, instead of “Paul” before… so… uh… Lemme try and fix this. So. Now I’m listening to Paul. :ike I should havve before. At least Paul makes more sense than “Em Calls Paul” does. Like I heard before. So. Uh…

Stepping Stone. I mean. So far. This is the best Eminem song I’ve heard since Recovery… whatever song I loved then. I mean. At least this is real. Not just. “LOL I CAN RAP FAST! MUZIK!” So. Yeah. It’s a good song.

Now. Not Alike is happeneing. So. Uh. We’re back to the modern formula. Just. Rapping words. Fastly. Because that’s what matters to th kiddos! zthanks, Royce. Dude. You weren’t even this bad back in the day either, man. FFS. lol. Eminem’s trying to be “gangsta” in 2018. Jesus Christ. Then. Em. Tries to be “real” by doing a Bustarhymes impression. Again. FFS. Next song. I’m done.

Here’s the song, “Kamikaze”. Uh. So. Uh. Just. Ugh. He’s trying to be real. And. Just. Parody cant even work here. “Cultural appropriation.” Just. Fucking. Dude. He’s making fun of the song he did, “Fack,” or whatever. Whlst. Also trying to make a serious point? Or something? Like? The fuck is this shit? Dude. I’m done. There’s probably 45 seconds or something left of this song ut I can’t stand it. Fuck this.Jesus Chriust. He’s LITERALLY trying to soun like a juggalo now. Oh thank god. the song was over before I had to skip it. Just. Forreals….


And. Now… here comes… “Fall” and stuffs. Some dude is singing th chorus? Of this song? WHere Em’s going tell us how he feels about us all? So far? This song is fun. I wanted Shady, dude. Yes. I’ve been begging for Shady. I mean. something about Kathy Griffin happened? I mean. If NOTHING else. The dude had the balls to say, “faggot” again. aND. i MEan. This is easily the best sonh on the album so far.  Hrs’ being real. True to himself. Not trying to be something he’s not. He dips his toes into the “lol I can rap fast” modern bullshit. But. He doesn’t die on that cross, right?

“Nice Guy” is happening now. I mean. He’s being real. Oh. So it’s about how jealous he is. Kinda. Again. It’s cool cause he’s being real. But. I mean. Is it a “good song?” No. It’s just fine. Cuse. Realism.

Oh. This. “Good Guy,” bleeds from the last song and stuffs. So. At least that’s cool. OK. Even more realism.  So far? This is the best song.

But. “Venom” is happening ow. So. And. It’s falling short. I now he’s trying to be real with the lyrics here. But. Like. No dude. He’s trying WAY too hard. “VENOMMMMMM`1! THEY AIN’T GONNA KNOW WHAT HITTIM!” Ugh. I mean. It’s not “offensive.” I’m still listening to the song. Right. It’s worth listening to. But it’s not relatabl. An. That’s a picture wrap on the album.

So. Uh.

As offended a I want to be. As a fan of Eminem. I can’t be offended by the content of this? Like… At all? Outside of… you know. This is a piece pf shit as a fan of Em’s work. But. Yeah. I want to be moreso like, “OMG`1! I’m offended! Cultural Appropriation! Diane Ngyen said so! Or something!” But like. Nah due. I can’t even parody hate it.

I legit. Hate it. Because. It’s a piece of shit. Wher. You know. Em’s mostly just trying to rap fast. Because. That’s what th kiddos appear to be into now-a-days. But. WHo am I to judge? Right?

At least he didn’t do anything AS agreidious as. You know. that BET freestyle. I mean. He came close at times. But nah.

Yest. This rambling has been dedicated to something that happened LAST summer. You know. Around 18 months ago. Congrats.

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