QUICK RAMBLING: The Throne for Silicon… The Battley in the Valley… The Steve Jobs Memorial Cup

Akk;s I know, bruh…

Is that. Homedudes are abhout to throw hands. And I’m all about this life. The world needs to make this a thing, since they’ve both, seemingly agreed to do it.

And uh… I’m obviously not soe sort of MMA type of person. But. Let’s go ober a couple of things.

Mark Zuckerberg stands at five feet, seven inches. Dude’s about 175 lbs. He’s had to overcome sitting in front of congress for a ferw hours. And having to have been portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg in a film in his life. Dude’s obviously practiced some sort of fighting in his life, in the 2.2 seconds of research I’ve done.

Elon Musk stands at six feetm one inch. He weighs. Probably. Like. 210lbs. He is around 11-years Zuckerberg’s senior. He’s had to overcome hairloss, numerous divorces, and having to be referred to as the co-founder of PayPal all of his life. In the 2.2 seconds of research I’ve don, he’s got no formal, fighting trainging in his resume.

I mean. Given all of this information this would, undoubtedly be an instresting fgiht. Youth vs. Experience. Big vs. Small. Old internet vs. Social media dumbness. Vs. Spcial media dumbness too,

Musk’s just gotta land one hard hook. Zuckerberg could just hop out there qith some sort of roundhouse to the dome. Could go either way.

But… for my money?

Who’se goin away with the…

Steve Jobs Memorial Cup trophy? (as created by Dezgo).

My money’s on Musk.


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